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Regarding account recovery

xocolatlxocolatl MemberFull Members
edited February 2013 in Site & Forum Support
Hello again, RPGamer. I didn't log in for a while and I forgot my password, and thank you for hiding the link to password recovery in the "register" link, and only making it pop up once I try to register an old name again. I mean, is this a cruel joke? I do I have to keep logging in, searching through my mails, until I give up hope of finding where I jot down my password, then try to create a new account in order for the password recovery link to pop up? I mean, yeah, I get it--a lot of us are Etrian Odyssey/SMT/etc fans, so clearly we are all a bit of a masochist. But it would be kinda nice if the "I forgot my password" link is shown right on the log in screen as soon as you fail 1 attempt.

Oh, and can I add that I have a real problem with my cookie setting? My Firefox/Chrome/IE (on Windows7, set to medium-low security setting) all have problem logging into the forums. If I log in, the site still shows as if I have not logged in, and no amount of refreshing can help me post. (Well..it takes like 15 refresh and a few restart before the thing works, but nevermind that). I think it could also be some ISP thing, since I am logging in from outside of the US (I live in Thailand to be exact), so I think that might cause a problem too. If there is any way for you to make logging in more reliable, I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Anna Marie PrivitereAnna Marie Privitere Purr RPGamer Staff
    edited February 2013
    Yep, we chose this software specifically to mock anyone who happened to forget their password.
    On a serious note, I'll look around the settings and see what I can find, but chances are that's just as the programmers intended; it's harder for bots to abuse the forgot password if it's not patently obvious.
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