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I have 5 PS3 games to get rid of. Do you want one?

TheLegendaryZoltanTheLegendaryZoltan Releaser of Heavy MetalFull Members
edited January 2012 in Miscellaneous
And the second part of the question is: Is there anything you can trade for it?

The games are Atelier Rorona, Borderlands, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Resident Evil 5, and Demon's Souls. All are American PS3 releases.

I suppose I could just slap prices on them and ask for money, but I don't feel like doing PayPal stuff, so you'd have to do an international money order. If want to do that, then OK.
Otherwise, I'd love to trade you for another PS3 game or PSN network card code of a denomination of your choice.

Somebody take these games off my hands, please.
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  • nikonmalenikonmale New Member Full Members
    edited December 2011
    There are some games of ps3 which I don't like and they are Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, The Darkness and Devil May Cry 4. I just hate these games.
  • ShadowcatShadowcat Member Full Members
    edited January 2012
    if you want I could take Atelier Rorona because I wanted to try that series. I know this isn't a game trading site tho...

    Personally I have an aracde machine to get working and I want more four player boards(more games lol)
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  • hoktomasterhoktomaster Member Full Members
    edited January 2012
    Why not either trade them to a shop or donate them to a charity shop.
    I wouldn't even bother to Eat that coz your already dead

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  • TheLegendaryZoltanTheLegendaryZoltan Releaser of Heavy Metal Full Members
    edited January 2012
    Hey guys. I wrote that message a long time ago and forgot to say that I finally got rid of most of them. Sorry.

    I live in Japan so I can't trade in an English game to them. I've never heard of such charity shops.
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    Want to hear a JRPG podcast that actually has a unique format?
    Check out Turn Based Memories!
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2012
    Wish I'd seen this sooner. I'd've taken that copy of Rorona off you in exchange for something or other.
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