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Hallum: Legacy of the Moon Slayer - Character Profiles and Series Updates



  • ZaleraZalera Death Seraph Full Members
    edited February 2012
    Hey, guys. Sorry, I've been inactive for quite a while. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to be inactive for a while longer due to school and my job. Anyway, I just want to ask: would anyone like to take control of Enoch until I get back?
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited February 2012
    Well, fortunately, Enoch is not in any of the active parties for right now, but he will soon be part of the tournament. I'd normally take charge of characters but I'll have my hands full in the tournament. Anyone else?
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
    edited February 2012
    I'd be up for that, or down with that. When are you planning on getting back?
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited May 2012
    OK. As most know, Hallum is now over. I've sent the ending to most players, but if someone was left out PM me and I'll send it. Thanks for all of your time and keep an eye out for the comic in the distant future.
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