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The genius of FF Mobius' combat system

XocoXoco Full Members
I have always been a fan of FF's combat systems (I didn't like X all that much, but I do love the rest). When I tried my hands on XII and XIII, I thought the series couldn't get any better. But Mobius really took home the gold.

Combat in Mobius is an act of balance, with just enough random chance in it to always keep it fresh. Playing FF Mobius is like playing a good game of Magic The Gathering. You gain resources by attacking. But the genius is the defend-skill system. You can horde your resource elemental orbs to unleash large moves, or use them for defensive purpose--at a cost of having less chance of drawing the same element again for the next few turns. This presents an interesting conundrum--turtle too much, and you won't be able to draw that element again to raise your shield next time. Horde the orbs, and you end up taking too much damage in the meantime, or you won't have enough space to draw different elemental orbs. You have to gauge when to break an enemy's defense (which can be done by applying a skill, then subsequently attacking it), what orb do you expect to have and spam when the enemy's defense finally breaks down. The best part, of course, is the fact that these elemental orbs are random. And juggling hording, using, and even absorbing them (defending) in order to decrease the chance of gaining useless elements, keeps the whole fighting mechanics fresh.

I kinda wished they had sold this as a full game, rather than having in-app purchases. I wanted desperately to give SQE some money for this, but man...when they tie the payment system to extremely expensive premium in-game CCY (called Magicite), I just feel a lot worse about forking over cash. I mean, the largest bundle they have costs twice as much cash as a PS4 game!! That's....absolutely nuts.


  • CidolfasCidolfas Member Full Members
    Yeah, I've been playing Mobius on and off for the last week or two. It's definitely not as satisfying (to me) as FF Record Keeper, but that's because I've been on FFRK for months and have finally built up my stable of options. For a newbie FFRK must be horrifying.

    As for in-app purchases, I honestly think of them as a kind of "pay-what-you-want" option. You get Magicite automatically as time goes on, so there is no reason you should ever *have* to buy it. You basically buy Magicite as a way to say thanks to Squeenix. The biggest packages are there for the "whales" - the very few people that spend thousands of dollars on an IAP game which basically keep it afloat. You can safely ignore it and just use the smallest package on a regular basis, which is what I do for FFRK. I don't see myself putting any actual money into Mobius, if only because the lack of almost anything *other* than combat is kind of disappointing; once I get sick of the battle system I'll be done with the game.
  • XocoXoco Full Members
    edited August 2016
    I do hope they build something out of it. The story in Chapter 1 so far is kinda cheesy..but good cheesy (for me). And they released chapter 2 when I started playing, so at least for now they do have a good amount of support for it.

    The larger IAP package is indeed madness for the whales like you said. I don't even think I'll end up buying the magicites regularly. I am thinking of buying an equivalent of a DS game's price, because to me that's what this is. And maybe if they still manage to keep me interested in a year, I'll buy another set to show my support. Same with how I play most F2P games.

    To add to my experience above, the "energy" system for this game is also very generous (due mostly to the length of fights). I found myself to have spend more time trying to go through the energy bar than I have per each sitting of my free time. So yeah, Elixir is definitely unneeded for me. Although I do have to spam a whole lot of Phoenix Downs in the Cockatrice boss fight. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if that's supposed to be how it is tuned. But yeah, those are fun. And besides, the free magicites is enough to give me a Phoenix Down a day, and that's a lot faster than I'm using them with my pace of play.
  • CidolfasCidolfas Member Full Members
    I manage to play it for maybe 10-15 minutes a day. I'm still at something like max + 60 stamina. :tongue:

    Even FFRK I only spend a few dollars a month. I don't think I'm even up to a 3DS amount yet, although I probably should be in terms of ethics by now. :blush:
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