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Review - Lost Sphear

Though Tokyo RPG Factory's first offering was a competent game in its own right, it didn't quite hit all of its notes. Does the studio's sophomore effort do a better job on delivering a quality throwback experience?

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  • MacstormMacstorm Ysy St. Administrators
    I see hard listed as the challenge, was that on normal difficulty?
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  • LordGolbezLordGolbez Member Full Members
    I don't know which one.
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  • Pascal TekaiaPascal Tekaia RPGamer Staff
    Macstorm wrote: »
    I see hard listed as the challenge, was that on normal difficulty?

    Playing on normal, many of the boss fights were a pretty considerable challenge. The ones that fight dirty (literally, throwing around status ailments like it's going out of style) can be quite a handful. Several had me tied up for a day or more of trying repeatedly.
  • riulynriulyn Member Full Members
    I'm glad this was a solid effort. I might actually pick it up later.

    I didn't really have any issues with I am Setsuna's visual and musical aesthetic. It was the story and characters that were not engaging enough and thus everything fell flat. A vibrant world with more rousing music can distract from some of the story and characters issues, while you have to be much more careful to give players motivation to care about the world or its characters if you are going to make the world look bleak.
  • oldmanbaloldmanbal Full Members
    no one likes status ailments :(
  • LordGolbezLordGolbez Member Full Members
    It's nice to see them used though. It's also nice when they're useful to inflict, which is rare. They're either too unlikely to take effect so that it's not worth the risk of trying or add such minimal effect that it doesn't matter. The only time status effects in most games would matter is in longer battles (i.e. boss fights) and all too often bosses are immune.
    The Tea and Biscuits Brigade offers you tea and biscuits.
  • SlayerSlayer Member Full Members
    Thank you for your detailed review.
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