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Gothic 2

Lord CraxtonLord Craxton New MemberFull Members
edited October 2003 in Latest Updates
One other thing I wanted to mention, but couldn't find a place for it in the review. There's a whorehouse in this game, and you have the option to partake in some of their... erm... "services". On a lark, I tried this, expecting the usual "fade to black and advance the game clock" deal. I was somewhat surprised that this event merited an FMV cutscene of the hero and his lady humping away, in a PG-13 sort of way.

This is progress. Of a sort. I think.


  • NeostormNeostorm Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    You're running at the minimum recommended specs in consideration to RAM, so it seems only fair to judge the game when you are running it at minimum levels of detail. The game does recommend 512 MB of RAM, I've had no such problems with it at full detail.
    Sounds like you need an upgrade.
  • -Locke--Locke- Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    yea dude....256 mb RAM??? what the heck did you think was going to happen, 512 DDR Ram is the minimum nowadays. i'm sure this game will run fine on most peoples computer. you cant take points off a game just because you havent upgraded your computer in a while.
  • Lord CraxtonLord Craxton New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    I considered that. Fact is, though I admit that my hardware knowledge is limited, I doubt having even four times as much memory would run smoothly. Detail level on the graphics isn't the issue, it's the sheer amount of stuff that the game forces your CPU to deal with. I did research on this, BTW... I'm fully aware that the problem may in fact have just been my system, so I checked around at various websites, including the official G2 boards, and all agree that the game is very CPU intensive and has slowdown problems.

    None of this really matters. If your computer is hardier then mine, by all means, buy and enjoy. I said as much in the review.
  • SerisSeris New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Interesting, as my computer also has 256mb and I don't have much slowdown at all. Sure, the loading does take a bit, and loading save games has to happen so frequently it does give me a bit of annoyance, but after the first couple seconds after the initial load, there is only slowdown in very rare cases...the game plays almost better than Gothic did on this machine. Also I might as well mention that my video card is also subpar, 16mb just doesn't cut it on most games.

    Besides the fact that, yes, it does take a decent computer to truly run the game at a pace that anyone would be happy with, it is a well done game, as you've said in your review. However, a 5? You went through and listed everything good about the game and only listed one thing that caused problems, and you gave it a 5...somehow I think that is a bit, well, underrated. It is your opinion, and everyone should have theirs, so I won't try to change it, but I believe the game deserves a 7, even with slowdown. (This also is without knowledge of just how bad the slowdown is for you, though)
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    edited October 2003
    Let someone who has a machine for TODAYS games play it and review it. This is like reading a review at Amazon... basicly worthless.

    worst... review... evAr.

  • SerisSeris New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Not at all, if someone read the review they would see that the game is very enjoyable, if you have a decent machine....the score would be the only thing to turn someone away from it

    Course, I am a firm believer that a review should be how good the game is, not how good it runs for you, which seems what the score was mostly based off of
  • -Locke--Locke- Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    my friend owns this game and it runs extremely smooth, getting up to 60 fps at some points.

    his specs are this:

    AthlonXP Barton 3200+
    768 DDR Ram
    ATI Radeon 9600Pro

    these specs are in the upper-medium level of todays comps, so basically it should run fine for almost everyone.
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