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Personal top ten

edited February 2003 in Role Playing Games
The endless topic... new generation; have you changed your mind lately?

1) Chrono Trigger
2) Xenogears
3) -Tie- Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX
4) Final Fantasy VI
5) Chrono Cross
6) Seiken Densetsu 3
7) Final Fantasy X
8) Final Fantasy VIII
9) Secret of Mana
10) Final Fantasy IV

Amazing... all Squaresoft games.


  • BoomerangBoomerang Member Full Members
    edited June 2002
    Sure, I'll bite, but it really is impossible to take my ten favorite games and say "I like this one better than these nine." But I guess it's worth a try.

    1.) Final Fantasy VI

    2.) Wild ARMs

    3.) FF IV

    4.) Chrono Trigger

    5.) Lufia and the Fortress of Doom

    6.) Xenogears

    7.) FF V

    8.) Destiny of an Emperor

    9.) Lufia 2

    10.) Seiken Densetsu III

    I know that I've committed some horrible gaffe and forgotten a bunch of games....that list could be rearranged in almost anyway, I'm only sure about the top 3 there.

    There are so many that deserve to be on that list and are interchangeable, like Chronicles of the Radia War(most sophisticated NES RPG ever made), Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, etc. Oh well wow.gif
  • LocrianLocrian Member Full Members
    edited June 2002
    My *CURRENT* top ten is easy (though all time favorite is nearly impossible):

    1.Bushido Blade 1&2
    2.Tactics Ogre (GBA)
    3.Castlevania: SOTN
    4.Final Fantasy Tactics
    5.Dragon Warrior VII (I bought it and am enjoying it&#33wink.gif
    6.Vagrant Story
    7.Ogre Battle 64
    8.Saga Fronteir 2
    9.Legend of Mana
    10.'Bring me back' (an rpg a friend of mine wrote a recently that has an addicting skill system and awesome musical score by himself)
  • Options
    edited June 2002
    Here I go:

    1. Xenogears (It's like Evangelion and I LOVE Evangelion)
    2. Final Fantasy VI (It's the best Final Fantasy. Nuf' said)
    3. Chrono Cross (It's just cool)
    4. Seiken Densetsu 3 (It's cool too)
    5. Front Mission 3 (So what if its a Strategy/RPG game)
    6. Parasite Eve (Different, very different)
    7. Castlevania: SotN (The ultimate Castlevania game)
    8. Final Fantasy Tactics (More strategy)
    9. Final Fantasy VII (Yum.)
    10. Legend of Legaia (Cool Battle System)
  • eeeradicatoreeeradicator Member Full Members
    edited June 2002
    I don't think there are ten that I'd really call favorite, but I'll try to throw them up as they come. Actually, what I've realized as I type this is that these are the games I still play, so I have to rate them up there:

    1. Destiny of an Emperor
    2. Dragon Warrior 3
    3. Xenogears
    4. Dragon Warrior 2
    5. Crystalis
    6. Thousand Arms
    7. Final Fantasy Tactics
    8. Breath of Fire 2
    9. Symphony of the Night, though I don't really count it as an RPG.
    10. Hmmmmm, ummmmm, Ultima: Quest of the Avatar. That'll do.
  • GalfordGalford Member Full Members
    edited June 2002
    Final Fantasy IV
    Megaman Battle Network
    Castlevania: SoTn
    Breath of Fire III
    Legend of Legaia
    Golden Sun
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Chrono Trigger
    Breath of Fire IV
    Final Fantasy VII
  • AlienaAliena Member Full Members
    edited June 2002
    I don't even know if I have ten games to fill all ten slots! Let's see...

    1. Vagrant Story
    2. FF8
    3. Chrono Cross
    4. Suikoden I
    5. FF6
    6. FF7
    7. Legend of Dragoon
    8. Parasite Eve
    9. FF9
    10. -- I guess, Star Ocean 2

    I need to play more. I didn't really care for Star Ocean 2. But I don't remember really playing anything else, so by default...(I'm a pretty new gamer)
  • Options
    edited June 2002
    Panzer Dragoon Saga
    Secret of Mana
    Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Tactics Ogre
    Legend of Mana
    Final Fantasy 6
    Final Fantasy 7
    Dragon Quest 3 Remix
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    CastleVania: Symphony of the Night

    These weren't in any particular order... Except the PDS.
  • AcathalaAcathala Member Full Members
    edited June 2002
    1 FF7
    2 Suikoden 2
    3 BOF 3
    4 FF9
    5 FF8
    6 BOF 4
    7 FF6
    8 Secret Of Mana
    9 Zelda 3
    10 Vandal Hearts 2
  • Dias Flac Superhero? Madman?Dias Flac Superhero? Madman? Member Full Members
    edited June 2002
    Top 10 eh? Hell, this is gonna be tough ...

    10. Breath of Fire II - This game is my favorite of the Breath of Fire series. It had it all ... the best characters ever assembled, town building, great graphics for its day, good story, good music, and alternate endings. Sadly the only thing it lacked was a good translation.

    9. Star Ocean The Second Story - Probably my favorite action battle system on a console RPG to date ... this game has class. A great assembly of characters, item creation, altering relationships among the characters which could lead to alternate endings, a great music track, and a hell of a story to boot. Once again the only thing holding this game back is it's lousy translation.

    8. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction - I've been a fan of Ultima Online for quite some time ... but even that game didn't have the kick that Diablo II had. Diablo sports one of the best stories I've seen in a PC RPG since Starcraft. It also has a nice variety of character classes each with their own advantages over the other ... and best of all BattleNet doesn't cost no damn $10 a month to keep playing!!

    7. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals - The prequel to the underdog game "Lufia & The Fortress of Doom". If you played that game then sure you know what happens to Maxim and Selan, so why bother playing the prequel? Because it has an outstanding story, superb characters, excellent musical score, tricky puzzles, and is the best non-Squaresoft RPG to hit the Super Nintendo. Although the outcome is clear, the story leading up to it is well worth anyone's time.

    6. Final Fantasy X - ... totally blew me away. I quickly found out that this game was not just eye-candy even though the visuals are stunning beyond imagine. The Sphere Grid system is very innovate, allowing you to almost completely manage the growth of your characters instead of relying on set stats of the common level up system. Plus I found every single character to be likeable and they had a very nice chemistry with one another. Sure there may have been some lip-sync problems but I hardly paid any attention to it. The only real problem with this game is that it'll spoil you rotten with its mindblowing visuals, score, and story ... oh and the fact that it's way too easy ... a problem plaguing the Final Fantasy series.

    5. Secret of Mana - When I first rented this game, I didn't want to return it. So I didn't ... for about six weeks! So after paying the whopping fine and scraping together my change, I went out and bought the game ... probably the best $75.99 I ever spent. (that was back in the day when Nintendo and Sega still controlled the entire console gaming industry and thus could charge whatever they wanted.)
    It was different than any other game I had played at the time. It was a little bit of Zelda but with RPG elements like the attack meter and stronger story. At the end I found myself going back and forth through the Mana Fortress trying to gather all the hidden level 9 weapons. What a rush!

    4. Final Fantasy VII - Final Fantasy had hit the big time with advertising and going 3D on the Playstation. It seems Sony gave Squaresoft a lot more freedom than Nintendo did. Some say too much, but in the words of Squall I say "...Whatever". Yes it did have a lot of swearing, violence, and sexual references, but it seemed to bring out the reality of that world where you find that it doesn't entirely differ from our own. Of course we don't have giant monsters called Weapons sleeping dormant underneath the planet ... OR DO WE??

    3. Xenogears - They should've put a lable on the jewel case saying "CAUTION: Highly Addictive". Once you pick up the controller and hit the power, you don't ever want to stop. This has to be one of the most fantastic stories ever to grace an RPG. It's got love, betrayal, humor, tragedy, vengeance, friendship, sorrow, and most importantly BIG ROBOTS! This game would be #1 on my list except for the teeny tiny problem ... okay, BIG ASS PROBLEM with Disk 2 which is mostly text. I found that to be a humongous disappointment ... it was as if they ran out of time and quickly rushed the remaining events into text format in Disk 2 ... kinda like what they did with Chrono Cross' ending. Plus it seemed like someone lost the anime sequence clips halfway through the story. Huh, go figure. But if you haven't played it then I still highly recommend it.

    2. Chrono Trigger - The greats at work. The best RPG company combined with the best music composers and the best anime artist form the outstanding, almighty Chrono Trigger! The game was pure genius all together. Unforgettable characters, catchy tunes (too catchy if you ask me ... I had Frog's theme song stuck in my head for over 6 months&#33wink.gif, great graphics, a rivetting storyline, and we can't forget "Game +" and the multiple endings it spawned forth. In my opinion this was Akira Toriyama's best character designs ever - better than Dragonball, better than Dr Slump, better than all the Dragon Quest/Warrior games put together. They had style, the had pizzaz! Alas they didn't get Toriyama-sama to flex his muscle on Chrono Cross ... rather, they got some other anime artist who designed very STUPID looking crap characters (Except for Kid and Harle) that all looked like they needed a bath. But anyway, I love this game!

    1. Final Fantasy VI - My favorite of the Final Fantasy series. Hands down. This will probably stay #1 forever. I found everything in it satisfying to my RPG needs. Strong personality-filled characters, an unbelievable story, and ... wow I think I used most of these words already. Oh well, this game wins hands down for everything especially musical score and villan! ^_^
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    edited June 2002
    Who whoooo, this one is a doozy...where to begin...

    10 : Secret of Mana...God this game was FUN! The story was great, the battle system was great, the graphics were great, and this game riveted me for HOURS!! Plus it was a three player game!! That was cool.

    9 : Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2.... The fact that Square STILL hasn't released this game, despite numerous pleas, is heart wrenching. I never would have thought Square could beat Secret of Mana, but they did. Tweak the battle system, make the game 10x harder, and a kick ass story to boot. Especially after playing Legend of Mana, this game REALLY shines.

    8 : FFX...What can I say. Almost unrivaled storytelling. This game was like playing a good book. Great character development, amazing visuals, unmatched by any of the next gen rpgs, but still doesn't compare to the older ones.

    7 : Fire Emblem 4 ... Geneology of the Holy War ... My God this game took away WEEKS of my life. It took me three days of fustrating come close loses to Yurius and his Loputous spell, with Yuria and the Narga spell, until finally defeated. This game was EPIC!!

    6 : Fire Emblem 5 ....... Thracia 776... The other side of Fire Emblem 4, Cuan's son Leif, and his journey to help Sigurd's son, Selis. Great side story, and more of that great fire emblem, fustrating but fufilling gameplay.

    5 : Suikoden ...... I've actually just started playing this game, and it has me engrossed, especially with the epic cast, and it's tale of destiny and war. This game is amazing.

    4 : Legend of Dragoon ... I'm probably going to get lots of cries of disgust and dismay for even mentioning this game, especially in a top ten list, but this game was engaging to me, despite the bad localization. Even though, for a three year job, the game was decidedly unpolished, it kept me engrossed with the characters, and the whole addition system was what made this game so fun to play. I personally liked the story, and lets face it, when your characters turned into Dragoons, and used their Dragoon magic and Dragoon additions, It was just cool.

    3 : Chrono Trigger ... Great Cast, Amazing graphics, touching musical score, and Akira Toriyama. What doesn't this game have going for it....Story...Amazing....Battle System...Almost unequaled...Almost perfection. Chrono Cross, however good it was, was not a worthy sequel to this masterpiece.

    2 : Xenogears... Great cast, amazing graphics...crap I'm repeating myself. This game was epic, exactly how I like em. You didn't fight some villain, oh no, you fought GOD!! Don't screw around with this game. This game was great.

    1 : And the number one rpg is...Final Fantasy : Mystic Quest..
    LMAO...Sorry, couldn't say that with a straight face.

    But really... Final Fantasy 6/3 in US...The greatest rpg of all time, in my opinion. Squares crowning achievement, and even though ff 7 came close, it can't take the crown, and the proceeding final fantasies, except X, have gotten weaker and weaker. Final Fantasy 6 is what every rpg should aspire to be...Unforgettable Story which kept me playing right to the end, great graphics for it's time, amazing gameplay, engaging magic and battle system, you name it, FF6 has it. Hands down, the all time great.
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    edited June 2002
    1. Chrono Trigger
    2. Zelda: ALTTP
    3. Final Fantasy Tactics
    4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    5. Lufia II
    6. Secret of Mana
    7. Final Fantasy IV
    8. Final Fantasy VI
    9. Grandia II
    10. Tactics Ogre
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    edited August 2002
    My Top 5!! ( These are the only games I like) :D

    1. Parasite Eve 2
    2. Parasite Eve
    3. Die Hard with a Vengence
    4. Oddworld
    5. MTV's Music Generator
  • MetacodMetacod Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    These are not in any particular order, except for FF7 being #1. I don't have that much time to play RPGs, so I probably haven't played enough really good ones to fill all ten slots. Anyway...

    1. FF7

    2. Xenogears

    3. Chrono Trigger

    4. FF6

    5. Lunar:SSSC

    6. FF10... even though I only played through the first third since I just rented it and borrowed a PS2.

    7. Can't think of any others!

    8. " "

    9. " "

    10. " "

    And here's my least favorite RPG:
    10*10^9999999999: Chrono Cross
  • FF_Freak_4_LifeFF_Freak_4_Life Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    Oh, Damn! Do you know how tough this is?

    1.Final Fantasy IV
    2.Final Fantasy VII
    3.Final Fantasy VI
    4.Star Ocean: The Second Story
    5.Skies Of Arcadia
    7.Record Of Lodoss War
    8.Parasite Eve
    9.Super Mario RPG
    10.Chrono Trigger

    Ok, all I did was take my favorite RPGs, and I randomly numbered them! I cannot choose which ones I like most, bu If I had to, it would be between the ones above.
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    edited August 2002
    Don't hold me to this list....

    1. ?Xenogears
    2. ?Chrono Trigger
    3. ?Final Fantasy Tactics
    4. ?Skies of Arcadia
    5. ?Final Fantasy VI
    6. ?Suikoden
    7. ?Tales of Phantasia
    8. ?Vagrant Story
    9. ?Dragon Warrior VII
    10. ?A TIE: ?Breath of Fire III - Secret of Mana

    Probably forgot something. ?Eh.

    - Lyniad
  • Darth_yogiDarth_yogi Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    having to choose between shenmue 2 and ffvii for the number one spot would give me severe trauma.. so i wont..
    and ive been awake for almost two days.. so its gettin kinda hard to think right now..
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    edited August 2002
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Lyniad @ Aug. 19 2002,04:32)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"Don't hold me to this list....

    1. ?Xenogears
    2. ?Chrono Trigger
    3. ?Final Fantasy Tactics
    4. ?Skies of Arcadia
    5. ?Final Fantasy VI
    6. ?Suikoden
    7. ?Tales of Phantasia
    8. ?Vagrant Story
    9. ?Dragon Warrior VII
    10. ?A TIE: ?Breath of Fire III - Secret of Mana

    Probably forgot something. ?Eh.

    - Lyniad[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    OK, after much soul-searching, I've come up with my top ten of all time....

    10. ?Exodus
    9. ?Custer's Revenge
    8. ?Superman 64
    7. ?Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    6. ?Secret of the Stars
    5. ?Did I mention Mystic Quest?
    4. ?Final Fantasy 2
    3. ?Legend of Dragoon
    2. ?Parasite Eve 2

    And number 1 is....

    No, seriously, did I mention Mystic Quest?

    I know what you must be thinking, "Wow! ?He nailed it! ?That's it, there's just no reason for me to reply. ?Those are undoubtedly THE ten greatest RPGs of all time." ?My friend, you are correct. ?Don't reply. ?Place those replying days on a shelf inside a jar and forget about them. ?I have the top ten right here. ?No ifs, ands, buts, huhs, or whas are necessary.

    - Lyniad

    PS - Did I mention Mystic Quest?
  • RuinRuin Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    1] Xenogears

    2] Final Fantasy VII

    3] Final Fantasy VI

    4] Lunar: SSSC

    5] Final Fantasy X

    6] Final Fantasy Tactics

    7] Grandia

    8] Skies of Arcadia

    9] Final Fantasy IV

    10] Suikoden
  • Darth_yogiDarth_yogi Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    1.aghhhhhhhhh.. its too close ffvii or shenmue 2 eeee... help.
    6.phantasy star online
    8.vagrant story
    10.i aint played much of it but ill say chrono trigger..
  • Options
    edited August 2002
    10. Terrangima
    9. Tales of Phantasia
    8. Lufia II - Rise of the Sinstrals
    7. Final Fantasy X
    6. Final Fantasy IX
    5. Seiken Densetsu 3
    4. Final Fantasy VI
    3. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    2. Final Fantasy VII
    1. Chrono Trigger
  • poke32poke32 Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    10loz oot
    9 ff6
    8 ff8
    7 vagrant story
    6 chrono cross
    5 ffx
    4 ff9
    3 crystalis
    2 ff7
    1 xenogears
  • BobbyRobbyBobbyRobby Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    This list is totally subject to change.

    1. Final Fantasy IX
    2. Final Fantasy VI
    3. Lunar:SSSC
    4. Final Fantasy VII
    5. Xenogears
    6. Suikoden II
    7. Arc the Lad II
    8. Chrono Trigger
    9. Lufia II
    10. Dragon Warrior IV

    I haven't beaten Arc II yet, but I really love that game.
    After I beat it, I wouldn't be surprised if it jumped up a place or two on that list.
  • DeshDesh Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    Ow... PAIN

    10. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    9. Chrono Trigger
    8. Illusion of Gaia
    7. Final Fantasy VII
    6. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    5. Crystalis
    4. Final Fantasy IIIj
    3. Tales of Phantasia
    2. Seiken Densetsu III
    1. Final Fantasy X

    Yes, quite odd, isn't it?
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    edited August 2002

    Desh, no Earthbound?

    - Lyniad
  • AshgadAshgad Member Full Members
    edited August 2002
    Loosely ordered:

    10. Secret of Mana
    9. Breath of Fire 2
    8. Paper Mario
    7. Lufia 1
    6. Final Fantasy IV
    5. Lufia 2
    4. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    3. Chrono Trigger
    2. Zelda: A Link to the Past
    1. Final Fantasy VI

    Some of you may not consider Zelda to be a "true" RPG. I may not care. Oops... my Nintendo Fanboy side is showing.
  • MarylainMarylain New Member Full Members
    edited September 2002
    1) FF6
    2) Chrono Trigger
    3) Suikoden 2
    4) FF7
    5) Tales of Destiny
    6) Secret of Mana
    7) Seiken Desetsu 3
    8) Lunar Silver Star Story
    9) Lunar Eternal Blue
    10) Wild Arms
  • King Luca BlightKing Luca Blight Member Full Members
    edited September 2002
    1) FF 7
    2) Suikoden 2
    3) FF 10
    4) Star Ocean 2
    5) Suikoden 1
    6) FF 5
    7) FF 6
    8) FF 4
    9) Parasite Eve 1...(2 was a joke)
    10) Chrono Trigger or FF 1 !Don't ever forget the original!

    That was hard...in fact I'm not truely sure of my answers. I've played so many, maybe it shouda been top 20 for me...but I'll never be able to decide. Oh and remember the original Ultima on the NES..and and Tales of Phantasia on the SNES...well I only saw it thanks to ROMs, it greatly resembled SO2 but then were both made by Enix. I'll never finish

  • NigelNigel Member Full Members
    edited September 2002
    1. Skies Of Arcdia
    2. Skies OfArcadia
    3. Skies Of Arcadia
    4. Skies Of Arcadia
    5. Skies Of Arcadia
    6. Skies Of Arcadia
    7. Skies Of Arcadia
    8. Skies Of Arcadia
    9. Skies Of Arcadia
    10. Skies Of Arcadia
    (Not necessarily in that order...)
  • DeshDesh Member Full Members
    edited September 2002
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Lyniad @ Aug. 20 2002,00:33)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"Wait....

    Desh, no Earthbound?

    - Lyniad[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Gah! How could I ever forget Earthbound?!?!?! *kicks self repeatedly*

    OK, let me redo this real quick-like... doot de doo...

    10. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    9. Chrono Trigger
    8. Terranigma
    7. Final Fantasy VII
    6. Crystalis
    5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    4. Seiken Densetsu III
    3. Earthbound
    2. Final Fantasy IIIj
    1. Final Fantasy X

    Yup, just a few minor changes, and... voila!
  • TempestTempest Member Full Members
    edited September 2002
    ok lets see heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere...*searches mind for good games*...ok i cant, i mean i CANT put them in order...but here are my top 10 fav games

    1. Seiken Densetsu 3
    2. Secret of Mana
    3. Castlevania SOTN(dont know if i can say this is an RPG)
    4. Lunar SSSC
    5. Grandia
    6. FF3/6
    7. FF2/4
    8 FF7
    9. Dragon Warrior 4
    10.Tales of Phantasia

    woo woo i did it...Star Ocean could be on there if i had the ROM
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