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Hallum: Legacy of the Moon Slayer - Character Profiles and Series Updates



  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited November 2011

    Ch 2

    Honestly, this was the lightest story segment, hence why I said to talk a bit. The battles weren't terribly important to the plot, for the most part. Team Kanden battled the sniper, eventually winning. Kanden delivered the death blow, giving him access to Velta's spirits. The team then faced the nearly unbeatable Sirius and won. Meanwhile, Teams Alexia and Enrica battled members of the Warmongers. Among the ones faced by Team Alexia were Janet and Nina. Nina was, surprisingly, forty years younger. Due to the destabilizing factor of her surgery, she was on her death bed. She fought wildly to the death. With Janet providing long-range support, the duo proved tough to beat. Team James successfully assassinated Quam Quint, the secret Zutan weapon. Had he activated his powers, he would have easily killed them, but the team killed him before he could activate his city-destroying powers.

    With the best of Zotta destroyed, only Letna remained. Those still standing among the four teams united and fought the Eternal Chairman. His powers were unimaginable, as he was able to repeatedly conjure all Auctoritae, released (except S's). Furthermore, no damage could be dealt toward Letna, due to immortality. However, at this point, the IC forces were invading. Letna decided to escape, rather than fight the entire world alone. As he ran, he was confronted by the aged Marie, who revealed her true identity to her "father" (all phoenixes, nymphs, and werewolves had been revived using his Auctoritae). She revealed that he had met her as Buna a hundred years ago, before he was immortal. Using seeing magic, she activated one of the deadliest combinations: Retroactive Victory. She changed "the past" and killed the mortal Letna she met those many years ago. The combination killed Letna, and Buna left, leaving the puzzling corpse behind.
  • ShethSheth Member Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Ch. 3 (Eiiroh)

    The ultimate goal of Eiiroh was to save all things from Dai Gratu's world that offered no justice from its god. To bring someone to his sanctuary in the world of the dead is to kill them. The plot is to, using advancement of technology similar to Jeane's spell capsules, was to accumulate what he could pull from the spirits he could access in the world of the dead, by cheating time and gradually building enough power to sink the continents and boil the oceans. He was prepared to store power for hundreds of years, if necessary. To both strengthen his position and save some of the world sooner, he would recruit others to help him. By utilizing pieces of his flesh embued with the power of dozens to hundreds of high-grade spirits, he could allow others to act as shamans with no formal training in the magical art.

    These specialists would utilize a massive amount of spirits simultaneously, giving them a powerful edge surpassing most combinations. Notably among them were one who could secretly poison an entire city, one who could manipulate corpses, one who could manipulate flames indefinitely at a range of several miles, and one who truly bordered on nuclear-grade power. The weakness of these soldiers, and Eiiroh himself, is counterslaying Eiiroh's flesh, which serves as a medium for his shamanism. This could be capitalized on by those with a power similar to Vendetta's, which allowed them to find these. Removing the flesh would allow the party to spare some, but the last of these soldiers had his entire spine replaced with a duplicate of Eiiroh's. He had the power to physically interact as if the size of a building, and his spells were similarly boosted. If his shamanism was shut down, he had the exclusive ability to drain mana in its entirety in a 2km radius for some time and reboot the spirits he used once.

    Eiiroh himself was so unfair I had created three characters to combat him. One yet named was a phoenix with sealing/raw combinations specializing in mana/spiritus disruption. A second was the nuclear shaman, who could be recruited to the party. Third was Jeane, who, lacking in actual compatibility to defeat Eiiroh, fought him with the sheer power of preparation time. She'd fight him in a mental duel within the world of the dead that was his mind, utilizing facts and research of his entire life, and history on a whole, as weapons to weaken him against the party's main assault.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited November 2011

    CHAPTER 3: Fall of Gods

    In 2004, an unexpected summoning occurred. The strongest around were called to Govidund by none other than Jax Dio. To convince naysayers that the call came from Jax Dio himself, he sent S-Rank Auctoritae unsealed as his messengers. Once gathered, Jax Dio explained the situation: The Demon Goddess Tenshi Hikaru had awakened. Jax Dio said he could easily reseal her, but the goddess was already under the protection of Buna Thespis, the far stronger Demon Goddess. Jax Dio could not fight both goddesses alone, so he needed the strongest of mortals to aid him. Unfortunately, matters took a quick turn for the worst. With Hikaru awakened, Eiiroh was finally complete: He had ascended to the rank of Angel King. Furthermore, he was not staying close to Buna any longer. With him nowhere near the goddesses, he would be able to do whatever he wanted while Jax Dio's group fought and sealed the Polar Goddesses. Kanden Raiken proposed that some of their forces focus on hunting down Eiiroh and foiling whatever he had planned while Buna was busy dealing with Jax Dio. Thus, the group was divided into two: a larger group to seal the goddesses and a smaller one to hunt down and preoccupy Eiiroh. As Angel King, he could only be killed by the Seal of the Gods, so Jax Dio would be necessary for the coup d'etat. In the meantime, Kanden's group would stall.

    Kanden's group, however, was not ready for what Eiiroh had planned. Eiiroh's underlings began to attack major population centers. Unfortunately, Kanden's team was too small to break up and handle everyone. Instead, the duty fell upon those who had not been called upon by Jax Dio, such as the Thanos family and the retired Frena. Unfortunately, Eiiroh's underlings were too powerful. Those who engaged them did not all survive. Cameron, who at the time was with Yuru Kanden in Rockwell, died trying to stop those attacking the city. Meanwhile, Frena, who was in the middle of training Andrew, sacrificed herself to save her grandson. Andrew was able to muster enough strength to kill one of the attackers, but the other was too much for the greenhorn preteen. Out of nowhere, an angel appeared in leather, calling himself Eyhafreturnd. The angel won but died of heart failure. His corpse reverted to its true form: Ned. Having seen Cameron's brutal death on television and hearing that the city Andrew was in was being attacked, Ned coerced Marie to make him an angel and install a spiritus gem. The rushed job worked, but the recovery time for such procedures lasted months not minutes. The strain was too much, especially given Ned's age and declined physique. He was able to prevent the death of his baby, but he instead died in his son's arms, like Frena just five minutes before. The Thanos family did no better, loosing James in the process. The others faced equal Pyrrhic victories.

    Kanden's team, all the while, continued their hunt. Along the way, they recruited a few extra members, such as Jeane and--surprisingly--Jane Doe of the defunct Warmongers. They were able to find Eiiroh and fight their way to him in his bizarre palace. At the end, they combined their individual talents to stall Eiiroh. However, they actually did not need to wait for Jax Dio to finish the job. Jane Doe used a forgotten curse spell to dramatically change the tides of battle: Senium. Senium temporarily transformed Eiiroh into a mortal. While in such a state, Kanden's lightning-fast sword strokes became lethal. Before the spell could wear off, one of the team members specializing in annihilation blasted Eiiroh to smithereens.

    The many team, in Etreo, had equal luck. Upon arriving in the former imperial palace, they were greated by Clix Matsuno. Tenshi Hikaru had been sealed in the palace thousand years ago by Schambregella during Tinnum's rebellion. Surprisingly, Clix Matsuno challenged the group to a fight. Jax Dio accepted and told the others to go on ahead. Deciding it best not to question an ancient entity, the rest of the group headed to the basement, where they found Tenshi Hikaru, Nuru Mlima, and Melodia Caramella. Together, the angels provided a tricky battle, but Tenshi Hikaru was weakened from her slumber and transforming Eiiroh. Nuru Mlima put up the greatest fight, demonstrating his technique as the strongest swordsman: each swing could cut down anything in its path. Even Luna had a hair time stopping him with Ou Ryu. Jax Dio arrived mid-fight to start the seal. Tenshi Hikaru was resealed and the Angel Elites beaten to a bloody pulp. Jax Dio then instructed Luna to use Ou Ryu to delete the angels from existence. After losing to Mastema so many times during the tournament, she had learned how to destroy physical matter, though not fast enough to use completely in combat. With the time provided by their victory, Luna successfully destroyed the them.

    OK, before I post the finale, which will be an actual post (one of my last two), I would like some feedback by you all. Basically, what teams did your characters join? This is important. Remember, most joined Jax Dio. Also, it's very possible some did not join either, as seen in my second post. In that case, they may have been ambushed and killed, so also consider this. So yeah, please choose one of the three possible routes.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Vendetta and DiCat joined Jax Dio's squadron sent to take down the Polar Goddesses. He left his daughter Vivienne in the care of Raiken Medical for the time being. Vivienne was sad to see her father go off once again. Vendetta and DiCat had grown into a formidable force over the years, with Vendetta effectively gaining a form of limited omniscience with respect to sight based occurrences.

    Mastema joined the team led by Kanden to dispose of Eiiroh, this time understanding that it wasn't a tournament, but still mostly for the joy of fighting.

    Jane Doe, the former Warmonger, joined the team led by Kanden en route to destroy Eiiroh, she seemed to be mostly there for enjoyment as well, but unlike Mastema, had no qualms or worries about whether or not Eiiroh would succeed or fail, perfectly content with the chaos that occurred around her. Toward the end, Mastema was killed in one of the fights, and as more soldiers withered away, Jane became less and less hindered in her behavior, eventually revealing during the fight with Eiiroh that she was the Never who had once controlled Hakuya Irageshi, now Dai Shiro, reborn into a body of a Homunculus by Raiken Medical. She possessed several abilities which helped her become a very formidable opponent, including a disgust spirit that allowed her to rebirth people from her memories and later absorb their spirits into her being once they died, revealing that the Warmongers were nothing more than dolls formed from this spirit. She also possessed four magic classes one of which was curses, including forgotten and forbidden curses. Once Eiiroh was defeated, Jane left gaining the powers of Mastema in addition to her collection of spirits.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Adrastos went with the main force to fight the Goddesses, mostly to prove he could do it.

    Guy did not receive any such summons, but could not avoid all of Eiiroh's underlings. He attempted to back up Cameron in Rockwell. However, the nymph foresaw Cameron's demise, and fled before he became the next casualty.
  • InsaneWhisperInsaneWhisper Better dig your heels in Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Thomas was one of the ones who was forced to help fend off Eiiroh's underling in Rockwell (apparently the nuclear bomb one). Guy apparently ran away (gee thanks) and Cameron died to leave an opening which Thomas took advantage of. He ended up killing the underling, but landing himself in the hospital for a while.

    Stats: phys str: +9 phys stam: +3, speed: 0 magic str: -3 magic stam: -4 spirit str: +3 spirit stam: +3
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited November 2011
    OK. To speed things up, I'm going to just list all characters and say I where I would probably place them:

    Team Jax Dio:
    -Jax Dio
    -Luna Remult
    -Annie Remult (forced her way in)
    -Vendetta Vandort
    -Mastema Doe
    -Janet Abendroth (decided it would make more sense for her to have escaped Ch 2)
    -Enrica Gardello
    -Adrastos Polemece
    -Riley Skylexx
    -Eraclease Raem
    -Lobo Hunt
    -Anne-Natalie Brideau

    Team Kanden:
    -Kanden Raiken
    -Adele Thanos
    -Jane Doe
    -Amir Shamon (brought along by Enrica)
    -Aisling MacKenna
    -Jeane Grant (joined mid-journey)

    -Cameron Remult
    -Ned Remult
    -Andrew Remult
    -Frena Satpathy
    -Yuru Raiken
    -Vivienne Vandort
    -Thomas Psomas
    -James Thanos
    -Henry Thanos
    -Guy Blanc
    -Asante Kei
    -Alexia Skylexx
    -Romarh Comech
    -Jenna Grayson
    -Sean Grayson
    -Enoch Thorne
    -Sophia Naru

    ((Marie Raiken died between Ch 2 and 3))
  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Aisling was part of Kanden's team. She had become a powerful force to deal with over time and had discovered some things about her family. She was technically a princess, coming from a long line of Faerie royalty but her family had lost their kingdom some generations ago. Due to her family's magical history, she had access to nearly every type of magic thanks to one Augment spell, Mnemosyne, which granted her her ancestor's knowledge of magic. Magically speaking she was a dangerous force, becoming the first in her family to master Seeing magic. With the combination of Seeing, Healing, and Augment (especially Mnemosyne) she could counter most things thrown her way. After Eiiroh was made mortal by Jane, Aisling obliterated the man with a Destruction spell.

    Asante fought alongside Cameron and the others. He fought long and hard, he had become a much more compassionate individual and more optimistic on his outlook on life. He was killed shortly after Cameron.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited November 2011
    How did Aisling learn Seeing? The only way would be to study under Buna, Schambregella, or The Peerless Archsage Annymphadile Hateshiganai. Also, a minor note on Mnemosyne: you can only access the knowledge of one ancestor per casting. So it's not possible to have all magic at once just the potential to change to different disciplines.
  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Yeah, I figured that was the case with Mnemosyne. I didn't mean to make it sound like she had access to everything at the same time. Is there no way she could have learned Seeing? I really just wanted to have at least one character know it since I created a ton of spells for it. Would any of those people you mentioned taught her at some point?
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Well, two are the main villains and would only teach them to their pupils, like Velta. The Peerless Archsage Annymphadile Hateshiganai only teaches deities.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Just got back from my trip. Geeze a lot seems to have happened while I was gone. Clix, I'm truly sorry to see you have to end the series like this. Hallum was to me the most well thought out piece of work I've ever had the privilege to be a part of. I hope someday you find the inspiration to come and join us again whether it be here, Snafu, or any other RP site this bizarre family of ours decides to call home.

    Godspeed, my friend.

    Off topic: I'll write the summaries for Amir and Enrica tomorrow night. I'm afraid I'll be leaving for North Carolina this Wednesday so my activity in other RP's will be sparse until the following Sunday night.
  • ShethSheth Member Full Members
    edited November 2011
    I'd imagine it could have been possible to learn seeing with the aid of Jeane, only. She can view the past like a video, but it'd still be difficult.

  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited November 2011
    ...What? How would Jeane know where and when to look to find one of the above individuals teaching someone seeing magic? Jeane does not know everything. Even with her handy spirit, there would be massive limitations to her knowledge. She would need to know when and where the event took place, go to that place, and view the event in real-time. Thus, if the event took five hours, she'd have to stay around in that exact spot to view, taking breaks every half-hour due to the human-level of her spirit. It is handy for final research on an event, but that's about it.
  • ShethSheth Member Full Members
    edited November 2011
    I wasn't talking practicality's sake here. I was talking 'how I would make things work, details withstanding.'

    And I think history of a famous seer could be researched, but this ain't my universe, so Iunno.

    Also, the secret "something needs to die" squad of shamans I had were going to be a combination of a sniper, someone who could basically emit limitless light to the point nobody could see anything, and someone who could stifle and manipulate sound. Sound/light shaman were siblings. Did not get further than that in development.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    One by one, everyone had fallen. With little effort, the Demon Goddess had whipped out her opponents. Vendetta Vandort's skull had been crushed, as well as his valuable gun. On the other side of the room, a massive corpse had been carved up. Roaring Lion had been so swiftly slain that his body did not even return to normal upon death. Janet, ripped in two, was sprawled across the room, just like what little remained of Enrica. Adrastos's strong body had protected his dignity; his body was whole but stone cold dead. The former pop sensation Riley Skylexx was but an ashy shadow, blasted onto the ceiling. Eraclease and Lobo were barely even bones. Anne-Natalie had died of a heart attack after foreseeing a death far greater than her companions--she was fortunate.

    "And then there were three," Buna sweetly said. She stared down one of the only survivors, the only one capable of even touching her. However, despite her potential, Luna was still miles away from closing the gap between their powers. "The gift of Aino is wasted on you. Look at you, you can barely stand. I am disappointed. I came her today to relive the thrill of near-death. Her blood may flow through you, but you are a pale shadow to Aino. If she was here, she would have found a way to make me once again question my fate. Ou Ryu is a joke. What good is it if you cannot hit me?" Buna laughed, throwing Luna's right hand back at her. "There, try using that to hurt me. I'll wait for you to put it back on."

    As Buna had said, Luna was barely standing. Both legs had been slash, and Buna had cleanly sliced off both hands. She was bleeding profusely but stood by only sheer will. After a minute of no movement, Buna strolled over to the half-living statue. She extended a hand, to casually tip over the half-broken woman. Suddenly, she withdrew her hand as Luna's head lunged forward, snapping at the hand like an animal. Buna smirked, "Is this your way of saying you are more than just bark? If you were a dog, you should have said so. Here I thought I was suppose to treat you like a person." Her eyes glowed black and darkness consumed Luna. Blood-curdling screams erupted from the darkness. Even in labor, Luna had thrice been silent the entire time. She cried but never in pain--she refused to show weakness and would only shed tears for joy. Her daughter, who had remained paralyzed in the corner, could not believe the terrible cries she heard. Suddenly, the anguished voice was silent and the darkness subsided. Luna still stood, but her face was frozen in a fatal terror. Buna had shown her imagines too awful for her to endure. Every nightmare she had suppress consumed her in an instant.

    "And then there were two," Buna remarked as she turned her attention to Annie. "Oh yes, I did not forget about you. Just because you have done absolute nothing does not make you invisible. No, instead you are the most visible, coward. You came here to prove yourself but you have barely lifted a finger. You just cry and shudder away from responsibility. You can say you are a child, but even a babe has more pride than you. Your halfhearted attempt to break away from your bookshelf has failed. Leave. Just go back to Wonderland, you pathetic freak. You are nothing like your family. Your parents fought with everything they had, dying brutally by like heroes." Annie's eyes widened when she heard the plural noun. Buna's sadistic smile curled up tight. "Yes, parents. You think the bloodshed has been limited to only here. ...No, no, no. Eiiroh, my ugly little bastard, has made things quite miserable on the outside. He's gone now, but he left a pretty little mark upon the world, I'd say. His people killed your grandmother, as she protected your kid brother. At about the same time, your older brother was blown to smithereens. Your father became just a little bit broken at that sight--it's amazing just what the news reporters will show on TV. He held Dr. Yuru Raiken hostage at gun point and forced Raiken Medical to make him an angel and install a Soul Gem. Did you know it takes about three years for a man his age to fully recuperate from something like that? He knew. I bet you had no idea that bumbling fool cared that much for you and your brothers. He ravaged his body but gained the strength to protect his little boy. You should have seen Andrew's face as he held his father's mangled body in his small arms after Ned saved him. It was touching, really. It's moments like those that are more deserving of television. I cannot imagine just how more traumatized that boy will be when he learns what happened her to his mama and his sis. Use that last five seconds of your life to reflect on that."

    The small black figure curled up in the fetal position stopped shuddering. Her weak moaning ceased, and her tears stopped. Her heart was broken, but she decided not to give in to despair. She finally realized there was no where to run and hide. There was no fantasy world to become lost in. No one was going to save her. She was alone for now, but she felt worst for her little brother; he would be lone forever. Something stirred in her. She was different from her siblings, from her parents, but deep down she too had a burning desire to fight to the end. She had spent so many years in depression, but every sad thought faded away, to white. She rose to her feet and whipped away her warm tears with the sleeves of her black dress. "I am going to kill you," the sixteen year old bookworm said with great resolve.

    "...Yes, I am very afraid you just might," Buna responded, as sweat formed down the back of her neck. The atmosphere in the room had changed. The thick air was gone. The spell of blood and burnt flesh was gone. Everything was gone. The ceiling, the walls, the floor, everything but the two women ceased to be. "I have waited for this, for 1266 years. It's beyond my wildest dreams. I was right not to view this event... It's breathtaking. So this is the beginning and the end, where everything comes from and everything goes. I've heard of this place... To think I would see it now. Thank you, scion of Aino, for brin--" The air was knocked out of her. Annie teleported right in front of the Demon Goddess and punched her in the gut. Or, to be accurate, she almost bunched the evil being. Her fist never reached Buna. When there was but a nanometer of distance between the two, Annie activated her telekinetic force. With so little space left between them, the power was amplified to a magnificent degree and sent Buna flying at mach speed for two miles. Buna regained her form and laughed. "Sadness spirits are truly the most amazing. While they can only be used once, they are truly able to grant miracles unlike any other spirit. Even Aether can pale at times to this kind of power. I--" Again, another blow cut her off. Blow after blow, Buna was tossed around the Abyss like a rag doll. She was unable to do anything to stop Annie. "She was so precised... She brought my body and mind to this world, but she was able to leave my soul behind. For the first time in centuries, I am truly powerless." For some reason, this thought only made Buna happier. After so many years of being untouchable, Buna was genuinely ecstatic to be losing a battle.

    Suddenly, the fifty-third blow did not merely send Buna pummeling through space. Instead, she blasted through a quarter mile of bedrock. "...It's over already?" She sighed and crawled out of her deep pit. She was back to her chamber. As the dust settled, her could again smell the gore. "Yuck, why did I have to go so overboard again?" She looked around for Annie. Finally, she noticed the girl lying on the ground, unconscious. "...And then there was one," Buna lamented. She looked down at her hand, looking through it to the crumbled floor. "The girl bought you enough time, didn't she?" Buna asked the sole survivor, Jax Dio.

    "...Oblivion now awaits you, Child of Misfortunes." Jax Dio had finished singing the Seal of Gods. Without Demon Elites or Demon Royalty, the seal began to erase her from existence.

    Buna faced Jax Dio and said, "Such a magnificent finale! ...I wish. To think there is more to this phase of Operation Moon Slayer. I am relying on you and Yuru for now. Best of luck."

    "It is our destiny," Jax Dio replied. As Buna completely faded away, the twilighter morphed into a more masculine form. His gray flesh turned a rich brown ebony. His polar wings transformed into rays of light, a literal pair of wings made from two rainbows. His face was stern but fatherly, the kind of face one could trust. And many had trusted it in the past couple of decades. "Clix Matsuno"--the current name for the Interloper--bid farewell to Buna, his friend. He looked around at the carnage. "It is a shame I never learned healing magic. But, it is better this way. They were powerful but few unique. Far greater potential still remains out there. The next generation will be strengthened from this lose. If over come, grief is a powerful tool to make one stronger. They will never realized the kindness Buna has given them; now the ending to this world rests in the strength derived from conquered sorrow."

    Several hours ago, soon after the others had left, Jax Dio was alone with Clix Matsuno. The head of state broke the ice and said, "They are out of earshot. We can finally catch up, old friend."

    "You still haunt this world, Einkaiser?" Jax Dio asked. He recognized the black man instantly.

    "I stopped going by that fake name a while back. Either call me Clix or use my more proper title, the Interloper."

    "I will call you nothing."

    "Fair enough. You were never sociable. Honestly, I'm surprised you even came. You abandoned the world around you two thousand years ago. Don't tell me you came out of a sense of parent duty?"

    The stoic twilighter's brow twitched a little, in lieu of a more standard eyebrow raising. "Speak clearly. I have little time to waste on twisted words."

    "There is nothing unclear with what I said. ...I guess you just never knew, did you? Buna is your daughter. Schambregella neglected to tell you about the birth, didn't she? How cruel to her. Then again, her entire affair with you back then was cruel. She had but one last chance to have a child, and so she courted you. She found a way to melt your frigid heart. Did you find solace in her? ...I am sorry to say nothing you felt toward her was reciprocated. Schambregella used you, dear friend. Her heart has and will always belong to me. You knew this, didn't you? That's why you did not come to stop Oni Akki back then. You were too hurt, as you realized you had been abandoned. Ironic, the man who shut away the world was sad to be discarded.

    "You shouldn't act too surprised, though. Surely you've heard Cador's reports. He was there on your behalf. Buna was nobody, a common girl with ordinary powers. She had a bit of a sixth sense, but nothing too out of the ordinary in practice. So why was she chosen as a new Demon Elite? There were far better candidates. Why not Eiiroh or that ventomancer? Maybe even the Zamura boy. Baltimore could have waited closer to the deadline and picked a far stronger individual. But he chose Buna, a dying woman he ran into by happen-chance. He was not that merciful. No, he saw the pregnant woman for whom she truly was: the daughter of two Archsages. Baltimore was very clever, as you well know. He grew up with you and later fought alongside Schambregella in the wars for nearly two hundred years. He knew you two better than almost anyone else. Buna's parentage was obvious to him, and he jumped at the opportunity to make his enemies' scion his. Oh how that backfired on him... She inherited her mother's cunning and manipulated everything around her. Without a full understanding of her potential, she still perfectly followed her destiny.

    "And it is for destiny's sake that I have come here today, old friend. Please, join us." The Interloper extended a hand in friendship. "Do not oppose us out of pride or a false sense of justice. We are the harbingers of Fate. We are your friends and your family. Please, let this animosity come to an end." Jax Dio did not move, but he did act. Suddenly, the Lost Wraith, one of the most powerful Auctoritae, appeared. In this released form, Zion had complete control over energy. Without batting an eye, Jax Dio sealed the Lost Wraith and the Interloper in a separate world. While separate, Jax Dio could still exert his eomancy over the space. The Auctorita absorbed all energy in the space into a single ball, including himself and the Interloper. Jax Dio then formed a potent combination: all the power of that universe was demarcated as nothing. Thus, the universe imploded upon itself, destroying everything in the sealed space. "...I wasn't asking you to join us. I was telling you to." Out of nothingness, the Interloper reformed, now with a pair of rainbow wings. "I am Rebirth, the Phoenix of Gaea and Earth. I have seen worlds end and begin. I have died and been reborn many times. You can kill me again and again, but all it takes is for me to kill you once." And with that, he snapped and erased Jax Dio with aether. "...And now I must go catch up with your mortal allies. They will be needing 'you.'" He transformed into Jax Dio and chased after Luna and the others, as they engaged Tenshi Hikaru's forces.

    The next day, Kanden's team arrived on the scene. Since Jax Dio's team never reported back, they were prepared to finish the job, but instead they were greeted with a nightmarish landscape. With over twenty-four hours past, none of Buna's victims could be saved. Only one lived: Annie. However, her condition was critical. She was rushed to a hospital. She was stabilized, but her mind was blank. The one clue to what happened was gone. Jax Dio and Buna were nowhere to be found, and the only survivor was oblivious to everything. She was like a baby, her mind cleared. She did not have amnesia; her original being was gone. Annie was "dead," but her physical being lived on, reborn. A young man stood by her side, caring for her. He wore black, having just returned from his father's funeral. She was the first and only girl he had loved. Young Henry Thanos held her hand. He decided he would never let go.

    Meanwhile, a young boy stood in front of a mostly full cemetery lot. He was on his knees, crying like a kid. Before him stood four new slabs of granite: Frena Satpathy, Luna Remult, Ned Remult, and Cameron Remult. Just like Buna had said, Andrew was now alone. "Men like us do not cry, Remult," a cold voice spoke down to the kid. Andrew looked up and behind him. Dressed as always in his uniform, Kanden stood in front of the graves with a stoic expression as he crossed his arms. "'Cry not for the dead, for you embarrass them. Cry only for the happiness you might still have left.' You mother once told me that one the day my father committed suicide. She was strong not because she threw away her emotions but because she tempered them. Today is your thirteenth birthday. It's time you follow her lead. I'll guide you."

    OK, that's Ch 3. Been wanting to write that for a while now. Anyway, I would like to do the 2005 tournament before I quickly sum up Ch 4, but, if no one wants to, I can skip over it, as well as 2010, 2015, and 2020 between Ch 4 and 5. If you want to do it, please submit a mini-profile:

    Weapon Class:
    Magic Class:
    Spirit Class:

    Omit sections that aren't needed. I'll post my characters soon. Don't worry about trying to fill up the roster. I'll just generate random characters again. Also, please list:

    1. If they are for winner-takes-all or split winnings
    2. If they want round 2 to be a free-for-all or be one-on-one
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Name: Jane Doe
    Race: Homunculus
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2006 (I think)
    Weapon Class: Assassin
    Magic Class: Scientia Archsage
    Spirit Class: Spiritualist
    Spells: Mastered Entropy, Curses, Augment, and Destruction

    Spirits:Disgust Spirit (Uncanny Valley): Using Uncanny Valley, Jane can create copies of dead people she has memories of. These copies are considered perverse doppelgangers and will always differ in at least personality, appearance, or spiritual ability. The copies are tied to Jane metaphysically, making them in some ways a part of Jane's body. She can call her copies to her at any time, physically dragging them across any distance to herself via what can best be described as invisible threads. The copies will act out their lives at a mostly normal rate but will always die in the same way they died previously. The souls of these people, those who originally died, are then sent to the World of the Souls of the Living, and Jane absorbs their spirits into herself.

    Despair of 2000 years (Taken from Dion Solus)
    : Jane has the ability to shoot beams of death energy upon her opponents, the beams fire from her body and effectively function like high level necromancy spells.

    Battle High (Taken from Yuki Solus): Jane can enter a type of battle-high in which she perceives everything clearly and with perfect calm. She can activate this spirit even from a state of great mental anguish.

    Toximancy (Taken from Sarah Talonn): Jane can control poisons and emit poisons from her body.

    Regeneration (Taken from Oracle, reborn as Fortuneteller)
    : Jane can regenerate any part of her body.

    Stop on a Dime (Taken from Amette Juliani, reborn as Griffith Waters)
    : Jane can travel at incredibly fast speeds and has great control over her reflexes while doing so.

    Chloromancy (Taken from Kunoichi, reborn as Templar): control of plants

    Imprinting (Taken from Dante Ashcroft, reborn as Darius Agammemnon)
    : Jane can imprint images into people's minds. These images can be fully sensed as real, and can be taken from Jane's mind.

    Combinations: I'm not going to list these. She probably has a good few.
    Skills: Body Horror (as a Never reborn, she still maintains the ability of body horror, that is to say, she can do horrible things with her own body and still be perfectly fine. She can stretch to incredible lengths, move her organs around, shapeshift to a degree, and many other abilities.)

    PhyStr: +5, PhyStm: +5, Spd: +5, MgStr: +5, MaCap: +5, SprStr: +5, SprStm: +5

    1. Winner Take all
    2. Free-for-all
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    Name: Dr. Sophia Naru
    Race: Faerie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 37
    Magic Class: Chaos Sage (Mastery of Destruction, Dark, and Metaphysical Alchemy (destruction and light elemental magic))
    Spirit Class: Aeromancer
    Spirits: Aeromancy
    Combinations: Chaos Storm (combines Chaos with aeromancy to create a wide-spread storm of chaos mana that can cause near-random destruction), Oblivion Cyclone (combines Oblivion and aeromancy to create, obviously, a cyclone that can potentially destroy a weaker target), Shredder (combines Counterslay and aeromancy to create a gust that can pierce several spells at once.), Blinding Gust (combines aeromancy and light mana to creates a gust of wind that shines brightly like the daylight sun; the light is concentrated outwardly from the caster), and Atomic Winds (her most devastating move. It combines aeromancy and destruction mana to cause sheer destructive forces of energy to be releases everywhere within her large scope.)
    Skills: Able to fly. PhyStr -5, PhyStm -5, PhySpd -2, MagStr +7, ManCap +7, SprStr +1, SprStm +1 Combination Strength: 12
    1. Split prize
    2. Free-for-all

    Name: Kanden Raiken
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Weapon Class: Knight - Raiken III (a long, slender blade shaped like a bolt of lightning. The blade has the ability to transform into light photons that then linearly extend forward. The transformation is instantaneous. The blade's metal is a special alloy developed by his late mother that is hyper-conductive.) and Mouse Trap (a full body suite of medieval-esque armor painted yellow with brown stripes on the back. The metal is a special alloy developed by his late mother that is hyper-conductive.)
    Magic Class: Imperium Mage (Mastery of Shamanism and Augment. Learning Thanamancy)
    Spells: Ghost in the Machine (Velta's mind spirit that allows Kanden the use of any imaginable mental ability, but his spiritus cannot naturally leave his body. Using plug cords, he have his spiritus exit his body and enter a machine, making that machine a projection of his being), Compassion (Eiiroh's happiness spirit that gives Kanden dominion over the souls of those he has slain, directly or indirectly), Community (Eiiroh's spatial spirit that allows Kanden to localize spiritual abilities to a select piece of flesh), and Thanatos (Eiiroh's mind spirit that allows Kanden the ability to project himself into the World of the Dead while meditating)
    Spirit Class: Electroling
    Spirits: Lightning Speed (able to move as fast as lightning when he sprints), Circuit (he constantly has an electrical charge running through him. The change's output can be adjusted by him), and Magnetism (he can turn his entire body into a high-power magnet. He can decide his polarity, allowing him to repel and retract metal as he pleases)
    Skills: PhyStr +1, PhyStrm +2, PhySpd +1, MagStr +2, ManCap +2, SprStr +2, SprStm +2
    1. Split prize
    2. 1:1

    Name: Henry Thanos
    Race: Half-human, quarter dwarf, quarter dragon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Weapon Class: Trainer - an electrified whip
    Magic Class: Imperium Pupil (learning conjuring (mastered B Rank, learning A Rank)
    Spirit Class: Aquamancer
    Spirits: Aquamancy
    Combinations: Mud (combines aquamancy with Karis's geomancy to control liquid earth), Conductor (combines aquamancy with John's electromancy to produce electric water), Ripple (combines aquamancy with Alfonso's phonomancy to amplify the sound waves), Pollution (combines aquamancy with Zeze's toximancy to control toxic water), Mercury (combines aquamancy with Cahlin's metalmancy to control liquid metal), and Stream of Time (combines aquamancy with Lubel's chronomancy to produce a water that can alter the flow of time)
    Skills: PhyStr +2, PhyStm +2, PhySpd 0, MagStr -.5, ManCap -.5, SprStr +1, SprStm +1; Combination Strength: 4.75
    1. Split prize
    2. 1:1

    Name: Adele Thanos
    Race: Half-dwarf, half-dragon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 52
    Weapon Class: Berserker
    Magic Class: Animus Pupil (learning Primary Elements (mastered fire) and Bardic)
    Spirit Class: Unstoppable (Raw and Anger)
    Spirits: Aura Coat (projects a spiritual aura that acts as a defensive coating), Spiral Fist (she rapidly spins the aura around her fists to change her fists into massive drills), and Pissed Off (when she is called fat in ear-shot, she converts all body fat into raw spiritus. Depending on how much excess body fat she's carrying around, she can double her stats--nearly comes to tripling them)
    Combinations: Planet Slayer (combines Gekikou Sasemasu and Spiral Fist to create a molten-hot drill capable of taking down even adamantium) and Scorching March (combines Kagayaku Karada and Aura Coat to cover her body in a molten layer of energy that cannot be touched by any physical attack)
    Skills: When Pissed Off is activated, she has two devastating moves available to her, one which leads directly into the other: Comet Punch (she throws a single enemy into the air [depending on its weight, they may go as far up as the the upper reaches of the troposphere]. Adele jumps up, chasing after them at the speed of a supersonic jet. After over passing her target, she continues onward and then comes down upon the target. She delivers a titanic punch capable of leaving a large crack on the moon) and Meteor Impact (the [likely dead] target falls to the ground. The impact alone is enough to form a small indent upon the ground. Adele then comes crashing down, landing feet first upon whatever remains of the target. The resulting impact leaves a crater that's several yards deep). PhyStr +6, PhyStm +6, PhySpd -3, MagStr -3, ManCap -3, SprStr +2, SprStm +2. Combination Strength: 4.5
    1. Winner-takes-all
    2. Free-for-all
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    This might get shot down but does anyone want to actually RP the tournament? I think it'd be nice to have a kind of "final going away" for Hallum rather than just ending it outright. Clix, I know you're probably not up for another round of posting so if this does go through would it be alright if we just had a vote on who we think would win in fights that concern your characters? That is of course if anyone is even interested.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    I'm fine with doing some Best Of fights. Ch 2 and 3 had meh fights IMO, but Ch 4 has the best, barring the final boss. We could do those four fights and then end with the summary. We could also do the 2025 tournament, but I really don't want to do the Ch 5 fights against the higher deities, especially the final boss. So yeah, we can do just the first two rounds of fights of Ch 4 and the first part of Ch 5 and call it quits. For now, let's at least finish 2005 tournament. If I don't have to do a lot of character writing, I should be fine.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Seconded the doing ch. 4 and some ch. 5 fights. I want to use Jane and Vivienn
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    Name: Amir Shamon
    Race: Phoenix
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Weapon Class: Spearman
    Weapon: Brynhildr - A spear inscribed with the soul of a Faerie. The spear's occupant was a former member of the Order of Wolves and a master in the schools of Chaos, Augment, and Primary Elements.
    Weapon Stats: Magical Strength: +7 Mana Capacity: +7 Spirit Strength: -3 Spiritual Stamina: -3 Combination Strength (with Brynhildr): +21
    Spirit Class: Pyro
    Spirits: Pyromancy

    Literally too many to count. He's only been at it for two years though so for 2005 he'll only have combos for the Primary Elements.

    Skills: Strength: +2 (+3 in Flame Form) Stamina: 0 (+1 in Flame Form) Speed: +4 Magical Strength: -6 Mana Capacity: -6 Spirit Strength: +7 Spiritual Stamina: +7

    One on one

  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
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    Name: Aisling MacKenna
    Race: Faerie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Weapon Class: Master
    Weapon: Sai’s
    Magic Class: Divinus Mage
    Spells: Mastered Healing & Augment
    Spirit Class: Aeroling
    Spirits: (Wind)
    'Gone with the Wind' (vanishes into the wind, becoming intangible and invisible, allowing for quick escapes by riding away on the wind)
    'When the Wind Blows' (absorbs energy from the wind/wind spells and replenishes her stamina and mana)
    'Wind in the Willows' (summons a gust of wind that she manipulates which direction it travels in)
    'Whispers of the Wind' (allows her to communicate her thoughts through the wind to those she chooses)
    'Second Wind' (self revives into the wind shortly after death though this exhausts her spirit stamina)
    Combinations: several
    Skills: She can fly thanks to having wings
    PhyStr -4, PhyStm -4, PhySpd +0, MagStr +7, Mag Cap +7, SprStr +1, SprStm +1
    Combination Strength: 12

    1. split prize
    2. one-on-one
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    .../looks at sean's post/ clix is still a mod... huh.
  • InsaneWhisperInsaneWhisper Better dig your heels in Full Members
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    Name: Adalarasu (most just call him Adal: Ay-doll) Shuckla
    Race: Enlil
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Weapon Class: Dancer
    Weapons: weighted knuckled gloves and Bagh nakh (claw-like South Asian weapon designed to fit over the knuckles or concealed under and against the palm)
    Magic Class: Animus Pupil – Mastered Primary Elements
    Spirit Class: Terramancy
    Spirits: Terramancy
    Combinations: Too many @_@
    Skills: Can turn into air; Acro dance: a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements; Phys Str: +1 Phys Stm: +2 Speed: +7 Mag Str: -3 Mag Stm: -3 Spirit Str: +5 Spirit Stm: +5 Combination: 7.5

    Split prize
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    Huh. He's a beefcake. Unexpected.
  • InsaneWhisperInsaneWhisper Better dig your heels in Full Members
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    Wha-...? @_@
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    He has +2 physical strength. Thus, he's extremely buff.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Name: Esmend Dagmorron
    Race: Orc
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Weapon Class: Guard
    Weapons: Five shields, one spear, all made from a rusty old metal, none enchanted.
    Spirit Class: Happiness
    Spirits: Ignorance is Bliss -- That which Esmend does not know, does not hurt him. This turns out to be really handy, because he is an idiot. Concepts such as magic, spirits, and advanced technology evade his comprehension entirely, and therefore do not hurt him. They can still affect him, but they can't directly injure his body. Of course, even Esmend knows that pointy things hurt, so rudimentary weapons still work on him, but only if he knows they're coming.
    Skills: Has six arms. Esmend has a very defensive approach to combat. He usually forms a shield wall, points it at his opponent(s), and waits. If he's feeling clever, he'll advance slowly, and jab his spear through one of the gaps. Phys Str: +2 Phys Stm: +3 Speed: -1 Mag Str: -4 Mag Stm: -3 Spirit Str: +4 Spirit Stm: +4

    Split prize, free-for-all
  • InsaneWhisperInsaneWhisper Better dig your heels in Full Members
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    lol that spirit
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