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RPGCast - Episode 456: "A Very Special e-PAWS-sode"

Chris PrivitereChris Privitere Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
RPGCast - Episode 456: "A Very Special e-PAWS-sode"

Anna Marie hosts this week's Cat Fancy, as the cast tries to figure out if touching girls is OK (we discover it isn't OK to touch underage girls in several countries, as one upcoming title gets refused ratings). Games come out, games get delayed, games change their name, and Josh really hopes an anime game doesn't suck for once. Chris' addiction to Monster Hunter continues unabated, and since it's getting a big update, it's probably not going to end any time soon. Don't forget to leave us an answer to our question of the week!

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Question of the Week:
Have you ever bought a game you were ashamed of?


  • LordGolbezLordGolbez Member Full Members
    edited March 2018
    A game that I'm ashamed of buying? You mean like Legend of Dragoon or something? Because I have games like that, but if you mean games like that Omega whatever, no. I won't touch games like that. Sure, there are some games with questionable scenes, that maybe it feels shameful when playing those scenes, but not such that I'm ashamed about the game on a whole or ashamed of buying it. Even the Persona games, which are some of my favorite, have some scenes I could do without, but for the most part they keep fan-service type stuff to a minimum, which I appreciate. Only games I'm ashamed of buying is because they were terrible and a waste of money. Somehow this even includes Legend of Dragoon, which I bought digitally on my PS3 for probably no more than a few bucks. At that price I figured it couldn't hurt to see how bad it was, but yeah, it was as bad as people said.
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  • Anna Marie PrivitereAnna Marie Privitere Purr RPGamer Staff
    Doesn't have to be naughty in nature. Just something you look back and are like "Ugh, I bought that?"
  • Kelley RyanKelley Ryan KansasRPGamer Staff
    I'm ashamed that I bought 2 of the Argarest War games because I tried to tell myself I liked them.
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  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    I tend to shy away from those games (or get them assigned to me), but... Conception II.
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  • PowerlordPowerlord Spy, gentlemen! Full Members
    edited March 2018
    Front page has the wrong title for the MP3 link. 'Episode 456: "That's Not How Time Travel Works"' which has the correct number but the title from last week's episode.
  • Anna Marie PrivitereAnna Marie Privitere Purr RPGamer Staff
    Thanks, fixed!
  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    edited March 2018
    There are at least two types of Mother 3 fans. One type acts insufferable at Nintendo press conferences.

    The other type labored for years to make an English Mother 3 fan translation, and pleaded for gamers to financially support the Mother series however they could in the fan translation's start-up screen.

    There are at least two types of Undertale fans. One type is notorious for obnoxious behavior.

    The other type creates all sorts of entertaining webcomics, fan-stories, or original YouTube videos for the public to enjoy, or donates money to charity at gaming events featuring Undertale.

    In both cases, the bad reputation of toxic fans tarnishes everything good about the fandom, and this is why we can't have nice things.

    QOTW: 3DS Kemco RPGs. They're the JRPG equivalent of junk food. The best thing I can say about them is that, as 3DS games, any and all microtransactions from their original incarnations as mobile games have been surgically removed.

    I feel even more ashamed when I don't wait for a 3DS Kemco RPG to go on sale for half price before I buy it.
  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    edited March 2018
    QOTW: I'm ashamed of buying 3DS Kemco RPGs, the JRPG equivalent of junk food, and I'm even more ashamed when I don't wait for them to go on sale for half price first. At least their 3DS incarnations don't have microtransactions like the original mobile versions sometimes do.

    Justice Chronicles and Unlucky Mage were guilty pleasures... like JRPG Twinkies. Chronus Arc was as bad as the RPGamer review says it is. Grinsia was a mediocre drudge, but at least it stopped crashing after it got patched.
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