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Future Career?



  • Captain VittlesCaptain Vittles Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    Environmental studies = ecology = BLECH.

    While ecology does have plenty of scientific merit, it's not necessarily presented as a hard science. And a lot of environmental ideas are theoretical, as it's hard to observe ecological changes over a small timescale. Not to mention the plethora of social commentary that gets tossed in...

    As for your question about high school - no, it most definitely is not like high school. First year will be like high school for you since you're taking OAC courses, but upper level courses are much more rigorous. The standard is "Professor lectures and assigns tons of readings, assignments and papers." Some upper level courses are nothing but discussions - no midterms or exams, assignments or papers. Those can be the most fun if you give them a chance, as you get to do a lot of multi-disciplinary work.

    I'm not attempting to give you a bleak image here, as you mentioned you found that format boring. So now I'll get to the fun part. You said you're aiming for med lab tech, meaning you'll take a lot of the same types of labs I did (and many I didn't). Those labs are incredibly fun and educational. They make everything worthwhile.

    And finally, to be frank, the best part about university is that it isn't at all like high school. wink.gif
  • SeraphicLawSeraphicLaw Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    .........thanks........ I am now horrified of boredom from entering a university or college. But I'm aiming for a college that special in lab tech. I found one that is considered close to where I live. I just hope that I can do lots and lots and lots of lab. I love labs. I also hope there aren't that many formal essay writing cause I'm pretty bad at it. Even now, I still have some problems with grammars. lol.
  • KainKain Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    Im working in Internet Support right now, want to be a network admin, but now Im starting to change my mind about it......ahh the typical college kid...
  • poke32poke32 Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    id like to be a armadillo gynecologist call me crazy but it just sounds fun..........
  • KainKain Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    You are in fact crazy, no seriuosly what do you want to do?
  • ZeroFalcZeroFalc Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    Video gamer programmer. Is there somewhat of a toolkit that can allow you to make racing games? I need a link... bad...
    Check out some of my writings at FF.Net.
    I also write MIDI files, wait until they're all finished. If that doesn't work I'll design my own fighter... and then I'll do nothing.
  • Options
    edited August 2002
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"So, what am I studying for? Try to figure it out, my degree is also known as M.Div.
    [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

    The degree in question here would be the Master of Divinity, which is the degree required to become a Minister... I was going to go for that, but now I will try to be a musician... heh..
  • AlienaAliena Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    I think I'll be an audiologist. Hey wait! I AM an audiologist!

    I test hearing, sell hearing aids, repair and make adjustments on the darn things, talk about hearing protection, and the most fun of all, scoop out earwax. LOL.
  • PhospheneHereticPhospheneHeretic Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    Well, in three days I'm leaving for the University, and next Wednesday I start in the school of Architecture. Hopefully, then I'll be a good Architect. I do have intentions on the side of that, however. I would like to write a few novels in the future, and if I would just sit down and practice my instruments, I would have that going for me as well. Of course, being as infinitely lazy as I am, I just sit here playing games and strumming my guitar from time to time. I've picked up my flute once in the past two months, and it has rendered my lips and fingers unconditioned.

    God I'm lazy.
  • Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    I'm an actor, well....stage actor at least. Been doing that since I was 12 (now 19). I'm going to college now to better my skills. Hopefully I'll be doing it for a really really long time, i also wanna be a director and writer for theatre/movies. biggrin.gif
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