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SEH is starting a new RPG CONSOLE studio

JormungandJormungand MemberFull Members
edited September 2014 in Square Enix

The highlights are as follows:
The job postings are for: Battle Director, Event Director, Lead Planner, Battle Planners, Lead Programmer, Programmers, Marketing Director, Technical Artists, Lead Effects Designer, Lead Animator, Lead 3DCG Character Designer, Lead 3DCG Environment Designer, Lead Menu Designer.
They're asking for experience working with Unity.
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Some important things to consider:

1. Kitase's recent remarks about the wrong direction of Square Enix, and how he wants to restore FF to it's former glory
2. Kitase not yet disclosing what his current project is
3. Square Enix's surprise at the success of Bravely Default, a classic console-style RPG and how they'd like to re-focus on that type of game experience
4. The new Mana producer's desire to move the series back to consoles "where it belongs"
5. No job listing for director, producer, scenario writer, character designer, or concept artist, suggesting all of those positions are currently in place (and probably held by transfers from the main studio)
6. The recruitment very specifically refers to the development of new RPGs for home consoles that are reminiscent of classic home console RPGs

Dare we hope? It's nearly everything I've been wanting from Square, which makes me incredibly skeptical. Share your thoughts!


  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    edited September 2014
    Hopeful, but that's about it

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  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    edited September 2014
    My interest is piqued, but there will be a while before any games come of this, I imagine. There's also the issue of whether or not I'll be able to play them, unless "console RPG" is being used loosely, and they'll also develop RPGs for handhelds.
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  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
    edited September 2014
    Given how the next gen systems are doing, it's likely this will be a handheld studio, but hey, TitS made it to PC. Here's hoping.
  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    edited September 2014
    SquareEnix's own financials lump consoles and handhelds together, so that wouldn't be surprising. (And at least on my end, would be appreciated.)
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  • TexTex Member Full Members
    edited September 2014
    Cautiously optimistic. Design by committee can hurt or help these things a lot.
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