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Deep Look - Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Scott WachterScott Wachter Dread News EditorRPGamer Staff
As sequels try to differentiate themselves from their predecessors, there are a number of ways games try to stand out. Not nearly enough them add piracy as a spice.

way better than going steampunk


  • UltraKev9UltraKev9 Demi-Plane of Semi HemispheresFull Members
    I really wanted to enjoy Pillars. I really did. Something akin to Baldur's Gate. It started off so fun. Then the more the game wore on the more I turned down the difficulty due to the same awful and stupid AI that BG and BG2 had. The more I spent what seemed like far too long trudging through a dungeon only to come out with a couple items that weren't any better than the ones I found twenty hours ago. Twenty hours before that the items most of the party members started with were nearly as good.

    Then I found a few leveling items. Those were cool and there was some interesting challenge behind getting them more powerful. And then they quickly caused 90% of the rest of the same type of item in the game to be completely useless.

    Hours spent getting another semi-useless character level. Oh, +5 to a resist? Wow, thanks. I didn't think it was necessarily going to be easy but I still finished the game and swore I'd never go through it again. Maybe it was the degree in astrophysics one needed to determine which items were 0.03% better than the stuff you were already wearing. Yes, before you ask, in the expansion I used alchemy/item creation/enhancement to break already broken boring weapons that I'd been carrying for fifty hours. At some point I realized that the weapon damage was similar to what Destiny did. All weapons do nearly the same damage over the same amount of time just some are better at dealing damage against particular defense types. Thanks, guys. Makes it real easy to focus on a weapon type when you just realized half your party can't even ding some enemy. Let's all switch to something different due to the resistances! Oh, we can't hit the broad side of a planet. Whoopie.

    Needless to say, at the end I even felt sort of betrayed by this enormous lack of finality in the story. Whelp, guess we sort of did some stuff, eh? Let's all go our separate ways and never speak to each other again while we all fall in to serious quasi-suicidal depression. You don't need to make everything in the game hyper-grey.

    I think I'm going to pass on the new game.
  • scorpio_7scorpio_7 Tactics Ogre, I choose u! Full Members
    I had the same experience - tried many times to like it and play through it - but always got bored and moved on.
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  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    I enjoyed it enough, but started to get burnt out towards the end. I think I skipped almost all the content in the city in the mountains.
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