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  • Adriaan den OudenAdriaan den Ouden Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground RPGamer Staff
    edited April 2015
    Just started watching Paniponi Dash on the Funimation stream... it's like Excel Saga and Azumanga Daioh had a psychotic love child. It's so completely absurd I can't stop watching

    No, seriously. This thing is destroying my brain. Make it stop!
    Maybe I'll log out and check my e-mail or something...
  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    Clix wrote: »
    1. Space Dandy - One of the two shows from Cowboy Bebop's legendary director that came out this year, Space Dandy was probably the highest profile show of the year in Western-terms, since a dub simulcasted on [adult_swim]/Toonami. While I over-all liked the show, not every episode was worth watching. Worse, it was seemingly random which episodes would be amazing and which would be disappointingly mediocre. I liked the project's aim at having fun, but the end result was a lukewarm mess that left me wanting more of the good instead of all that I got.
    Reminds me of how I felt of Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. There were quite a few episodes in there that were wonderful, but there were others that felt subpar and didn't keep my attention. It's on course for the director, IMO.
    "Yes, because apparently blindly jumping headfirst into a firefight without a grasp on the situation or any combat experience is a sign of genius these days."
  • Adriaan den OudenAdriaan den Ouden Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground RPGamer Staff
    Okay, Pani Poni Dash has managed to destroy my brain even further, but in a completely different way...

    The second ending credit sequence for the series bears a startling resemblance to Persona 4. Screen cut diagonally with black and yellow coloring, black text rotating in a circle... it even has Tarot cards!

    But here's the thing: Pani Poni Dash was released in 2005, and even localized in 2007, THREE WHOLE YEARS BEFORE PERSONA 4 CAME OUT! Persona THREE wasn't even released yet!

    So is this just a ridiculously specific coincidence, or did Atlus rip this show off with Persona 4???

    Maybe I'll log out and check my e-mail or something...
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited April 2015
    Finished in Winter:
    1. Ace of the Diamond - Game over! Finally! After 1.5 years of airing, Ace of the Diamond finally finished. Well, sort of. The story continues in the manga, and the anime's season two airs tomorrow (see below in the upcoming section). My ultimate thoughts for the 75 episode season one are fairly simple: Enjoyable but poorly paced. The games were often very stretched out. Now, I enjoyed the long length of the games as done in Big Windup, but it was done differently here. Instead of focusing on the natural flow of the game, a lot of time was spent on the inner thoughts of the players and the dramatic build of each major play within the different innings. If a section of the game was not dramatic, then it was suddenly skipped--this even includes something like THE FINAL INNING of a game. While editing out the downtime of a game (e.g. change in innings) is expected, Ace of the Diamond went too far for the sake of its character/team drama. 6/10
    2. Yona of the Dawn - I loved this series. The second half sold it with the major pirate arc, which saw the team really begin to come into its own. Also, I appreciate a series that can take time to focus on the antagonist in order to build up the eventual confrontation. The series ends with Yona finally completing the first leg of journey. Hopefully season 2 will happen so we can see the next part of her quest and where that will go. 8/10
    3. Parasyte - Boy, this series was kind of heavy-handed, though I guess that what one should expect from a ~25 year old plot. The ending was fairly enjoyable, but I did not care too much for how the final fight with Gozo was resolved. I understand why the manga was well-regarded for a late 80s shonen production, and I am glad Madhouse did an adaption, even if it might have been a little too late. 6/10
    4. White Box - Again, the best way to describe this show: Idealized Interpretation of the Anime Industry. Everything is boiled down to the basic stereotypes to the point of everyone being a living gag character. However, the stress and chaos of the production process still shined through. The cutesy atmosphere helped make the premise more palpable for a general anime audience, and it fortunately was not as unbearably moe as originally hinted. 7/10
    5. The Seven Deadly Sins - While the situation with the subs got a tad funny, I did ultimately enjoy this series. I picked up the manga mid-way, so I did find a lot of the changes a tad jarring. I cannot tell if the anime wants a second season or not, since it left things open that way but change some fairly important details/events. The casting was pretty well-done, and the designs were nicely touched up. While by no means a perfect adaption, it got the charm of the manga across with flying colors. 8/10
    6. Your Lie in April - The last half pushed home in trying to make me care about the kids's romances. It kind of worked. Overall, this is the kind of series designed for those who loved heart-crushing dramas. And the classical music helps add some nice seasoning to the whole affair. While the show did not do it too much for me, I can see how thing would click with a lot of people and probably even me years ago. 7/10
    7. Pedal Nerd: Grande Road - The first year is now over. The second season got a tad unwieldy due to how much the focus switched per episode to the various racers. They were able to keep up the energy for most of it, which was appreciated. Nevertheless, the sheer length of time spent on the third day of Inter High was a bit much. At least the finale was satisfying. 6/10
    8. Drrr!!x2 Understanding - The first story arc was a tad lame after the shenanigans of the second arc from the first season. However, the second arc in Drrr 2 made up for it. Everything gloriously escalated as expected, and a lot of the core cast really grew a bit, mainly Mikado and Shizuo. Hell, this was probably the first time I came to actually like Shizuo. 8/10
    9. God Kiss 2 - Season two was far more enjoyable than the first season years ago. The first was way too standard/average for me to particularly care. Season two was an improvement since Nanami took a bit more of a proactive stance in matters, even though she was still largely out-classed by the supernatural world. 6/10
    10. Lily Bear Storm - Well, I have to say that Ikuhara did ruin the ending this time around. However, the start was plain miserable. Utena was an instant hook, and Penguindrum was promising from the get go. However, Lesbears was a slow burn starting cold--nearly dropped after episode 1. Everything ultimately worked, but the show still lacked any great meaning like Utena did (Penguindrum more wanted a great meaning without actually having it). Ikuhara's quirky direction largely felt more tame, and I am unsure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Overall, it was a yuri series, just with a weird man behind the helm and technical bestiality. 6/10

    Dropped in Winter:
    1. Maria the Virgin Witch - I just never got around to watching episode two since I was busy with every other show. Episode one did not hook me in any particular way.
    2. Rolling Girls - I never went further than episode 1 because I did not know what I was watching. I am largely at a loss about who this was for and what it was about. Furthermore, I was severely lost in terminology since I do not know Japanese political-geography outside of the basic island names and some of the major provinces of Honshu. Also, the art style was way too gaudy for me.

    Continuing into Spring:
    1. Sailor Moon: Crystal - During this past cour, the Sailor Scouts got something resembling character development. They also got violently removed from the plot at the same time. Luckily, the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly approaching. Just need to finish up this arc and we are done. I highly doubt Toei will bother with a season two.
    2. World Trigger - While better than the other tripe Toei has been crapping out lately, World Trigger is still harmed by their production style. Namely, the pacing is terrabad, and it's going to be 50 episodes long. Oh dear... I just hope this doesn't hurt the flow of the invasion arc we are now entering.
    3. Assassination Classroom - While I am not terribly engrossed, I have been enjoying AssClass. The cast is varied and likable, but the production values are shockingly low. The opening is offensively lazy.
    4. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 2 - So far so good. The Egyptian Gods are way better than the Tarot enemies. That said, Elder Darby was probably handled a tad better in the 90s OVA, despite the overall issues with that adaption. We are now down to the final three: Pet Shop, Vanilla Ice, and Dio Brando.

    Premiering in Spring:
    1. The Heroic Legend of Arslan* - A new adaption of the less beloved novel series of The Legend of the Galactic Hero. Instead of a space opera, we have a fantasy epic. The issue that I have is that this is an adaption of the manga adaption made by FMA's Arakawa. I like Arakawa, but I do not think her art necessarily works for the intended style: the original novels and OVA used FF's Amano as the character designer. I will likely give it a look, though, since a lot of good names are attached to the project.
    2. Baby Steps 2 - Despite the animation quality, I really enjoyed the first season, and I have been looking forward to the second season. Ei-chan is one of my favorite sports protagonists, so I am happy to have him back.
    3. Ace of the Diamond: Season 2 - In all honesty, this shouldn't count as a season 2, since season 1 ended two weeks before it aired. However, it has changed time-slots, and the third-years have finally hung up their gear. It's time for the new team to really take shape and take the fall tournament by storm. Or just lose again. One of the two.
    4. Rinne of the Boundary* - I am mildly interested to see just what the latest entry into the Rumic Canon is all about. I've never heard/seen anyone discuss her 2009+ work after finishing InuYasha, which makes me worried that this might be the final nail--she has arguably been getting worse per decade/work. I don't expect much, but I may be pleasantly surprised.
    5. Lupin III (2015) - Following on the heel of the 4th season and Jigen movie, Lupin returns as the lead for a new 5th season, and he's got a new jacket to celebrate the occasion. Using the style established by the Fujiko series a couple of years ago, it looks like this should be a visual marvel with some nice Italian scenery. I am largely a novice when it comes to Lupin, so this should be a fun chance to see if I should go back to see Parts 1, 2, and 3 from the 70s and 80s.
    6. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan* - I have fond memories of the Haruhi series, mostly (the Haruhi-chan and Nyoron spin-offs were not good). I really liked Disappearance, but I am worried about revisiting that universe for a spin-off. I will try out the first episode at least.
    7. False Love:* - This is one that I will only watch if I have time. I like the manga just enough to keep following it, but I hate Haru Onodera, so I do not look forward to a season focused on her.
    8. My Love Story!! - Looks like an interesting twist on the traditional shojo romance series: the classic beauty-beast couple dynamic but from the point of view of the man/beast. The manga has been well-received, so it might just be the show of the season.
    9. Seraph of the End* - I like the manga of this series, but I admit that I am hesitant for the anime. For starters, the first few chapters were kind of rough, so I do not look forward to revisiting them. Second, the team behind this is the ones who made Attack on Titan's anime. Funny enough, I already think there are a lot of similarities between the properties, though I prefer Seraph. I just don't trust this team to do a good adaption that highlights what I think makes the manga enjoyable.
    10. Food Wars - Another manga that I enjoy, especially due to delicious (pun intended) lead, Souma. I hope the anime does a good job adapting the series's various appeals. I am mostly worried about Souma's actor (best known for SOA's Kirito); while still a teen, I kind of expected something a tad more masculine for Souma. I will keep my fingers crossed.
    11. Princes of Song: Serious Love Revolutions - I am always up for more Song-Prince, one of my greatest guilty-pleasure series.
    12. Yamada and the Seven Witches - Just to keep repeating myself, this is another property that I recently read all the manga for and keep current with, and I really enjoy it. I just hope it translates well to TV. For example, I am slightly worried to how I will adjust to the colors, since the color palette is kind of nasty from what I have seen.
    13. I Can't Understand What My Husband Says: 2nd Thread - A sequel to one of the better 3-min series that I have seen. I hope it keeps up the momentum of the previous season.

    From the Backlog:
    1. Pokemon XY: Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie - The 2014 movie finally hit the internet in subs. It's a pretty standard one for the series, especially lately. It was kind of like the Keldeo movie a couple of years back. Diancie was the protagonist and just sort of hung out with the cast, though Satoshi/Ash ended up playing a far greater role this time than the previous time they did this story. The single biggest issue was the pacing; the final act of the movie comes from a sudden escalation of events and is then quickly resolved. Fortunately, the cast itself was fine since the XY crew is the best assembled so far, and the movie-villains were simple but enjoyable. Overall, it was just too safe to be memorable, especially when its the 15th in the damn series. 4/10
    2. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods - I technically saw this years ago when the theatrical version came out with subs. However, I finally got to see the home video cut with Funimation's dub. In the pointlessly heated dub vs. sub debate, I tend to side with subs out of sheer coincidence--subs come out first 99% of the time. There are properties that I prefer dubbed, and Dragon Ball is certainly among them. The dub for the movie is very enjoyable, though I was disappointed that they could not get Bulma's old actress back. Now, the reason I am counting this as a "new" watch is not because of the dub; the amount of footage added to the home release is STAGGERING. 20 minutes worth of footage was spliced in and gives much needed life to the anemic theatrical cut. I ended up thoroughly enjoying it, and it was the perfect time to sit down and watch it since I am playing Xenoverse on the PS3 at the moment. 6/10
  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    edited June 2015
    I just finished watching the last episode of Inuyasha: The Final Act. It may have come six years too late, and dragged on a bit despite being all plot and no filler like the original series, but I did enjoy the series and the finale. I don't think Inuyasha was ever a most favorite anime of mine, but I was surprised at how nostalgic I felt while watching it. I shouldn't be though; it was an anime I watched throughout high school and freshman year of college. It's left a lasting impression on me, even if I don't consider it a favorite series. I even, for a while, tried to record the entire series onto VHS and bought two of the movies. I have to admit, I wanted to see the finale happen that way for at least a decade. I found it incredibly heart warming :)

    On a related note, I'm amazed that not only were most of the original English VAs able to reprise their roles, they able to get back into them after nine or so years. I initially thought Kagome's actor returned, but sounded rusty. As it turns out, she's voiced by someone new. At least she managed to grow into the role, and Kira Tozer does a decent job of imitating Moneca Stori (if sounding a little bored and out of practice in the beginning of The Final Act.)

    I'm also still watching Kill la Kill on Toonami, and sill quite enjoying how over the top it is.

    I'm going very slowly through the Viz release of Sailor Moon. I just recently watched episode 24, "Naru's Tears: Nephrite Dies for Love." The dub titles could get really cheesy, but at least they didn't spoil the entire episode. :P By the way, Liam O'Brien as Nephrite is a fantastic fit.

    Bravely second...
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  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    edited July 2015
    Still slowly watching the Viz release of Sailor Moon, getting use to new Jupiter. I'm still enjoying Kill la Kill and started watching Michiko and Hatchin. Definitely strikes me as the sort of show that would be more popular in the west than in its country of origin.

    I discovered rather late, now that my Sailor Moon R part 1 blue ray set has been shipped, who the new voices are in this season and in Sailor Moon S. They sure are going out of their way to get relatively new and obscure actors. Among them, though, is recentish favorite Cassandra Lee Morris, who did the voice of Calaveras (aka Avery) of the Spectre Sisters. Will she sound like an evil Edea Lee this time? There is one veteran that I find surprising is voicing Sailor Pluto: Veronica Taylor. That's right, Ash Ketcham and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune is Sailor Pluto. :P

    Also, the Viz dub actors will be reprising their roles in the dub version of Sailor Moon Crystal. I was really hoping they would get at least a few of the old DIC and Cloverway actors for the reboot. Oh well.
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  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited January 2016
    Finished in Spring:
    1. Sailor Moon: Crystal - After so many delays, I was starting to get skeptical about Crystal. Nothing could have prepared me for Crystal. It was one of the worst shows that I have seen in years. I am applaud that anyone would seriously crap out such a low quality product for a milestone anniversary. The sole saving grace was Black Lady and Wiseman in the final few episodes. 2/10
    2. Assassination Classroom - The second half seemed to be overall better-made, and the characters and plot sort of ramped up in quality as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this comical-ish series, and I am happy that a series like this is popular. 7/10
    3. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 2 - Boy, the final fight was pretty meh. I mean, it always has been, but the 90s OVA tried its damnest to make the fight worthwhile. Here, the fight was unbelievably silly-looking. A real shame, since Pet Shop, D'Arby 2, and Vanilla Ice were all fine. I'm just glad Part 3 is over. 6/10
    4. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan - Well, this was certainly cute to watch. Too bad that this is likely the last of the Haruhi franchise that we'll see animated, since season 2/Endless Eight killed it. Overall, though, this wasn't quite what I wanted. The biggest issue was Yuki. Her characterization was essentially her Disappearance persona mashed together with her Haruhi-chan persona; she wasn't the super shy but determined bookworm--she was some moe-blob PSP-addict. I had fun, but I think this was largely unnecessary. 5/10
    5. False Love: - Definitely a SHAFT-ier experience than season 1. However, that was kind of distracting, since the environments were no longer consistent between season 1 and 2. Anyway, Year 2 started, which meant worst girl was introduced. However, overall, it was likely more enjoyable than season 1, so that's a good thing. 5/10
    6. Seraph of the End - Well, the adaptation was pretty straight-and-narrow, and I think the production values were higher than their last major romp with Attack on Titan. I am happy that the studio delivered what I wanted. 6/10
    7. Princes of Song: Serious Love Revolutions - I know this is a guilty-pleasure series, but holy crap it was bad this season. I think the best describer was "lame." This season was way more disjointed than usual, and the characters felt even flatter. Quartet Night came out looking best from this whole mess, but I only really felt like Reiji was thoroughly developed/examined. Also, the ending was a joke. 3/10
    8. Yamada and the Seven Witches - Well, this was a bad adaptation. The material was rushed through at a ludicrous pace. They found a way to squeeze nearly a dozen chapters into just an episode. This actually left some scenes unintelligible without having read the manga. The sole saving grace was the cast, who did incredible work with imitating each other (body-swapping is a corner-stone of the first half). 4/10
    9. I Can't Understand What My Husband Says: 2nd Thread - I think the second season was better. Hopefully a third season will actually result in the birth of the baby. 6/10

    Dropped in Spring:
    1. Food Wars - I dropped after episode 1. I did not like the studio's use of color, and the giggle was overkill. Also, as I expected, I did not like the actor for Souma. I'm just going to stick with the manga for this series.

    Continuing into Summer:
    1. World Trigger - Well, we finished the invasion arc. The pacing was bad but not terrible for the flow of the arc, for the most part. There were some crazy recap sections midway, and the coup d'grace against one of the Neighbors was a straight up parody of DBZ. Mostly confused on what Toei thinks it'll get done in another cour. I guess we'll just stop midway through the tournament. Probably should have ended on the invasion arc.
    2. The Heroic Legend of Arslan - I am really enjoying Arslan as a fantasy series. The cast is enjoyable, and I can see why they attached Arakawa to the revival project. She helps insert some character that I imagine was severely lacking in the more series light novels from the 80s. Sadly, the quality of the animation can be a tad wonky, but everything overall seems to be really working out well.
    3. Baby Steps 2 - I am so happy to have Baby Steps back, and Ei-chan is starting to really make a lot of progress--on and off the court. So glad the OTP actually happened. The next opponent is really interesting: A classic shonen sports protagonist/hero. Should be a great match, as well as what else will come down the line for the second half.
    4. Ace of the Diamond: Season 2 - Yay, Eiji isn't sucking as much! Also, coach-to-be is getting his comeuppance. Overall, season 2 is just more of the same. That said, 4 recap episodes at the beginning was awful.
    5. Circle of Reincarnation - It's everything that I like about Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha with most of the annoyances removed. It's kind of lacking, though, but I am at least enjoying it.
    6. My Love Story!! - I am a tad behind, but I am enjoying the series. Takeo is a great protagonist, and a breath of fresh air in the shojo romance sub-genre. I am curious just where-all this will go, since it did not take long for the couple to form, and they've yet to hit any real roadblock beyond their own awkwardness.
    7. Pokemon XY - I finally caught up with the new series. I largely sat out Best Wishes, for very, very good reasons. I enjoyed what I saw of Diamond & Pearl (I skipped filler episodes). This time, though, I have been watching episode. The content is back on par with D&P, and the whole cast is the best the series has ever had. Satoshi's competency level has returned, and the travelling party each bring something different to the table. This is probably the best the anime has been since the very first season, if not better.

    Premiering in Summer:
    1. Working!!! - I wanted a second season of ServentXService, actually. However, I'll bite. Hopefully something resembling progress occurs. I imagine this is just leaving me wishing for more of the author's more mature (?) series instead.
    2. Charlotte - Part of my Watch All P.A. Works thing. Sounds bad, but who knows. It can't be worse than Glasslip.
    3. Drrrr!!X2 Motion - More of season 2! Yay! At least I have something to be hyped about.
    4. Prison School - This is suppose to be one of the season's highlights. I hope it doesn't disappoint.
    5. Snow White with the Red Hair - This sounds like a potential trainwreck, but there's so little else to choose from that isn't outright crap.
    6. Gangsta - See Prison School.
    7. Overlord - See Snow White.

    From the Backlog:
    1. California Crisis - It was an 80s OVA! In America! It was certainly stylish, and it captured American attitudes more often than not, but there were certainly some moments of Japaneseness slipping through. Also, I was shocked at how all products were their original incarnations. No one can get away with that these days! The plot itself was interesting, but the end drops the ball, literally. 5/10
    2. His and Her Circumstances - Boy, this was certainly directed by Hideaki Anno. The budget mismanagement alone is notably him. Overall, I liked the series, and his direction was most certainly interesting. However, the numerous recap episodes killed the finale; the series just ends with the last 3-4 episode needed to finish the arc up in the air. The last episode is about as not-last-episode as you can possible get, and there will never be a second season. Also, for this work, I watched the dub. It's the early 00s NYC gang, so a lot of familiar actors. Most were meh, but that's what I expect. The highlight was Veronica Taylor as the main character. She was amazing and made the dub. Also, I enjoyed Lisa Ortiz, but her character's role got shafted hard after her plotline was resolved mid-season. The male actors were the weakest of the bunch, even Liam O'Brien. 6/10
  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    It's been a few years since I've seen the His and Her Circumstances anime, but my opinion is quite similar to yours. I'm assuming since you said "will never be a second season" that you know about the manga's artist protests of the anime. I quite like how goofy the show is, but I can understand not liking an adaption of one of your works.
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  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    edited August 2015
    After hearing about it twice in two podcasts I've been listening to this week, I decided to check out the OAV Tokyo Revelation, known in Japan as Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mokushiroku. Tokyo Revelation is actually based on a manga which itself is loosely based on the Megami Tensei video games. After watching this "movie" (it was originally two OAV parts), I would say it's much closer to the original Digital Devil Story novels, in that they are both pulpy and dare I say, kind of trashy. The story is cohesive, but there's violence for the sake of violence, sex and nudity for the sake of sex and nudity, and swearing for the sake of swearing (though that might have been a dub addition). It's quite similar to the many trashy sci-fi/horror anime OAVs from the 80s and 90s. It's certainly a far cry from the more philosophical and intricate stories found in the video games.

    This OAV was first released in 1995 in Japan and brought to the West on subbed and dubbed VHS in 1997 by Manga Entertainment. It definitely has all the hallmarks of an OAV translated by Manga. :P Yeesh, is the dub cheesy and often so awkward, I couldn't help but burst out laughing at times. A number of the actors are pretty well-known, such as Lia Sargent, Steve Blum, and the venerable Wendee Lee, though they all under or over-acted.

    As I said, this almost seems to be an altered adaptation of the original novels, but there are some slight references to the games as well. Some of the demons look much like their video game counterparts, such as Pixie and Gagyson. There is even a sort of instance of demon fusion, though rather than becoming a new demon, the creature looks like a mixture of Gagyson and Ose. This anime is an interesting curiosity, but not something I would recommend. :P Might be a fun show to riff on, though.
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  • flamethrowerflamethrower Member Full Members
    This season I am watching:

    1. Dandelion of Castle Town - Nine siblings have superpowers and compete in a popularity contest called an election to be the next ruler of the town. The story focuses on the 3rd oldest, a girl.
    2. IdolMaster - Story about an idol production agency and its idols, after the games of the same name.
    3. Gate - A gate to another world has opened. It's up the the JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Force, the Japanese military) to find out what's there and protect us Earth people from it if necessary. The story follows Itami, a 2nd Lieutenant. A bunch of magical girls as well as Itami's division follow him around the new world, getting involved in various events.
    4. Charlotte - The student council of a school have superpowers that are terrible. They try to find other kids with similar powers and bring them to their school, ostensibly to protect them from bad people.
    5. Heroes of the Six Flowers - The Saint of Flowers sealed the demon god long ago. However, the demon god revives every so often. When this happens, the (now deceased) saint lends their power to six heroes to seal him again. This time, seven people bearing the mark of that power have appeared and one of them is suspected to be a traitor.
    6. That's a Voice Actor! - A black comedy about what it's like to be a young and inexperienced voice actor. The comedy is played for laughs, so it's not that dark.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited January 2016
    Finished in Summer:
    1. The Heroic Legend of Arslan - Overall, I really enjoyed this series. I am not entirely sure Arakawa's art really improved the series over the original 80s Amano art, but it did at least install a greater sense of whimsical to the cast to help balance things. While the "legend" is still incomplete, the show at least found a good stopping place for now. While taking back the capital would have been nice, this ending did resolve a good chunk of the characters arcs introduced in the beginning. I would like to see a season two, but I am not crossing my fingers due to the various issues at hand (such as the anime having surpassed Arakawa's adaption half-way through, so they were merely interpreting the light novels through Arakawa's lens). 7/10
    2. Baby Steps 2 - I think the second season really surpassed the first. The animation seemed to be tighter with overall less CG background people in matches. The matches themselves were all very different and satisfying, and Ei-chan's progress was great to watch. Even the much desired ship finally sailed! I hope for a season 3. 8/10
    3. Rin-ne: Circle of Reincarnation - As previously mentioned, Rinne is probably the least annoying Rumiko work, but it also is a tad bland because of that. I liked the cast, but I did not necessarily love them. That said, Papa Rinne wins Gendo Ikari of the Year Award. 5/10
    4. My Love Story!! - A really enjoyable romance series that had the romance front-in-center the entire time (either that or the bromance between Takeo and Suna). Everything about it was really enjoyable, especially the main character Takeo. However, I still feel like there was something missing to make it a potential favorite. 7/10
    5. Working!!! - Wow. This kind of blew me away. After two seasons of baby steps in character relationships, I was kind of worried about what season three would bring to the table. It resolved everything. It was amazing. 7/10
    6. Charlotte - Okay, this was a mess. Normally, I like mood whiplashes, but this went well beyond this. This series is nothing but a series of spoilers and shock gags. There are numerous plot holes, and the characters are not really enjoyable. It tried so hard to be something, but, without anything to say, it was nothing more than pretentious. 4/10
    7. Drrrr!!X2 Motion - A huge pick up from the previous third of Season 2. Hijinks and plots are rising, and this section ended on a good cliffhanger. I look forward to the rest next year. 8/10
    8. Snow White with the Red Hair - A really relaxing anime with a pretty solid, though not necessarily that unique/interesting, female main character. It was definitely a slow boil romance, since it almost seemed like the romance was not actually happening. That said, the romantic ending was not sudden in the least. If anything, it made for a much more realistic portrayal of a relationship evolving from friendship to something more. Stylistically, it kind of made me think of the lovechild of Tales of and Atelier. 7/10
    9. Gangsta - Easily the best start of the season, but the ending dropped the ball hard. The characters were all very interesting, and their relationships were fascinating. However, the final episode is easily one the least "final" episodes that I have ever seen. There's a different between a cliffhanger ending and a cliffhanger setting up another episode. It essentially felt like a 13 episode series, but we are never going to get that 13th episode--the studio declaring bankruptcy this week kind of cements this ending as "it" for the anime adaption. I may go read the manga one day, though. I guess, in that regard, it was really just more of a commercial than anything else. Easily one of the biggest disappointments of the year. 6/10
    10. Overlord - The big surprise of the season. It's another "trapped in a MMO" light novel series, but there are some notable changes. First, the main character is no longer in the MMO but in a similar and seemingly real fantasy world. Next, he is possibly the only one from the MMO here; his companions are his guild's NPCs given life. Finally, the MC is playing an Elder Lich, and his personality/humanity is slowly being warped since the undead avatar body became his real body. While still very "anime" in a lot of the character gags, I think it really did a good job of executing everything to make for a highly enjoyable pulp series. I would like to see a season two of this one. 7/10

    Dropped in Summer:
    1. Prison School - I honestly just never watched the first episode since I had a full plate this season thanks to Snow White and Overlord being good. Also, apparently it was hilariously censored.

    Continuing into Fall:
    1. World Trigger - Now, I am a bit of the edge on this one, since it will be an original filler season, since we are essentially caught up the manga at this point. This is made further terrifying since it's still Toei behind the wheel.
    2. Ace of the Diamond: Season 2 - Sawamura is finally starting to taking the starring role. Finally! It only took nearly 90 episodes. Let's see how long he can keep it going as the series enters the final stretch of the fall tournament.
    3. Ushio and Tora - A real old-school battle shonen series with some killer yokai designs. It's a lot of fun to see an early 90s series being brought back to life, and it really has aged well. Ushio is a great kid protagonist, and Tora is the most tsundere/moe tiger-demon. It's also great to know that they have greenlit a full adaption of the manga. I look forward to the rest of the series.

    Premiering in Fall:
    1. Stray Gods 2 - I was happy when they announced another season of Stray Gods. Since the three main characters grew a lot last time, I am curious to see what direction the next season will take.
    2. All Becomes F: The Perfect Insider - A murder mystery series that sounds neat.
    3. A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet - Another murder mystery series. Also, pretty rare to have a high school boy dating a mid-20s woman; I am use to seeing it go the other way.
    4. Young Black Jack - While I admit that I only have a passing knowledge of Black Jack, the prequel series has been getting a lot of hype, so I am curious to see what's the deal.
    5. One Punch Man - I am reading the Murata remake. I am interested to see how well it translates to animation, since there are parts of the manga that are almost already animation quality if you put the pages into gifs. With Madhouse behind the wheel, it will likely have some quality issues here and there, but they are usually very good at delivering the parts that really matter.
    6. Pokemon XY & Z - Like World Trigger 2, it should just pick up the moment XY ends at the end of the month. I have so far really enjoyed the Kalos version of the anime, possibly more so than the actual game. I hope they don't drop the ball in the last half.
    7. Endstory - At last, the final stretch of the -story series! I am excited. Hopefully CommieSubs will be subbing it now and not wait for Blu-ray.
    8. HQ!! Season 2 - Another season of cute volleyball boys. Hurray.
    9. Seraph of the End: Battle of Nagoya - Well, this should be fun as crap hits the fan even hard the longer the series progresses.

    From the Backlog:
    1. The Last: Naruto the Movie - As someone that used to ship Naruto/Hinata a decade ago, I kind of felt like that I should sit down and see the final fruition of that pairing. Overall, the movie had some really interesting things going on, but it was still very weak in terms of villain. Really awesome visuals at time, though. Also, like the movie before it, Sakura was in rare form. Now, I am on the fence if I will watch the Boruto movie when the Blu-ray rips coming out, so this may have been my final goodbye to the overall horrible series that was Naruto. 4/10
    2. Possesstory - Yay, finally! Waiting for the fansubs was worth it. With this, the story has finally begun to entire the final third. As (almost) always, I enjoyed it a lot. Good timing, since the next TV series has started up for this season. 8/10
    3. Pokemon XY - Easily the high of the anime thus far. It is still plagued by several of the issues seen since day one, but a notable change has occurred. The series is now fairly stunning visually, and the fight choreography and animation has shot through the roof. Gone are the speed-line backgrounds of yesteryear. Also, Best Wishes seems to no longer be "canon" in terms of character development, as Satoshi/Ash is back to how he was at the end of Diamond & Pearl in terms of characterization. Also, design-wise, everyone looks really solid, and this is easily the best traveling party thus assembled. The show has finally become consistently entertaining for the first time since the first quarter of the Original Series--it is clearly the logical evolution of the series demonstrated in Advance Generation and Diamond & Pearl. Too bad Best Wishes had to derail things for a couple of years. Hopefully the production steam doesn't lose steam for the second part of Kalos. 6/10
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    Despite my DVD backlog (and my admittedly strange reluctance to watch streaming anime), I find myself watching anime only on Toonami these days.

    Akane ga Kill! is a good time waster It's a mood-whiplasy series that can't seem to decide if it wants to be a goofy and sometimes fanservicey or a gory action show. Normally, I don't mind, and sometimes even like Mood Whiplash, but Akane ga Kill doesn't know how to balance it. I just watch it since it starts before Michiko & Hatchin and it's one of those shows I tell myself "I'd watch it if it were on TV, but not go out of my way to get it."

    Going back to Michiko & Hatchin, I do like how different this show is compared to a lot other anime series. It's gritty and fairly realistic for an animated series (this could easily be a live action show) with a rather pessimistic view of humanity. The setting is very interesting as well, taking place in a fictional South American country, mostly based off Brazil, but adding in other Latin countries as well (many locations in Diamandra could easily pass for the more rural areas of Honduras). I find it odd how most characters have Japanese first names and Spanish/Portuguese last names. I really like the dynamic of the characters, too. Also of interesting, Michiko is voiced by Monica Rial, who usually does younger girls and soft-voiced teenagers. A sassy, Spicy Latina like Michiko is very much playing against type for her, but her voice and performance for the characters is great.

    Parasyte just started. Definitely interesting, though it's too soon for me to form any real opinion on it.
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    Since the second part of Sailor Moon R arrived in the mail, I finally got around to finishing the first season of the new Sailor Moon dub. Despite knowing these episodes so well, I was still moved by episode 34
    "The Shining Silver Crystal: The Moon Princess Appears"/"A Crystal Clear Destiny" as well as the last two of the season. It might just be the nostalgia talking, but I still find these episodes powerful, even if they didn't move me nearly as much as they did when I was a child.

    Actually, what the nostalgia is saying is that while the script is faithful and much better than DIC's work, I do prefer the cheesy 90s-tastic songs in the English dub. "My Only Love" was way more moving and powerful than whatever played in episode 34 and the same goes for "Carry On" compared to the full version of "Moonlight Densetsu" in the last episode. I'm sure this is blasphemy, but I also believe that Terri Hawkes is the definitive Sailor Moon, even more so than Kotono Mitsuishi, so meh.

    Hearing Johnny Yong Bosch as Artemis is still so weird. >.< It certainly fits, but I just never equated the sometimes goofy white cat with Bosch.

    But yeah, this version was almost everything I wanted in an uncut, remastered, redubbed version of my most beloved series form my girlhood, and quite possibly the most important anime/TV show/animated work I have ever seen. I do still wish Viz has rounded up the old DIC actors, or at least got Terri Hawkes to reprise her role, but what's done is done. This is still a fantastic job on such an iconic series, and Viz and the actors should all proud. I will start Sailor Moon R as soon as I am able.
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    Finished in Fall:
    1. Ushio and Tora - I really loved the older-school aspects of the series, and the overall adaptation seems to be all around solid. I have heard through the grapevine that some arcs were skipped over, but the overall flow has been consistent, and both leads were pretty great. I look forward to the conclusion later this year with season 2. 8/10
    2. Stray Gods 2 - Overall, I would say this was a much stronger season than before, and the cast continued to be just as good as last time, and they all grew some more. I hope we will get a season 3, since the ending was a solid cliffhanger. 7/10
    3. All Becomes F: The Perfect Insider - A pretty good whodunit, but it was still pretty obtuse. To be fair, the "detectives" were a computer science professor and one of his students, so this wasn't their forte. The initial solution that most fans had was pretty on the ball, but the final twist was pretty wacky. Overall, good, but I don't understand why this was animated. It's so normal, so seems like it would have worked as well as a live action series. 6/10
    4. A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet - A more traditional mystery series for anime--a lot of over-the-top visuals and weekly mysteries instead of one pervasive murder to solve. The single issue of the show is that it would likely have been better as a two-cour series; the first season ends at what is essentially the real beginning of the plot. The cliffhanger only leaves me hoping they decide to do a season 2 sometime. 7/10
    5. Young Black Jack - I liked how much the turmoil of 1969 (on an international scale) was used from arc to arc. There were a ton of nice references to other Tezuka works, but most of them went over my head while watching since I have not read/seen Tezuka's oeuvre. The ending was all around solid, but I admit getting there was wonky at times. I also had the strangest issue of having a hard time remember that I was watching this every Friday morning. I guess it is fair to say that it wasn't exactly my favorite show of the season, but I still don't think poorly of it. 6/10
    6. One Punch Man - The pacing was quite intense, but it did ultimately end exactly where I figured it would. I enjoyed it like most people, but I was by no means as hyped for it as most viewers. I think Madhouse did an excellent job animating the action, though it felt a little rougher-around-the-edges towards the end, as the more traditional short-cut techniques started to show up. I would like a second season, but not anytime soon due to limited content for the Murata version, which this was based on. 7/10
    8. Finalstoryin the home stretch now for the -Story series! Finalstory helped fill in a lot of the gaps in the Season 2 narratives, and it was nice to be back with Araragi as sole narrator. The focus on series "villain" Ougi was great, and new character for the first two arcs was certainly an interested addition to the cast. The last story arc was probably the weakest, but it does set up the high speed collision that I am expecting for the next chronological entry. First up though will be the prequel movies and side story specials. Looks like the series will end towards the end of this year or mid-2017. 8/10
    9. Seraph of the End: Battle of Nagoya - The series really skipped almost all of the lighter moments of the manga in order to really amp up the angst. That said, some material was sporadically added, mostly in the terms of fanservice. Up front, a lot of T&A was put forth, likely as a preemptive apology for the homoeroticism of the second half. Seriously, some really suggestive shots in the penultimate episodes. The ending itself actually surpassed the manga, though the most recent chapter seems to confirm that the anime team was given a heads up, so the anime ending was really more of a preview than a deviation. That said, this obviously means no more seasons for a long time. 6/10
    10. Working!!! Lord of the Takanashi - The hour-long finale of Working was a great was to wrap up and end a series that had once been kind of lacking due to the strangling effects of status quo. While not enough to make a fan of the series as a whole, the ending was nevertheless quite satisfying. Now to hope for another season of Servant X Service, the follow-up work by the same mangaka. 7/10

    Continuing into Winter:
    1. Ace of the Diamond: Season 2 - The show is still going, with the finals for the fall tournament now beginning. Would be cool to see if the team can actually get to Nations this time. Won't cross my fingers, though.
    2. World Trigger - "Season 2" never really happened--it has just been continuously "season 1" the whole time. So far, the filler arc has been okay. That said, given how slow the manga has moved lately (because of frequently health breaks), I am worried that a second filler arc will be needed as this one comes to a head in a few episodes. The opening does imply that we will be returning to the core plot afterwards, though, since the next teams in the tournament are foreshadowed.
    3. Pokemon XY & Z - So far, Z has been more of the same, despite some of the promises made by the action-packed opening. This by no means a bad thing, since XY was the best part of the anime thus far--all of the writer quality of Sinnoh laced with surprisingly high production qualities. That said, series fatigue is starting to set in for Kalos, so I hope more focus towards the Zygarde plot will start to build up to keep things from getting stale.
    4. HQ!! Season 2 - Not really much to say. I have not been disappointed, as it has been just more of season 1--cute high school boys playing surprisingly high-level volleyball. So far, the focus has been on a well-done training arc, since the team was in need of evolution. Now a new tournament has begun, so hopefully the effort will pay off.

    Premiering in Winter:
    1. Assassination Classroom 2
    2. ERASED: The Town Where Only I am Missing
    3. The Double-Suicide of Traditional Storytellers in the Showa Era
    4. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
    5. HaruChika: Haruta and Chika Bloom
    6. Snow White with the Red Hair Second Season
    7. Drrr!!x2 Conclusion
    8. Active Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit

    From the Backlog:
    1. Together, We are Pretty Cure - After two years on the back burner, my roommate and I finally finished season 1. My opinions on the series are a tad colored due to the hilariously low quality version on Crunchyroll/FUNi--likely ripped from VHS. As always, Toei strikes again; I have read before that Toei tends to protect its properties from reverse-importation by giving FUNimation the worst possible masters they can muster (since VHS/DVD is significantly cheaper in NA than Japan--unless we are talking about Aniplex [screw Aniplex, I am not paying $150 for Madoka]). Speaking of Toei, the reused animation was really offensive, especially that piss-poor transformation, which, even when abridged, was really too long. I still liked the heroines and several of the recurring villains, but the monster-of-the-week format started to drag, quick. Also, the Field of Light mascot characters were all insufferable. 4/10
    2. Space Pirate Captain Harlock - Speaking of Toei, I turned back the clock and check out another classic 70s series, this time of the Leiji Matsumoto verse. Overall, I enjoyed Harlock a lot, but there were a lot of continuity issues and character inconsistencies. Thankfully, all villains are hilariously incompetent in the Leiji Star Systems, because Harlock and the Arcadian crew were never not outnumbered. Also, for being the crew's musician/captain's lover/ship drunk, Miine was the most OP thing around. I still don't think she was ever even trying, but she seemed to possess the ability to absorb lasers, fence in a full gown, snipe with a handgun, and see through all enemy traps (not that anyone ever listened). Harlock himself was no slouch, but he really enjoyed triggering as many obvious traps as possible, even though he seemed to know what was going to happen each time. I can see why the series is a classic, but I will admit that it wasn't a "love it" series for me. 6/10
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    Michiko & Hatchin ended on Toonami a few weeks back. It's kind of a bittersweet ending, though considering the show's bleak look on humanity, it fits. It's a pretty good show overall, and I'm still surprised this setting and subject matter became an anime.

    Parasyte: The Maxim has become one of my most favorite series that I'm currently watching. The pacing is quite good, with something important happening in just about every episode. The story is excellent and I really like the dynamic between Shinichi and the parasite Migi. I don't know why it took about 20 years for the manga to be adapted, but I'm glad they not only did so, but seem to have done an excellent job making it into an anime.

    I finished up Spice & Wolf by watching seasons 2. I figured they wouldn't make it to Yoitsu, but it really end anticlimactically. I suppose that's something I would have to read the novels for? Ah well, I still really enjoy the dynamic and interaction between Lawrence and Holo.

    I also watched the first several episodes of The Devil is a Part-Timer, which I am really enjoying, maybe as much as Parasyte. It is just so genuinely funny, including jokes, physical humor and sight gags. Serious credits needs to go to those who wrote the localized script. The story and characters are pretty good as well, and much of the humor comes from how the characters interact and bounce off of each other. One thing I have to note though: no one is that enthusiastic about working at a fast food joint. The heck, Satan?

    Edit - I finished The Devil us a Part-Timer...and I want more, darn it! I know it's based on a light novel series, though I doubt that has an official release. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and my only complaints are the pacing in the beginning and the short length. And heck, if it were 24-26 instead of 13, that former complaint wouldn't be so bad. It barely take any time at all for the Ente Islans to get used to life in contemporary life. It's a fun and unique take on the "magical characters get transported to the 'real world'" story. I especially like how Maou's character development is handled.
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    Finished in Winter:
    1. Ace of the Diamond: Season 2 - They did it! They didn't lose in a prefecture final! Time for nationa--no, wait, series is over. Well, maybe next time; a third season seems likely down the road given the success of the franchise in terms of manga sales. As for the series itself, I feel like Season 2 was a tad weaker in execution than the first season. It's still overall okay, but it felt more lacking in terms of direction and pacing. Furthermore, there's only so long that I can take the series for continually crapping on the main character despite his constant growth, while his main rival feels more plateau'd. I will say this: It will be weird going without this franchise as party of my weekly watch. Since Season 1 led straight into Season 2, I technically watched this all unfold over the course of 2.5 years (as the post-credits card reminded me). 5/10
    2. HQ!! Season 2 - Wow! The climax for this season was extremely strong. The final match as a whole was excellent, but the last three minutes of the penultimate episode are worth looking at regardless of interest in the series. It has all the hype a nail biting final round should have, and it kept within the realm of realism while using animation for stylization (as oppose to the more ludicrous approaches of fellow WSJ series Prince of Tennis or Kuroko's Basketball). Season 3 has been confirmed, so I look forward to that. Also, side note, with this and the above finished now, I don't have a new sports series for the upcoming season. Well, time to crack open my Big Windup! DVDs. 7/10
    3. ERASED: The Town Where Only I am Missing - This ended up becoming the mash hit overseas for simulcast views, which is a nice change of pace from the usual action/ecchi series that tends to get top billing. ERASED is a murder mystery thriller with a light dashing of supernatural (the protagonist can mentally time-travel for unexplained reasons). Sadly, the whodoneit is not as strong, since it doesn't take much deductive reasoning to figure out who the killer likely is. That said, the moment the reveal happens is still quite terrifying. Sadly, the series then sort of falls apart. The last two episodes are nowhere near as good, leading to a disappointing ending. That said, the series has its moments, so I would say it is worth watching. 7/10
    4. The Double-Suicide of Traditional Storytellers in the Showa Era - Studio DEEN is imfamous within the anime community for being the worst studio (Toei is the most morally bankruptcy/lazy studio; they can produce good quality work every blue moon when motived to do so, but are primarily producing slock for merchanidise sales). Well, Studio DEEN looks to be treating 2016 as their rebirth year, since their first work of this year is a very strong period piece drama. The first season is a frame strong telling the origins of the most popular traditional storyteller of the final days of Japan's Showa Era. The story is focused on the trials and tribulations and personal lives of two pupils coming into their own as storytellers in WWII and the post-war years, when Japan's entertainment options exploded, leaving traditional cutlural phenomons at a stiff competition with foreign imports. The my attempt of translating the title may show, this story within a story is not at all a happy one. From the begining, tragedy is promised, but the story exists to show the errors of the past so that progress may be reached in the present. The second season will resume the story of the "present" day cast (still in the late 70s or early/mid 80s). I look forward to a continuation of the plot. 6/10
    5. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - Lately, trapped in an MMO has become an increasingly popular subgenre. Grimgar may be a part of that subgenre. However, if all people transferred to a fantasy world suffer from selective amnesia, is the fantasy world a legitimate fantasy world or is it still just a game? Well, good news, Grimgar doesn't have time for answers, because food is not free. The series ignores the ramifications of the casts's pasts and origins to focus on the very real present: survival in a fantasy world. Without any disernable skills, the characters ban together to learn fantasy warfare and begin hunting locals goblins and the likes for loot. The strong point of the series is its watercolor visuals for backgrounds, as well as the execution of the premise by taking an MMO and treating the setting as reality and all the ramifications that holds. There is no real overarching plot, just daily life. Sadly, there is a weakness to this series: pacing and OST. There are a tone of weird insert songs (almost one per episode) that are just normal J-Pop tunes; they completely clash with everything else, and they are by no means short. This kind of leads into the series other problem: it can be very slow at times. While often to its benefit as a more relaxed series, there are times where this can be a tad detrimental, especially at the end. See, this adaptation is covering two volumes of an independent light novel series. Episodes 1-9 cover Volume 1, and Episodes 10-12 cover Volume 2. Thus, the final episodes are a completely different pacing, and this leads to a slightly messy finish. That said, I found this series sort of reminiscent to .hack//SIGN (albeit it without the waxing philosphical). I actually hope to see more in the future. 5/10
    6. HaruChika: Haruta and Chika Bloom - Sometimes, it is not the best idea to blindly mix together everything you like into one item. For example, some people like peanutbutter banana sandwiches, but even they would become a tad trepid if said sandwhich was then served after being dipped in au jus, like the chef forgot which sandwhich he was making and switched to French dip at the last second). HaruChika is a mystery series set in high school. However, the teen sleuths are not part of some mystery or literatre club. They are members of the brass band. See, this series is also a music series, allegedly. But wait, there is more! Haru (male) and Chika (female) are also in an unrequited love-triangle with their music teacher. Oh, and so there is no confusion, both kids want the conductor's baton (if you catch my drift). Okay, an anime featuring a gay lead not for laughs and not part of the BL subgenre is kind of refreshing, but that's the exent of that. Haru is just an insufferable knowitall jackass; he plays the Holmes to Chika's hyperactive but clueless Wattson. The mysteries themselves are not terrible, but the way they are solved always involves such ridiculous knowledge on the behalf of 16-17 year old Haru and occasionally the music teacher. For individuals absorbed in music study, I find it odd that either individual has time to be well versed in a wide array of unrelated trivial information. There is a term called the competency zone within fiction, and Haru is nowhere near it for what his character history and interests would imply. Really, it feels like the author wanted to combine the last few Kyoto Animation series into one type of story, and it just doesn't work, at all. 4/10
    7. Snow White with the Red Hair Second Season - The second series contines right where the first left off. As the romance between the leads has become reciprical, the next direction is to strength that bond so it can withstand the storm that lies on the horizon. Shirayuki is a commoner, and Zen is a prince; can their love transcend class hierarchy? Unfortunately, the middle of the season kind of derails a bit to focus on something almost unrelated. Two words: pirate arc. That said, the payoff is fairly meaningful, and it does lead to an elevation of Shirayuki's rank, giving the couple hope for the future that can might be able to build, together. As always, the strength of the series is the cast of characters, who are all strongly written for the otherwise hackneyed plot that they find themselves in. I want to say that I wish to see more, but this season ended with a "Fin" card, so I doubt more of the manga will be adapted. 7/10
    8. Drrr!!x2 Conclusion - And so the curtains falls. After so many years between season 1 and the staggered-release of season 2, I admit that I am still kind of surprised that Drrr!! was allowed to be fully adapted. The final stretch was a complete pile up of plot lines, some of which came out of left field. When the dust settled, life went on. In that way, the ending is kind of disappointing, but most characters came out of this mess better off as people even if their lot in life may not have been revolutionized. I still enjoyed it all, but I understand the series's problems. The final seasons throws so much at the viewer that confusion is to be expected, especially in how some characters get sudden boosts in importance and/or competency. Also, this final stretch fully introduces a new character who is a major antagonist. While an enjoyable villain, she has to share the stage with eternal asshole Izaya, so she felt more tacked on than she should have been. Really, I feel like it could have simmered a tad longer than come to a full boil as it did. While I know a sequel series is currently being published, I highly doubt it will get an adaption, but I have clearly been wrong before. 8/10

    Dropped in Winter:
    1. Active Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit - I barely made it through the first episode. Based on the first episode, I have to assume that the series is a self-parody. If not, then I actually don't know what I saw. The pacing was too high energy, and the wackiness of the police unit was too much. I think this series is best viewed as a So Bad It's Good, but I just did not have the time or will to watch it.

    Continuing into Spring:
    1. Pokemon XY & Z - After a slightly weak start, XY & Z has begun to pick up some steam. The Zygard plot has begun to get more focus, and the inbetween episodes tend to be more quest-relevant (such as more episodes focused on Serena's performances). Still, nothing has really separated it from XY in terms of pacing or focus, so I am still kind of a lot of the need to split the series like this.
    2. Assassination Classroom 2 - After nearly pulling off the main assassination at the end of season 1, season 2 opens with the cast now comfortable in their situation. Thus, the second seasons has been focused on deeper character growth, as the cast now much answer the deeper questions of their largely purposes in life. The finale of the half-way point gave some nice focus on two of the main "villains" and likely has cleared up any lingering school drama so that the last half can focus on the initial goal: assassinating Koro-sensei.

    Premiering in Winter:
    1. The Lost Village
    2. Girl Meets Bear
    3. My Hero Academia
    4. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
    5. Rinne Season 2
    6. Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto
    7. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
    8. Ushio and Tora Season 2

    From the Backlog:
    1. World Trigger - After a year and a half on air, World Trigger's anime has come to an end, just right before starting the current arc in the manga. While I kind of wish it could continue, there is just not enough material, and the filler arc was not satisfying enough to see this series turn into something like Bleach or Naruto in terms of filler. The anime production team has openly expressed intentions to continue the anime at a later date, calling this just the conclusion of Phase 1. As for the show itself, it did a decent job in adapting the series material. Given how large the cast is, color and voice helped reinforce the characters in my memory. Sadly, this was most assuredly a Toei production. While not plagued with the ludicrous terribleness of Sailor Moon Crystal or Dragon Ball Super, World Trigger is still notably low-quality. Pacing can occasionally be just half a manga chapter at times, and the action is very stiff. Recaps are often very long at the start of an episode, and then they end with a "humorous" recap of the very episode that just finished. I have seen worst Toei shows, but I have also seen much better. At the end of the day, I can only recommend the manga. 4/10
    2. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - I finally picked back up DP since the final twenty or so episodes had been subbed. Overall, I consider DP one of the strong points of the franchise. Really, ignoring the existence of Best Wishes, the Pokemon anime has largely been a process of continual improvement. The Original Series (Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto) set up the series standards in expectations of Ash as a character and how episodic/plot episodes are "balanced." Advanced Generation helped improve pacing a bit more (especially after the Johto slog) by giving the other travel partners (notably May) their own quest to complete tangential to Ash's. Diamond and Pearl took this one step forward by fully integrating the actual plot of the corresponding game series, and it also started to give a lot of focus to rival characters. While still filled with filler, Diamond and Pearl helped cut a lot of fat from the formula and present a much stronger show. Sadly, it comes down the production values that hold the show back. DP stills looks like AG and late OG. The art is flat, digital art trying to replicate the soul of the OG's hand-drawn cells. Fights have limited choreography, and speedlines are king. While certainly better than its predecessors, DP is most certainly still just the Pokemon anime, for all that carries. 5/10
    3. Pokemon the Movie XY: The Archdjinni of Rings - Hoopa - Another year, another Pokemon movie. The Hoopa film is, like the last few films, pretty much standard quality for the series. The hype around the film is the cameo of nearly every box legendary in one epic brawl, but that really was only a part of the film. The story is about Hoopa learning to control his obscene powers, though it boils down into a simple good vs. evil morality play. Though, that's really just to be expected for Pokemon. Thankfully, this is another movie where Ash is not the messiah, just a kid that got dragged into crap while on his own adventure. Thus, the real make or break point is Hoopa. Simply put, Hoopa is annoying. If not for the high-stakes chaotic lunacy of the finale, I would probably consider this the weakest movie in the franchise in years. 4/10
  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    edited April 2016
    Parastye has ended it's run on Toonami. While it has a few flaws, I still think it's a fantastic series. The animators did an excellent job setting it in the contemporary era despite its original late 80s early 90s setting.

    I started watching Dimension W. It's interesting thus far, but also seems a bit aimless. I heard that the characters don't really develop, which is a shame. I'll stick with it for the time being, though.

    I also started up the oddly named Bodacious Space Pirates, though I've only watched the first three episodes. It kind of reminds me of Stellvia. Which reminds me; I really need to finished watching that anime...

    Oh yeah, and Akame Ga Kill! Ended some time ago. It's an anime that seems to try to do and say more than it does. Woo. The fights are fun, at least.

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  • maryadaviesmaryadavies She Shoots For The Stars Somewhere east of Atlanta, GAModerators
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    BTW, for those that don't know, there is a second season of SM Crystal, check CR for it.

    Also, keep in mind it's pretty much a updated version of the manga, animated, so any pacing issues are the manga-ka's fault. But I think they did a lot better; no heavy use of the CGI brush for one.

    I've just loved it..sorry I haven't said anything guys.
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  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    Finished in Spring:
    1. The Lost Village - This work was widely hailed as the best comedy of the season. Unfortunately, this was not actually a comedy; it is a horror drama. Yes, it screwed up that badly. The cast was too large and under-used, everyone was an insufferable idiot, and the plot was just godawful with a really lame resolution. Hell, the moral of the story itself was just sort of flaccid. Pretty much the only saving grace was the art style, and even that wasn't exactly stand out, just not terrible. 3/10
    2. Girl Meets Bear - Machi is a shrine maiden middle school student in the boonies who wants to go to the city for high school. Unfortunately, she is effectively a Luddite, and she has a crippling country girl complex on top of her natural shyness. Thus, it is up to her best friend, the talking bear that she lives with, to train her on the ways of the world, since Natsu the bear is actually fairly worldly and tech savvy. From there should have been a cutesy slice of life. Instead, it features a lot of bullying and harassment until she breaks and gives up on advancing herself as a person, a ploy developed by those around her to selfishly sacrifice her for the village's needs. The show is a tad... cruel. Overall, though, I was not really impressed. 5/10
    3. My Hero Academia - I am reading the manga week to week, so I wanted to see the jump to anime. However, Bones did not deliver. This adaption does not steer off track, but it might have found the most boring way possible to cover the beginning of the story. I am not sure that I will watch season two when it comes out. 5/10
    4. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless - The second slice of life series that I watched this season followed the daily trials and tribulations of a boy who is beyond lazy. He spends every day trying to be as listless as possible. And that's it. While by no means a one-trick pony gag in execution, it is still a fairly nothing show. 5/10
    5. Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto - Speaking of one-trick pony premises, Sakamoto's entire shtick is that he is ungodly cool/stylish (to the point that the most popular internet theory is that he is Bayonetta's child--he certainly looks like it). That said, the show shines due to the love given to the whole cast, and Sakamoto is actually a very charismatic lead. The gags themselves are not exactly the most obvious jokes to make. The only flaw was that the very rare usage of CG models came off as a terrible joke, but the show was otherwise a strong comedy adapted by Studio Deen, who seem to be aiming to make this year a comeback from behind (easy, since Toei is only becoming more lazy/corrupt). 8/10
    6. Ushio and Tora Season 2 - Ushio and Tora really just needed a total of 52 episiodes, not 39. The pacing of season 2 starts off a tad jumbled, and it becomes quickly apparent that some earlier story arcs were skipped over in season 1. The actually final fight against Hakumen was quite good, but I wanted something of more consistent quality like the first season. 6/10
    7. Assassination Classroom 2 - Overall, I enjoyed Assassination Classroom, and I am happy that it got a full adaption. Here, cutting out some story arcs did not affect the whole package. The final episode was a tad campy, but the cast was treated fairly well. Also, I was happy that the quality was consistent through both seasons. 7/10

    Continuing into Summer:
    1. Pokemon XY & Z - The main focus of the most recent sets of Pokemon episodes has been on exploring and mastering Ash Gredinja (a pseudo-Mega Evolution that has been dubbed by fans as Syncro-Evolution, since Gredinja resembles Ash, and the two share a mental link [including pain]). Most recently, Ash has acquired all of his badges, so the next leg should focus on the league. I assume the Zygarde plot will show up during or after that. Obviously, the show has quite enough time to spend before wrapping things up for the arrival of Gen VII in November.
    7. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - I read this part of the manga years ago with a terrible translation called Duwang. Words cannot describe the sheer terribleness of that translation. As such, I was not a fan of Part 4, even though I liked the premise. Thankfully, the anime is helping me to appreciate the story and cast that everyone loves. I hope pacing will keep up for the rest, since it will be a photo-finish to adapt all of Part 4 into 39 episodes.
    5. Rinne Season 2 - So far, season 2 has been a bit of a let down. The series keeps throwing in more and more characters while shelving everyone except the main couple and the talking cat. Essentially, it has begun to show some of the same issues that plagued Ranma 1/2 and (presumably--haven't read/seen it) Urusei Yatsura. While the violent love-hate aspect is not present in the main couple, it is clear that Rumiko does not stray too far from her money-printing formula.

    Premiering in Summer:
    1. 91 Days
    2. The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance
    3. The High School Life of a Fudanashi
    4. Orange
    5. Mob Psycho 100
    6. sweetness & lightning
    7. Taboo Tattoo
    8. Days
    9. Battery
    10. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
    11. Tales of Zestiria The X

    From the Backlog:
    1. Belladonna of Sadness - Review in process. 8/10
    2. Lupin III Part 4 - Review in process. 7/10
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    Finished in Summer:
    1. Rinne Season 2 - Season two improved a bit as time went on. The rest of the cast were allowed screentime again, and two new enemies/friendemies joined the cast as well. Still, tons of cat shilling. 5/10
    2. 91 Days - I have no idea why this was made. It barely counts as "an anime," which is by no means a bad thing. It is fairly cliched, but only by standards of crime cinema. It's a mafia revenge story set during Prohibition in the town of Lawless, which is somewhere near Chicago. After watching his family murdered by the local crime family, Angelo escapes and crows up empty and longing for revenge. A fateful letter names his enemies, and he joins up with his family's killers to get close to them and kill them one by one. Ironically, he becomes close friends with one of his targets, and his life spirals out from there as everyone around him dies in the chaos that he sows. 7/10
    3. The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance - Yay, more Arslan! Unexpectedly, Arslan's father frees himself, and thus Arslan is semi-banished by his cruel father for having led the army in his stead. While off with his retains to rally more men for his dad, Arslan comes to realize that he has to stand against his father. The series ends with all of the various forces heading to battle at the seized capital. Really, this is just an interlude, and I hope it is a promise of more to come. 7/10
    4. The High School Life of a Fudanashi - A series of shorts following the life a straight high school boy who is obsessed with Boys Love. That's pretty much it. Also, made on a shoe-string budget, and ultimately goes nowhere. The gags are occasionally flat. 4/10
    5. Mob Psycho 100 - A strong contender for the best of the year. It is an adaption of the webcomic by ONE, author of One Punch Man. While the earlier work, I think Mob Psycho 100 might be better. The anime is brilliantly adapted, with a lot of fluid animation and nice visual direction. Highly recommended. 8/10
    6. sweetness & lightning - A cute series about a single dad and his preschool daughter. After his wife died, the young teacher/father has not quite grasped the fine art of cooking. When he stumbles on the semi-abandoned restauranted owned by one his student's family, she suggests the two of them learn to cook together (she has a long-standing fear of knives, hampering her cooking asperations). With recipes made by her never-at-home mother (a celebrity chef), the two embark on a culinary journey, and sensei grows as a father. 7/10
    7. Battery - An adaptation of an award winning children's novel from the 90s. It was largely boring, and the characters do not remotely look their ages. Also, it was more of a drama than a sports series or even sports drama. Also, this was one of the gayest series of the season, and this season was not very heterosexual all around. I don't mean that badly; it's just there, lingering in every innuendo-laden line of dialogue. I have no idea why this happened, or why this won awards in the 90s. 4/10
    8. Tales of Zestiria The X - Now, I want to say that I have not played ToZ yet, so this is my first time with the plot and characters. Based on online discusions, the anime appears to be adapting a little more loosely, trying to iron out the issues of the plot in the game (read: Rose). Also, mid-way of the series are two episodes that cover the opening events of Tales of Berseria as an overblown commercial for the game just as it came out in Japan. Naturally, with only effectively eleven episodes, not a ton got covered, but a second cour has been confirmed for next year. I kind of hope this leads to an adaptation of ToB eventually, since those characters seemed way better. 6/10 (Episode 0 Special) 5/10 (TV series).
    9. Bananya - A series of shorts about cats the hide in bananas. It was apparently crowd-funded for some new dolls. It's surprisingly cute, especially since I hate cats and bananas. It is completely meaningless and possibly animated with Flash, but it serves it's purpose of being cute. 5/10
    10. Cheer Boys - The actual sports series that I watched this series after originally giving it a pass. After quitting the judo team, two college boys form a male cheer squad. Over the next year and a half, they grow as a team and as individuals, and they eventually make it to Nations. Hurray! Not necessarily adventurous, but cheerleading is a pretty different sport to cover, especially for men. Also, I was happy to have a cast of post-high schools, even if it is just college. Sadly, the animation was relatively poor. 6/10
    11. The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War - A four episode interlude to set up the next saga of the series: The resurrection of the Ten Commandments (elite demons). I enjoy this series, so it was nice to have it back again. Also, they confirmed more to come, so hurray. 6/10

    Continuing into Fall:
    1. Pokemon XY & Z - Yay, another Pokemon League! And Ash lost! Again! That's not even a spoiler, it's presumed. That said, he made it to the finals this time, and he actually almost won. Of course, now this means the Team Flare plot has kicked off in full force. Sadly, the only really dedicated sub group is a tad behind, so it may take a while to get everything finished up in time--I imagine that they will switch to starting Sun and Moon when it begins in Nov, while wrapping up XY & Z subs when they can.
    2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - The overall quality of the show has become a tad wonky lately (notably during the Yoshikage Kira Wants a Quiet Life two parter). That said, it's been fun, though this is easily the least structured JoJo part (well, maybe--I have heard that Part 8 is barely coherent in pacing and structure). Again, still a lot of material left for what feels like so little time, but the show has started to tackle the Stand Users generated by Papa Kira, so the homestretch is here.
    3. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - While technically a shorts series, it is actually a short per weekday, and it is then compiled into a full episode on Sun. So far, I am really enjoying the series. Saiki Kusou is a near-omnipotent psychic in high school who tries to live a low-key life, but everyone around him is nuts, ruining his peace of mind. Definitely recommended as a gag series.

    Dropped in Summer:
    1. Orange - The atmosphere of the show was just not right. It felt like it was trying to be a live-action series, and it just made all of the characters seem really uncanny. Also, I did not care at all for the cast within the first three episodes, and it's a drama. I bailed.
    2. Taboo Tattoo - It's discount bin fate stay/Night. The main villain is literally a recolor of Rin Tohsaka. It didn't even seem like it would be So Bad It's Good, so I didn't move past episode 1.
    3. Days - While I don't necessarily hate cliches, this show is just a failure as a sports series. It is so by the books and generic. I didn't make it past episode 2.

    Premiering in Summer:
    1. Princes of Song Series Love Legend Star
    2. WWW.Working!!
    3. Wild Swords Dance -Hanamura-
    4. March Comes in Like a Lion
    5. Miss Bernard Said
    6. Kiss Him, Not Me!
    7. Drifters
    8. HQ!!: Karasuno High VS Shiratorizawa High School
    9. All Out!!
    10. Poco's Udon World
    11. ClassicaLoid

    From the Backlog:
    1. Scarstory: Iron-blooded Chapter - Finally, the prequel book of the -Story series is being adapted! As three movies, which means it will take forever to see them (waiting until Blu-ray release). Now, the first film covers Araragi's encounter with Kiss-shot and his transformation into a vampire. The way Shaft decided to convey this was as a French film. The cinematography is actually insane for this and completely out of the normal tone of the TV series. Probably the biggest disappointment since Impostory. 6/10
  • StormJayneStormJayne SingaporeFull Members
    My list for 2017~

    Tsuredere Children - If you want to laugh hard watch this~
    Bocu No Hero Academia - pretty good super hero anime
    Boruto Next Generations - you guys be the judge
    Konosuba - ^ laugh till you drop

    i forgot my list ftw.. to be continued~
  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    I’m always bad about remembering the non-gaming portion of the forums, but there have been a couple of gaming related anime I’ve been watching lately that might be of interest to others.
    New Game! is about an all-female game development company making RPGs. The writer of the original manga it’s based on spent a few years working at Tri-Ace so the storylines feel fairly realistic. It’s not a documentary by any means, but it deals with crunch time and the interactions between the different departments (art, programming, bug testing, etc.) making games. A fun, cute show, though there is a touch more fan service in season 1 than I’d like. Thankfully it was dialed back in season 2 (also it’s a crime that season 2 wasn’t named New Game +; when that title is there, how do you not take it?).

    The other one is currently airing: Recovery of an MMO Junkie. This stars a 30 year old woman who quits her job that she hates to play an MMO. This show has been fascinating; an exploration of IRL versus online identity; of social awkwardness and the freedom that the internet can give to those sorts of people. I’m not an MMO player, but this show really gets across what the social draw of those games are. I can’t recommend this show highly enough; it’s become appointment viewing for me.
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