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    So NHL playoffs...

    It's too bad that Penguins have completely embaressed themselves so far in the first round. They have such a good team, I don't know why they feel like they need to stoop as low as they have against the Flyers. As a longtime Penguins fan, it's hard for me to watch these games, especially the one tonight (Game 3) by not only neglecting their defensive assignments, but also by acting little spoiled children. It's really depressing trying to defend them in the wake of their bad behavior (Asham's hit on, uh Schenn I think...for example). There was an interview pretty recently with Crosby more or less saying that he admits he was kind of a whiner early in his career but has left it behind. Well, yeah...maybe he's still got some major growing up to do.

    Mostly, I'm disapointed in how terrible Fleury has been and how instead of trying to overcome their bad luck and bad play, they stoop so low to try and get momentum back on their side. Entitled, spoiled kids...and they think this type of action will help remedy how other teams and people around the league think of them? It's beyond frustrating at this point.

    Talent only takes you so far. Their mental preparedness for this series was non-existent.

    Well, at this point I'm rooting for a Panthers/Predators Finals. That oughta make Bettman cringe, at least.

    Panthers/Predators? Coyotes/Panthers would have Bettman losing sleep for the next year, since people want Phoenix back up in Quebec.

    Detroit has also laid an egg this post season which makes me smile. However, as long as the Hawks keep playing good Hockey, I'll keep watching. Though overall it has been a fairly exciting start to the playoffs, let's hope it keeps going through the rest of the rounds.

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