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The 2018 Completed Games List



  • IzlimakIzlimak New Member Full Members
    edited May 2018
    Magic Orbz - PS3

    The game plays much like a breakout clone, except the environments are in 3D. I really enjoyed the game initially, however, the more I played, the more frustrated I got. My frustration was mainly due the the curved paddle at the bottom. There was many a time when the ball would come at an angle, I would line up the hit, the ball would just sheer the edge (even though, to me, it looked like it should have hit the edge) and cause a death. There are a nice variety of power ups. Sound effects are good, music is ok.
    Magic Orbz only has two worlds, one a pirate world and another, a medieval world. The base game is very short and at $14.95, it’s way overpriced. I would suggest waiting for a massive discount. There are three DLC worlds, priced at $4.55, but I don’t currently have those and might wait until they are on sale before picking those up.

    Score: 6/10
  • OmbresOmbres Games horder Full Members
    Xenoraid (switch)

    that was a fun little space shooter :)
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  • Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing Editor RPGamer Staff
    Psychedelia of the Black Butterfly (Vita), around ten hours. It got a bit more interesting at the end, though how it handles character routes is a bit odd and not really sure I can bothered with the newly unlocked (good) ones. Ended up fairly satisfying but the whole amnesia thing really blunted the characters for me, and it didn't bother to answer any of the actual questions about the manor itself.
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  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    Warriors All-Stars (PS4) - 100% Platinum Trophy

    One of the easier Warriors games to Platinum, this game was one of the weaker titles in the series to me, which wasn't helped by the subpar story, the Rush Musou ability, and the large amounts of unnecessarily flashy cinematic whenever you used a special attack. Rush Musou covered the screen in bonus enemies and would cull enemy generals (whom you wanted on the screen during this mode), and ally teammates would also cover part of the screen, making it somewhat of a headache to use, not to mention time goes by normally during this so you can screw yourself depending on when you activate this mode.

    The story was faction based, with your character determining who your faction was. Large amount of them, but the majority of them were usable across all factions, and you had to reobtain them whenever you did a New Game Plus (continuing from Clear data), meaning quite a lot of missions were repeats. The story is mostly told through some key story battles that you need certain characters to unlock. Depending on which stages you choose and some of your decisions in story talks afterwards determine the battles and which one of the 15 endings you get to some degree.

    Unfortunately due to the nature of this game being its factions requiring certain units, the vast majority of them do not really add much to the story in any real manner, and the game could have gone out without a lot of them. My last playthrough in fact, I skipped all of the units besides the required ones and cleared the game in under an hour and a half, missing out on none of the story. If you managed to get on the path to the True Ending, all of the characters will join you anyway, so a lot of the stages felt unneeded. It possibly would have been a better idea to have characters unlock automatically as you go through the story rather than through doing specific stages.

    Overall, it's a decent entry into the Warriors franchise, but not one I suggest anybody go out of their way to get, especially when there are better titles in the franchise out there.
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  • OmbresOmbres Games horder Full Members
    Wonder Boy - The dragon's trap (switch)

    a nice reskin of an old good game!
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  • Sam WachterSam Wachter RPGamer Staff
    Collar x Malice (PSVita) -- Really enjoyed this otome game and the story definitely had me guessing. Wish it had been better edited at times though. Totally team Enomoto -- he's just so crazy!
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Metal Max Xeno (Vita)

    Again, I'm glad I won't be doing the official site review for this one. Perhaps someone with less attachment to the series will enjoy it more, but to me it fell flat on its face more often than not.
  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War (Switch) - Long overdue to finally finish this up. The patch a few weeks back did fix the bug with the play clock. Need to go back and see if the patch also fixed the bugs I ran into in MS2 and write up the review. Think MS3 was my favorite of the three; the story has a bit more personality and there are some good tough battles toward the end. Very solid SRPG set on the Switch.
  • Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX (Vita, 4 hours) - I enjoyed this, but I totally casualled out at the end.
  • IzlimakIzlimak New Member Full Members
    edited June 2018
    Azkend 2 - PSVITA

    A variation of the match 3 puzzle game with a throw away story. Perfect game to play during breaks or lunches at work. The main campaign is not very long. Stage medals and a time trial can be played after the main game.

    Score: 5/10
  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time (PS4) - Ding-dong, the witch is dead. This game has an incredible amount of wasted potential. Unfortunately, it seems they spent the money on an excellent recreation of the look of the anime and bringing along the Japanese voice cast for full voice acting and didn't have enough money left to make a fun game. Fortunately, I've already played Hundred Knight 2 so I know what a really bad game looks like. Review to come.
  • West of Loathing (Switch, 7 hours) - Loved this game so much.
  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    Dark Souls: Remastered (PS4) - 100% Platinum Trophy

    A nice trek through the start of the Dark Souls saga, though its age shows quite a bit. There's no resetting of stats, bonfires are pretty scarce, and there is no warping until the halfway point of the game. Not to mention how easy it is to 'break' the game into your favor. Pyromancy does not have stat requirements but does damage based on the Pyromancy Flame itself, certain armor sets and shields can trivialize how much damage you take and what can damage you, and certain spells, rings, and arrows can turn certain difficult spots into easy areas. However, it still has certain areas that are the bane of the player's existence, namely the final ones. Overall a good remastering of a classic.
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  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    Pokémon Ultra Sun (3DS) - Finally got around to clearing this to pick up two of the five 'mon I need for a living Pokédex.

    Not a fan of the forced motion right before the ultra-tricky fight that I *will* cheese when I go for Ultra Moon.
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  • IzlimakIzlimak New Member Full Members
    Advent Rising - PC

    - High production
    - Sound and Music
    - Combat (Can dual wield any guns(including rocket launchers)) however, **see con**
    - World building
    - Interesting powers
    - Has cheats if you just want to plow through the game

    - In game bugs
    - Game crashes
    - Story
    - Ending
    - ** Most times the enemies keep re-spawning until you get to the objective/checkpoint
    - Objectives/checkpoints are not marked and can be bugged or not clear

    I would like to recommend this game, but I can’t due to the amount of bugs and crashes. I still had fun nonetheless.

    Score: 4/10
  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (Vita, 4 hours) - Not a bad little Castlevania game.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4) - 29 hours

    I don't have too much to say. I did enjoy the game, but I am not good at 2D hyper fighters like this. The story mode was interesting but horrendously executed. I think Yamcha was my best character.
  • Sam WachterSam Wachter RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2018
    Okage: Shadow King (PS2 via PS4) -- After two #JRPGJuly events, I finally beat this game and I LOVED it. For me it was a slow burn of an experience, but it just made me so happy. Took me about 30ish hours to complete. I am going to write more in the Backloggin' column. :)
  • Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception (Vita, 9 hours) - I might have skipped some dialogue (Vegh'd it) along the way. Not ALL the dialogue, but some. That said, the last half was really good.
  • OmbresOmbres Games horder Full Members
    Final Fantasy (Nes)

    Done it with a red mage, a white mage and 2 black mages, that was a lot harder than I remember!
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  • 7thCircle7thCircle Proofer of the Realm RPGamer Staff
    Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4) - It's just a port of the original. Supposedly the music and graphics are better, but I didn't notice. After a slow, linear start, it's an arcade-style brawler in a fantasy world where you replay stages in a random order for loot, gold, and experience. My brother and I played it on PS3 in 2013, and he wanted to play it again on the PS4. He doesn't like replaying content, so the whole format of the game doesn't appeal to him, but now that he's done I'll keep playing the harder difficulties without him.
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  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

    A very good reinventing of the Mario formula. Enough fun and secrets to keep you playing for quite a while, and IMO the best Mario game since Super Mario 64. I most likely won't be 100%ing this simply because more than a few of these power moons are ridiculous to get, but it's nice that there are 999 of them (which means it takes a while to 100%).
    "Yes, because apparently blindly jumping headfirst into a firefight without a grasp on the situation or any combat experience is a sign of genius these days."
  • redwing42redwing42 Just Monika Full Members
    On vacation, which means mostly Hearthstone, but I did take a couple hours to breeze through The Legend of Zelda (NES via 3DS). Still a great game.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    .hack//G.U. Vol. 4//Reconnection (PS4 via .hack//G.U. Last Recode) - Platinum Trophy; 3 hours)

    Okay, I will fully admit that I cheated but using the dash boots to just run through the dungeons, ignoring the monsters. In my defense, I was level 150 already, so there was no point to continue battling basic monsters. Overall, a pretty meh ending, but I suppose that's to be expected since I was never on the Ovan train. I appreciate the fact that the collection included some new content, but I would have liked to see something a little more involving, especially since the third volume dumped so many post-game characters but provided little to do with them other than the grueling Forest of Pain dungeon. It was also pretty fun to see the subtle changes in the voice acting/direction for the cast that came back to reprise their roles a decade later. I felt like Atoli's actress showed huge improvements while Erin Fitzgerald could no longer quite hit the same voices that she did back then (though I am not surprised, since her Alkaid voice sounds pretty rough, so a more ambiguous Teep from Tales of Xillia is an acceptable compromise). Here's to a new Phase 3 of .hack, if they so choose. I cannot imagine many would be too upset that Link etc were tossed into the void.
  • redwing42redwing42 Just Monika Full Members
    Liberation Maiden (3DS) Quick little Panzer Dragoon type game that I picked up on sale a few years ago and never played. It was fine, though I had to contort my left hand uncomfortably to play it.
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Just rolled the credits for West of Loathing (Steam) with most of the major accomplishments, well, accomplished.
  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    edited June 2018
    Kara no Shoujo: The Second Episode (PC). Got the True End and most of the other bad endings as well.

    Its been awhile since I played the first Kara no Shoujo, but I ended up giving this one a try because I just really needed a Visual Novel to play and this was the first promising one I came across on the PC. My memories of the first game are pretty fond, I remember the art being gorgeous for the time and much of the subject matter is rarely if ever tackled in games. There was some really gruesome and unique ideas in the first that added quite a bit of shock value, and while it may not have been the the most superb writing, the striking imagery and truly bizarre happenings really captured my interest.

    KnS2, unfortunately, just didn't hit those same high notes for me, even though it satisfied the base criteria I was looking for. There were a lot of issues in this one, but I think the most poignant of them is how easy it was to guess the majority of the mysteries presented throughout. Typically in Murder Mysteries like these I tend not to be overly analytical because I enjoy the surprise, but I felt as if the clues given to the player were well enough in advance that the climax of discovering the solutions was quite weak and unrewarding. There's also the fact that there is quite a few slice of life segments in the game that are used to build up the central plot in one big web of interconnectivity. While this wasn't bad by any means, there were too many sections where the game reinforces things like Yukiko's personality on the player, and the number of perspective shifts could have been reduced or altered so that there was simply more excitement to go around for this large cast of characters. Speaking of Yukiko, she is the other major source of frustration I have regarding the game's story.
    As the titular character, there are references made comparing her to both Toko and Satsuki, who are both extremely prominent female heroines. You spend a lot of time with her incredibly dull personality, all the while thinking the game's ultimate revelation is going to surround her. However, you essentially find that she is mentally ill with little explanation on that front. Her interest in Katsuragi Shin's work is barely touched upon, and the player isn't even really sure whether she inherited her mental health problems from Saya, illegal medicines, or even Rokushiki, all of which are large plot points that kind of get glossed over.
    I would have liked to have more plot focus surrounding the fascinating religion behind Hinna-Sama and the idea of the "Dolls", and of course Toko as well. Though I'm relatively satisfied with what happened with her, there could certainly be more build up and intrigue than there was.

    There were things I liked a lot about KnS2, such as the handling of its central themes and the soundtrack. The story as a whole was enjoyable to read and very coherent even if it played things a little too safe. The perspective shifts towards the villainous characters were well done and fairly intense and the pacing wasn't too bad apart from the prologue, which pretty much needed to happen in order to have the story be acceptable without having read the other previous two games in the series. Overall was an okay read, I just wish it was as unique and memorable as the original KnS.
  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins (PS4) - That sure was an anime tie-in game. Super low-budget. An interesting battle system that the developers don't do anything with. Full Japanese VA cast so that helped carry the game along. The first half of the game covers season IV of the anime and the second half seemed to wrap up the overall story. Mostly enjoyed my time with it (there was a bit of grinding at the end b/c Sousuke wasn't properly setup for a final one-on-one fight) and glad that I know where the story finishes up.

    Oh, localization: the SE Asian releases have come quite a way in just a few years. It really seemed to be on-par with games destined for the western market (there certainly wasn't any random Japanese text in the game... looking at you NISA) and the dialog matched the characters from the show well. If I read the credits right, it was one translator and one editor so they did a great job. Some of the combat quips were... precious but all the important text was spot on.
  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Yakuza 6 (PS4) - Yep, going to be tough for anything to top that for my personal RPG of the year (though Moss may still be ahead in my personal GOY). I thought the improvements to the engine, while overdue, really improved the gameplay experience. While the smaller scope was a downer in some instances (I missed a few of the silly minigames from previous iterations) it allowed them to concentrate on getting the important parts right. The combat, even with fewer options, was excellent. Also, I think the story was better served by having a tighter focus on Kiryu as opposed to being spread across multiple characters. Fantastic game with an amazing ending.
  • redwing42redwing42 Just Monika Full Members
    edited June 2018
    Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) Really enjoyed this one, though I did stop a couple trophies short of the Platinum. Gameplay was solid and had enough tools to change things up on occassion. The setting was pretty amazing, though. The world they created and the way they were able to realize that world was something rarely accomplished in video games. I would love to spend hours more just learning about the world and its story.
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