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2nd Super Robot Taisen Z - World Restoration Chapter

QuinQuin ne cede malisRPGamer Staff
edited November 2012 in Staff Review Blogs
Or 第2次スーパーロボット大戦Z 再世篇

Allegedly, the Z-Subseries was meant to be a trilogy, similar to how the original incarnation of the Alpha series was meant to only cover three games, before Alpha Gaiden came along to bridge the gap between Alpha and Alpha 2. Here, Z2 was large enough to be split into two separate PSP games released roughly a year apart. How much of this is the writing team needing extra time to scribe their fanfiction, the programming team working around UMD limitations or Bamco wanting to screw with their fans is anyone's guess.

Now, all rise for the series list (Again, bold indicates debut).
  • Overman King Gainer
  • The Big O
  • Invincible Superman Zambot 3
  • Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3
  • Combat Mecha Xabungle
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
  • After War Gundam X
  • ∀ Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
  • Space Emperor God Sigma
  • Genesis Of Aquarion
  • Super Dimension Century Orguss
  • Space Warrior Baldios
  • Chōjūshin Gravion Zwei
  • Invincible Robo Trider G7
  • Six God Combination Godmars
  • Armored Trooper VOTOMS (The Last Red Shoulder\Red Shoulder Document\Roots of Ambition\Pailsen Files)
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing (TV series)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Season Two) (Replaces Season One)
  • Dancougar
  • Dancougar Nova
  • Getter Robo Armageddon
  • Shin Mazinger Impact! Z Chapter
  • Earth Defence Enterprise Dai-Guard
  • Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows
  • Code Geass Lelouch Of The Rebellion R2 (Replaces Season One)
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Gurren-hen)
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Lagann-hen)
  • Macross Frontier - The Wings of Goodbye*
  • Tetsujin #28 (80's version)
  • Macross Dynamite 7

*: As with the previous game, the Macross Frontier plot follows the TV series moreso than the two movies, but Alto's VF-29 Durandal is one of the secret units in this game, which was exclusive to the movie.

Z2.2 opens on a short set of prologue stages, which establish the events that occur after the end of Z2.
  • Black Rebellion covers the finale of the Code Geass season one plot, culminating in the single gunshot that ends the final episode.
  • Gundam Destruction Order covers the end of the Ptolemaios in orbit, and on the ground, Heero self-destructs the Wing Gundam to buy time for the other Wing boys to escape from Lady Une.
  • The Last Day of the Earth shows the Dai-Gurren team defending the recently captured Teppelin from the mad Professor Saotome's Shin Dragon, which doesn't end very well for anyone.

Z2.2 picks up a year later, the world has settled into an uneasy peace under the newly founded Earth Federation, although with the fall of the Imperium (Events of Z2), Dimensional Beast attacks are getting worse, and with the A-LAWS busy quashing dissent using come very questionable tactics, the people have turned to private companies for protection.

The game begins in Northern India, with Esther Elhaus taking control of the Brasta-Es to do what she was hired to do: kick ***

Esther was established as a character during the events of Z2. She is the sole survivor of a Dimensional Beast attack in her Texan hometown and named the beast in question "Moby Dick". Unable to pursue her one-woman quest for bloody vengeance due to injuries (and inability to pilot a mech at the time), she delegates this task to Crowe, who was the one who rescued her in the first place. During the events of Z2, Crowe gets the owner of the Scot Labs to take Esther on as a test pilot, and she's spent the year gap honing her skills as a pilot.

I've currently played up to Scenario 15 ('Man As Before'), taking the Code Geass/Gundam 00 route split when offered at the end of Scenario 3. In this branch, Esther follows Kallen back to Area 11 (Occupied Japan), and finds that most of the people declared MIA or KIA over the last year are, surprise surprise, alive and well. Heero is still lacking a Gundam, Setsuna is still slumming it in the horribly mangled Exia and Lelouch appears to have forgotten everything, expressing considerable surprise when a terrorist (Kallen) breaks into his school and tells him he's their leader.

The plot gets up to speed pretty quickly during the first few stages. The Gundam 00 pilots get their upgrades, Heero gets his unit back and Lelouch re-founds the Black Knights after C.C. restores his lost memories. Kamille, Shinn, Fa and Lunamaria defect from OZ (Who they were working for during the time skip), but Char (as Quattro) doesn't go with them, and he appears as an enemy pilot on a couple of stages. The end of Scenario 14 unifies the first route split, and brings almost all of the old team together, although those involved in the events of the last prologue stage (The Gurren Lagann pilots and the Getter Team) are still MIA, as is Crowe.

The most curious addition to the team is Setsuko Ohara, one of the two lead characters from the first Z game, and owner of one of the twelve spheres ('The Sorrowful Maiden', representing Virgo) that is helping drive the plot forward.

I know that Z2.2 has a total of sixty stages to work through, compared to 50 in Z2, so this is gonna take a little while to chew through. More updates as they come.
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  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited April 2012
    Stage 15 might not have been the best place to stop, in hindsight.

    Stage 15 reintroduces Crowe to the team, and in the past year, he's been honing his piloting skills, which actually has an effect on his combat animations. All rounds fired for 'Clutch Sniper' now hit the target (As opposed to miss/miss/hit in Hakai-hen), ACP Faiz is now a hybrid of the melee/ranged versions from the previous game, and the Brasta now has access to both the melee and ranged versions of the SPIGOT-VX attack. This gives Crowe a very balanced arsenal overall and thanks to inheriting all upgrades from Esther's Brasta-Es, he's pretty damn good straight off the bat if you've been upgrading Esther.

    However, getting Crowe back resulted in losing
    Setsuko, who used the power of her sphere to seal something called 'ZONE', some sort of dimensional interference device that is generally considered bad news.

    I've now progressed to the start of Stage 26, following the space route from Stage 21 to 24. In the intervening eleven stages, there's been some stuff happening.

    - Stage 15 introduces Marilyn Catto, Crowe's old CO in the Firebug squad. She's not very nice. She reappears in Stage 20 in the Pearlfang, a black recolour of the Pearlnail.

    - The Holy Kingdom of Insarium has been formally introduced, along with the 73rd heir to the position of "Saint King", Uther Insarium. Uther's world is a broken mess with only 600 million surviving humans, and it seems poor Uther isn't in much of a state to lead, despite having an enormous mecha with downright silly stats. His sinister looking Minister of SCIENCE, Anbrorn Jius (Who looks a little like Aguila Setome from the OG series, not a good sign), appears to be playing the vizier to Uther's clueless prince.

    - Zero is now in possession of the Shinkiro frame. If he is not deployed on the battlefield, he takes the captain's chair on the Ikaruga carrier.

    - Early in the Space Route, Gamlin Kisaki, Nekka Basara and the rest of Fire Bomber finally catch up to the Frontier Fleet. Basara retains his singing skills from other SRW games, and is a fantastic buff machine. His singing can also cause Vajra to retreat, and actively harms Dimension Beasts.

    - The latter half of the Space Route concerns the unveiling of the Zero System, and Quatre's subsequent killing spree at the controls of Wing Zero. Hints dropped by Tieria suggest that Batma-uh, Aeolia Schenberg was responsible for the creation of the Zero System.

    - The reunification of the routes at Stage 25 brings the other missing pilots back, with Gurren Lagann (Piloted by Simon solo at the moment) and Shin Getter Robo rejoining the team.

    - Sadly, Stage 25 also marks a crippling blow to the team:
    Crowe tries to use the full power of his sphere, only for it to cause him to succumb to it's negative effects, driving him insane. Intending to steal the power at it's height, Anbrorn takes aim at Crowe using her carrier's D-Extractor powered cannon, only for Esther to take the shot. Her unit is destroyed, and Esther is transformed into a Dimensional Beast. Zero stops Esther's rampage by Geassing her, but she is carried off. Crowe flips his **** completely, and is only put down when the other Z protagonist (Rand Travis) shows up and shoots Crowe down in self defense.

    - In the opening parts of Stage 26, Baron Ashura of Mazinger Z fame makes reference to "Ba'al". Who they? FORESHADOWING.

    tl;dr: This game is awesome and win.
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  • stratrpgamerstratrpgamer Member Full Members
    edited June 2012
    Ever end up finishing this?
  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2012
    Ever end up finishing this?

    I'm up to Stage 32, I'll probably put an update up this weekend.
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  • Scott WachterScott Wachter Dread News Editor RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2012
    since they've embraced the crazy weirdness of pailsen files, is Chirico in fact unkillable despite going through scopedogs like tissues?
  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2012
    since they've embraced the crazy weirdness of pailsen files, is Chirico in fact unkillable despite going through scopedogs like tissues?

    Chirico has the "Abnormal Survivor" ability in addition to level 9 Prevail. Abnormal Survivor gives him +30 to hit and evade, and +20 to range, melee, defense and piloting, provided he is under 10% HP. These bonuses stack with the prevail skill. A Chirico with 10HP left on his Scopedog is an unkillable death machine.

    EDIT: Righty, updates. Not got that much further, but there have been a few vital events since we last covered things.

    Stage 27
    Heero, under the influence of the Zero System, tries to kill Zero (i.e. Lelouch), and revealing that he's been aware of Zero's true identity since the first game.

    Stage 29
    Following up on Stage 27, Heero (In Gundam Epyon) duels Zechs (Wing Zero Gundam) above the burning remains of Azadistan. Both are using their respective Zero Systems and aren't listening to anyone. Setsuna gets the 00 Raiser in this stage after persuading Saji to join the fight. Setsuna actives Trans-Am, which means everyone gets to have their naked out-of-body telepathy moment (Don't ask), which allows the team to calm Heero and Zechs down so the rest of the city isn't destroyed. As a side effect, Saji realizes his girlfriend is working for the Titan-uh, A-LAWS, Zeta Gundam gets its Biosensor back online, and Allelujah gets his split personality back (Can be activated at will when he's above 130 Morale. Attacks consume more EN, but do more damage and look more awesome).

    Heero and Zechs switch units and Zechs runs away to do...whatever.

    Stage 31
    Obligatory main original character gets his upgrade stage.

    Crowe returns to the labs, and gets a choice between a melee super-robot-esque machine, or a range-focused real robot. Before the final touches are done, the Insarium ace pilot Geraud Bantail (The 'Knight of Knights') shows up and challenges Crowe to manly combat. Crowe misses the memo on not taking the piss and deploys in a spare crappy machine the labs had in the hangars, trying to convince the others on the team that it's his real upgrade. Upon clearing everything else out, Geraud allows Crowe to return to the labs quickly to obtain his real upgrade, the Li-Brasta B or Li-Brasta R (Depending on the choice made earlier), he's also handed his new music theme ('THE UNBREAKABLE' replaces 'Close Game Life').

    What surprises people is Crowe can now use the power of the Swaying Scales without suffering from the crippling negatives. Crowe reveals this is due to something called the 'CDS'. The 'Coin Drop System' (Yes, really) does pretty much what it says on the tin, and as Crowe has spent most of his life in crippling debt, the sound of a coin hitting the floor is enough to break the Sphere's control (YES, REALLY).

    Problem I have now is I don't know which machine to use for the rest of the game. A replay is likely (For reasons I'll elaborate on when I hit Stage 50 or so), so it's really a case of which one I want to use now, and which one I want to use later.

    I'm leaning towards the Li-Brasta R for the moment, saving the Li-Brasta B for next time.
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  • stratrpgamerstratrpgamer Member Full Members
    edited June 2012
    Thanks for the update. Did you not get the alternate route unlock?

    Librasta B is generally considered better. Ranged MAP, high dmg snipe attack, Crowe is more of a real pilot than a super pilot, etc.
  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    edited June 2012
    I'd probably take the Li-Brasta B due to several reasons.

    1. The MAP looks to be of a wider range than the R's
    2. I'm seeing alot of long range attacks, possibly as long of a range as most of the Weissritter's attacks.
    3. The B is giving me a MAJOR Weissritter vibe on how it looks.
    4. I feel that Crowe seems to come off as being a real Ace as a sharpshooter type.

    By the way, I LOVE units that are like the Weissritter. Excellen was my most valuable unit in Super Robot Taisen: OG just due to her range and power. She actually killed most enemies before the rest of my squad got there.
    "Yes, because apparently blindly jumping headfirst into a firefight without a grasp on the situation or any combat experience is a sign of genius these days."
  • stratrpgamerstratrpgamer Member Full Members
    edited June 2012
    Yeah Librasta B is as close to the Weissritter as you'll get, especially if your Crowe has Snipe or Assault.
  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2012
    I'm a pretty big fan of both Li-Brasta designs, and I'm tempted to pick up Kotobukiya's 1/144 Brasta model kit at some point.
    Thanks for the update. Did you not get the alternate route unlock?

    I'll handle this under a spoiler cut.
    For people not aware, Saisei-hen features a route-split in the final 10 stages similar to the ZEUTH route in the first Z game. In both games, you need to flip a number of flags over the course of the game, and it isn't very clear if you succeed until you actually encounter the route split. In Z, the route split was presented as Talia's choice to return to ZAFT as part of the SEED Destiny plot, the ZEUTH split causes her to continue fighting for ZEUTH, and causes the SEED Destiny events to play out differently (This is also the only way to get Haman Karn on your team).

    In Saisei-hen, the route split is constructed around the Black Knight's betrayal of Zero during the closing stages of Code Geass' plot. If enough flags have been flipped (And I'm certain I've missed a couple), you have the option to trust Zero, which alters the final ten stages. The reason I mentioned a replay is you get this choice regardless on second playthrough and beyond.
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  • stratrpgamerstratrpgamer Member Full Members
    edited June 2012
    So how are you enjoying it compared to Z2-1?
  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2012
    So how are you enjoying it compared to Z2-1?

    I'm enjoying it more than Hakai-hen, but I think that's down to the fact that the second half of some of the included series are a) more interesting, and b) have better mecha in. As much as I like, say, Gundam Exia, the 00 Raiser is better all round.

    Amuro returns in Stage 32 space route, they've blown the animation budget on Nu-Gundam again.
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  • RyumoauRyumoau Member Full Members
    edited August 2012
    Big O and Zeta Gundam in the same game!! Only other thing it needed was Domon Kasshu's Burning Gundam and this would already be the best robot game ever. They put Seed in but not G Gundam. :(
    Man, i wish there wasn't so much trouble in localising this game for NA.
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  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited August 2012
    During the plane flight to Canada, and some spare time, I've now reached the end of Stage 44.

    In addition to re-adding Amuro to the roster, Stage 32 adds the TRANS-AM Raiser Sword to the 00 Raiser, and gives the other 00 units their GN Heavy Weapons. Rather than a full upgrade, this only takes the form of an additional attack for each one (Seravee gets a MAP). Also, the Cherudim Gundam gets a pistol version of it's Trans-Am attack (Which comes in handy later). Stage 32 and 33 cover the assault on the Memento Mori orbital weapon, and the subsequent destruction of the Africa Tower. During Stage 33, Loran has to break his promise to not use the Turn A's Moonlight Butterfly to destroy a large number of falling tower fragments.

    During Stage 34, it's possible to avoid
    Anew Returner's
    plot mandated death, provided you take out the named enemies in a certain order, and finish
    with Cherudim's Trans-Am Pistol attack.

    Stage 35, Asakim shows up just to make sure you haven't forgotten him.

    During Stage 36, more pilots fall through the dimensional abyss into Z2-world, including Harry Ord, some of the Gundam X pilots, and Lacus Clyne (Who seems to be rather green-eyed at the Macross singing idols). Lacus has brought the Eternal with her, giving Kira and Athrun access to the METEOR equipment for Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice.

    Stage 38 confirms that I've lost the alternate ending route by killing off Code Geass'
    Shirley Fenette

    Chirico runs off at the end of Stage 39, after Zero succeeds in destroying the Geass Order. Why? Something called "Wizeman"

    The subsequent space route split (Stages 41-43) brings half of the team back to the Frontier fleet, where Michael Blanc fakedies, and a lot of Vajra get shot down. During Stage 42 and 43, the team follows Chirico to the "Neo Planets", a set of miniture planetoids in a belt between Earth and Mars, where he reveals that his little "I am a child of God" freakout was an elaborate ruse to fool "Wizeman", a millenia old computer system that has manipulated the world that Chirico comes from for ages, and Chirico has been bred and raised to take Wizeman's place.

    Chirico refuses, and takes down Wizeman HAL-style.

    As for Stage 44, Dr. Saotome gets Stoner Sunshine to the face courtesy of Shin Getter.

    I have avoided all the Super Robot routes, so I avoided the early activation of the Human Extinction Program and the first appearance of the Anti-Spirals. In the Z2 universe, the Human Extinction Program was supposed to activate when the population reached 10 billion, however, the Z2 world is linked to the Z world via the Dimensional Abyss, and the program counted humans on both. Those that have seen Gurren Lagann will know that this is a Bad Thing™.

    The concept of the "Ba'al" has also been expanded on. These are (apparantly) the enemies of all sentient life in the universe, and the Invaders (From Getter Robo) and Anti-Spirals are part of their forces. The Black History, originally the backstory apocalypse in Turn A Gundam is expanded in Z2 to cover the history and future of the universe, and the villains who have been exposed to it are usually attempting to do something to stop it.
    - Charles Vi Britannia and V.V. want to convert all of humanity into a single consciousness to survive the storm (Similar to what Gendou wanted to do in the Alpha series with the Evangelions).

    - Wizeman wants to evolve humanity via constant conflict so they can combat the Ba'al, or, get Chirico to inherit his knowledge and do this in his place.

    - Dr. Hell wants to conquer Earth so that everything on the planet can be converted into a war machine to fight.

    - I have no idea what Ribbon's angle on this is. Probably converting humanity into Innovators so they can fight better.

    - Lordgenome, one of the original fighters against the Ba'al many millenia ago saw that the use of Spiral Power to fight against the Ba'al would eventually cause Spiral Nemesis (And end the universe, the Ba'al win by 'default'), so he turned against the side of good and worked with the Anti-Spirals to surpress the Spiral races, until he's 'convinced' otherwise.

    - Gaiou, the Lord of Destruction and final boss from Hakai-hen, also fought on the side of good against the Ba'al. His main goal seems to be converting people into Dimensional Beasts so they can better fight against the Ba'al.

    It's been rather quiet on the Insarium front, but that is likely to change with 15 stages left to go.
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  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited August 2012
    Quin wrote: »
    It's been rather quiet on the Insarium front, but that is likely to change with 15 stages left to go.

    Sometimes, I hate being right.

    Stage 45 returns us to the nation of Limoncea. Ironically, the new ZONE (Zodiac Of New Energy) has been constructed on the site ZEXIS fought Gaiou the previous year (Hakai-hen, Stage 23), and ZEXIS have been sent to stop it from activating. Considering the loss of
    Setsuko, Rand and Asakim (Seemingly) to other ZONEs
    , we're now rapidly running out of Sphere holders to use up to stop ZONE from tearing the planet a new interdimensional funhole.

    As Crowe warms up the Swaying Scales to take this one out, Carlos Axion Jr shows up with some new equipment from the lab. Instead of being some new stuff for the Li Brasta, it is instead a weapon he intends to use directly on the ZONE itself, at the cost of his own life (Which is confirmed by Zero's still present Geass order). When Aim Liared shows up to gloat over Carlos' untimely demise, Crowe decides he's had enough of his ********, powers his sphere up to eleven and blows away Aim in a single shot, unlocking the 'Unbreakable Fulcrum' attack for the Li Brasta.

    However! Stage not over, because Uther demands it. The Insarium deploy across the field, bringing the
    DMified Esther
    with them. Seems as though Mr. Clueless Prince has wisened up to reality. His unit, Seiouki The Insa, is a relic passed down through each Saint King of Insarium, and puts up quite a formidable fight. When he's whittled down, his minister of science tries to reactivate the ZONE anyway, despite the damage. Crowe does something with his sphere, and it instead explodes.

    ZEXIS awaken to find that they are very much alive, but not in Kansas any more. Marguerite Pistil welcomes ZEXIS to the Insarium homeworld.

    Marguerite has decided that enough really is enough and defects (again, Marguerite was a secret character in Hakai-hen) to ZEXIS, so that they can attack Palace Insarium to recover Esther, and also Eureka, who has been kept captive for quite a while (Stressing poor Renton). The recovery team are able to infiltrate the palace, and despite some minor complications, recover Eureka (Who transforms Nirvash back into it's Spec V form) and

    What happens next is rather unexpected; Gaiou shows up, intending to spectate the ZEXIS/Insarium showdown and then defeat the winner. This time, it's Uther who's had enough, and awakens his sphere, the Inexhaustible Water Gourd (representing Aquarius) and devastates Gaiou in a single hit (Lot of that going on).
    Crowe and Uther, working together for a moment, pool their sphere power together, allowing them to see into the Origin Law, and use the released power to heal Esther of her DMification, returning her to your team.

    Continuing the run of people getting oneshotted, when Aim shows up again, Roger Smith pulls out Big O's Final Stage and Aim goes away again. Uther also escapes, and Wayne, the Knight of Knights remains behind to have a final showdown with Crowe. It doesn't really work out for him either, and in his dying breath, activates the ZONE underneath the palace. This time, ZEXIS ends up back where they were in Limoncea.

    At the end of Stage 46, Dr Hell challenges Kouji Kabuto to a final showdown in a few days time...
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  • stratrpgamerstratrpgamer Member Full Members
    edited October 2012
    Do you plan on finishing this or playing that new PS3 SRW game?
  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited October 2012
    Do you plan on finishing this or playing that new PS3 SRW game?

    Both. The PS3 game is already on preorder, even.

    I've progressed a little further, I'm now in the game's 'normal' ending route (As opposed to the 'What If?') ending route, where the last arc of Code Geass R2 plays out in a similar way to the series. I would actually pile some more time into this, but my copy of SD Gundam G Generation Over World arrived a couple of days ago.

    I'll be trying to have this one wrapped up before OGs2 comes out in November.
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  • stratrpgamerstratrpgamer Member Full Members
    edited October 2012
    That's cool. I noticed you posted your Z2-1 turn count, I was curious if you would be willing to post your Z2-2 counts. I'll also be trying the PS3 SRW.
  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited November 2012
    297 Turns Elapsed by the start of Stage 53.

    Ok, was previously on Stage 47, so here's Quin's Quick Plot Recap™.

    Stage 47 - Line of Death! Dr. Hell's Final Assault!
    The Mazinger Z finale stage. Dr. Hell is finally defeated; coughs up some plot in place of blood.

    Stage 48 - God Bless Universe
    Suddenly, Emperor Muge Zolbados and Emperor Zul from friggin' nowhere. Dancougar and Dancougar Nova get a combo attack.

    Stage 49 - Zero and Lelouch
    Code Geass plot trainwreck begins here.

    From here on out, I'm locked on the 'Zero Requeim' route. Ohgi, the leader of the Black Knights, orders Zero to be taken out without consulting the others in ZEXIS. Schneizel el Britannia gets to twirl his moustache a little for successfully pulling off that one.

    Stage 50 - The Emperor Dethroned
    Charles vi Britannia's rule comes to a rather sudden end at Lelouch's hands, disappointing GAINAX's lawyers, as they wanted to sue over the whole "Merge humanity into one blob" thing.

    Stage 51 - Schneizel's Mask
    Schneizel plays his hand courtesy of Damocles, a floating fortress that fires devastating FLEIJA warheads. Lelouch refuses to get involved in a "My cannon is bigger than yours" contest, blows up Mt. Fuji and elects himself Emperor of Britannia.

    Stage 52 - Chaotic Battlefield
    The A-LAWS and White Fang go at it above the still smouldering Mt. Fuji. Treize seemingly perishes at last. I can't help but feel like there's a certain space fortress that's poorly under-represented here...

    BONUS Gundam 00 plot:
    Nena Trinity: Hehe, I'm soooo clever!
    Louise Halvey: Karma, also: DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE
    Nena Trinity: Aw, crap****

    Stage 53 - The Moon Falls

    This stage begins the Gurren Lagann finale. Everyone deploys with full morale, because Gurren Lagann is radiating awesome. Might still be able to finish before SRW OGs2 shows up...
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