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Hallum: Legacy of the Moon Slayer



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    Esmend finally reached Amir, at about the same time that Aisling started to figure out the nature of her condition. He crawled up to the phoenix, grasping his arms and pinning him down. While four of Esmend's arms moved to restrain limbs, the other two went for Amir's neck and stomach. The orc couldn't throw a solid punch, but he dug unyielding fingers into the soft spots, all the while grunting and writhing angrily. He leaned in further, putting all of his weight on Amir.

    ((Sorry that my posts have been pretty short recently, but Esmend's current condition doesn't provide much room for interesting spells, or dialogue, or thoughts.))
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    Amir could only watch in horror as Esmend pounced on him. The pain was unimaginable as the Orc wrapped his hands around his throat whilst the rest of his body pressed against the phoenix's already shattered bones. A gargled scream escaped him as Esmend's grip tightened until Amir was finally dead.
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