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Episode 65: Sidetracked by the Riddler - Q&A Quest

WheelsWheels RPGamer StaffRPGamer Staff
This week in Q&A Quest we go through everything from Tokyo Game Factory to the Alliance Alive. We also discuss Lego Batman for some reason.

Episode 65: Sidetracked by the Riddler - Q&A Quest
Ask Wheels- This Week's Episode


  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    How do you feel about the “unwinnable battle” mechanic? Where the game puts you in a story battle that you can’t win, but you’re not sure if you can or not. Some games make it more apparent than others.
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    edited March 2018
    Which of the two are you more excited for, scarlet graces switch(for conversation sake a us release too) or octopath traveler?

    If for some weird reason you were in a situation where you were forced to get a gaming related tattoo, what would you choose?
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    Monster hunter will be the best selling rpg of the year. I would say true or false, but it’s looking like a lock now. If you think anything else has a chance, what would it be?

    Do you think Capcom would have loved a day one release on pc to go along with console versions, or do you think they see another huge release this fall as a staggered benefit to give the title legs.
  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    There was a request for Commodore 64 questions and thoughts... ... all my earliest gaming memories are on a Commodore 64. I was probably 3 or 4 and I remember sitting on brown shag carpet in the living room and playing lots of Space Invaders (or a clone, not sure if there was an official version for C64). My dad had the magnetic cassette adapter for it as well as some programming books, so at some point I remember trying to copy video game programs out of the books, record them on tapes, play them back into the RAM and hope there wasn't a single typo that would ruin it; fun times :)

    Right, you do questions on this show. Are there any RPGs on the C64 worth revisiting?
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