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Gotta love Kotaku Reviews

goateguygoateguy MemberFull Members
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I love it when they do reviews of non-gaming related items. :D It is especially fun when they do it on a sport like football. I watch a fair amount of football during the year, so I have a good idea of how it is played and what the positions are and what the general strategy of the game is like. So it is interesting to hear them liken and describe it like an RPG.
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  • JormungandJormungand Member Full Members
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    Haha, downs make football turn-based. I love it.
    Players sometimes get injured, prompting fans to wonder how their teams will cope without them. Sometimes, an injured player is (Final Fantasy VII spoilers) as sad a moment as Aeris dying.
    Worse, actually. At least Cloud and co. can still function without Aeris. Green Bay, on the other hand...

    Also, watching San Francisco lose to Seattle was more satisfying than the ending movie of FF7.

    Slightly off-topic, there are two things I would change about this game: 1) the name, because it's not really football and 2) if you're a jerk who throws tantrums (on the sidelines or otherwise), you get booted out of the game. Three boots and you're fired.
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