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Tales of Symphonia

razafystrazafyst MemberFull Members
edited October 2003 in Latest Updates


As everyone continues to anxiously await a release date for the North American debut of this title, we bring you the latest screen shots, artwork, and even a poster displaying the new shade of GameCube it will be packaged with.


  • KennedySVKennedySV New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Hmmm... I really enjoyed the art.. Most of them look like enhanced spirits from TOD2 on PS1. I must say, that this is the best looking Tales game yet.
  • RumikoholicRumikoholic Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    ...I just wish it'd come out already. -_-
  • Daemonic_AngelDaemonic_Angel Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    wish I had a Gamecube...
  • LobstrosityLobstrosity Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Has a North American release even been confirmed? I've been informed that with the price drop on the Gamecube, it's likely that my family is going to pool together to get me one for my birthday, which is just a week away. I played Tales of Phantasia on SNES emulator, and liked it alot, and I'm hoping to play this too, eventually.
  • CyllyaCyllya Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Yes, it's been confirmed.

    If you have a PS1 or PS2, play the other Tales games that have been released here while you wait.
  • AaediyenAaediyen Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Game Cubes are 99 dollars. And at that price its shot up 400 percent in sales no reason not to have one!
  • StomStom Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    I love the Tales games, but I honestly hadn't looked at any screens for this game until now. My God, how gorgeous. No wonder this outsold FF:CC, even though FF:CC came out a week earlier.

    This just might be a good enough reason for any RPG fan to go ahead and pick up a Gamecube.
  • GrowlanserGrowlanser Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    And after all this time, I thought my GC will forever be of no use!

    I can't wait to play this game...it's #1 on my "most awaited game." This game will beat FF:CC anyday!

    Anyway, I try not to think about games like this when its far from release. I just play all the other RPGs that come out in the mean time.
  • Q. MulativeQ. Mulative Banned Banned Users
    edited October 2003
    As is the case with most cel-shaded games, screenshots don't do it justice. Check out some of the battle movies to really get a taste of the meat of the game.
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