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FF15 - How do you keep the team alive?

XocoXoco Full Members
Especially Prompto... damn Prompto. He keeps dying no matter what I do. If the enemies are of equal level or above, and there is more than 1 enemy (so I can't tank all the enemies by myself), then it feels like the team would just get instantly wiped all the time.

What equipments do you use? Ascensions to get? (I barely have anything actually..I just don't know what to get). Should I just grab a shield and start tanking, throwing in a few hits every here and there? Or is it possible to play the assassin and hope your team can survive long enough for you to kill stuff.

Or just let them die and solo the fights?


  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    Get the ones that allow an extra accessory and the first aid ones. Equip Prompto with any HP and Vitality increasing items, it'll keep him alive a lot longer. And make sure you teach Ignis his Regroup tech. It'll bring everybody out of danger, and instantly heal them to their current max HP.
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  • XocoXoco Full Members
    Alright. Been doing that, and it's helping a ton. I'm finding the shield to be very helpful too, since blocking seems to stagger enemy, rather than letting them continuing the attack chain.
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