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Your first contact with RPG's

OrakioOrakio New MemberFull Members
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What I want to know from you is how you got into RPG's (the year, age at the time, which system,...)

Here's my account of my first RPG-encounter smile.gif

Back in 1992 when I was but 9 years old (has it been that long already sad.gif ) my brother and I saved enough money to buy a Sega Master System.
We didn't had the cash at the time for new games so we rented(spelling?) them. After a few months I came across a game with a cool dragon on the front( Dragon Crystal for those who remember wink.gif ?) and took it home with me. I really liked ?the game and when it was time to return it I looked at the box one more time and saw the magical words: Adventure Role-Playing Game ? laugh.gif ?.

The next vacation I looked for another game with these words and my eyes fell on Phantasy Star, played it and from that day forward I'd never looked back.

What was your first experience with RPG's?


  • MeoTwister5MeoTwister5 Member Full Members
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    There's another topic about this buried under here somewhere...

    Takes out his shovel and starts digging
  • Ari DarkshadeAri Darkshade Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    MY first encounter was my cousins FFMQ, it was so cool, i remember stabing civillians with the sword!!!
  • Zidane109Zidane109 Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    i would have to say it was pokemon. i was about 9 now im 13. then i got big into zelda and then final fantasy and some other things.
  • AdremmelechAdremmelech The Original Playa... Full Members
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    Its actually in the All Games forum, but its about how you got into gameing and not just RPG's. But a lot of the post there start off with RPG's, so it might as well be the same as this thread.
  • RosewoodRosewood Member Full Members
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    I'd known about D&D since I was in grade school, and played in a few games through high school.

    After I graduated from college I got a 286 laugh.gif and my brother loaned me one of those old D&D franchise games for the PC. It didn't have an instruction book, and I didn't get far because I didn't realize I had to equip items I found/won. I was fighting monsters with only spells and my beginning equipment!

    As for console games, one of my best friends (now in her 40s and still a RPG fan) had a SNES and I watched while she played FFII, FFIII, and Chrono Trigger. This is back in the days that new Square RPGs cost $75-100... I didn't get my own console until much later, and that was a PS1 (I bought it to play DDR).

    The first console RPG I beat was Grandia.
  • WindWind Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    It was Final Fantasy Legend ( the 1st one ) on the Game Boy.

    A friend of mine brought his Gameboy to school after exams ( when we were more or less doing nothing at school ) and he had a clooection of games. Everyone was interested in this mediocre shoot em up that he had however it was teh interesting artwork on the Final Fantasy Legend cartridge that caught my eye. Because his Gameboy was in such high demand that dare I did not get much of cahance to play it and I must admit I did not understand what I was suposed to do for the 2 minuites I was playing it. I asked him if he could lend me the game for the weekend, he said yes because he hated it, I asked him if I could buy it and he said no because it technically belonged to his younger sister ( who hated it as well ) anyhow I became hooked on RPG's ever since. I also managed to get a few of my class mates hooked on them , there was like a samll clique of us ( 4 guys including me ) who who just lived and breathed rpgs from that day forth.
  • YbrikMetaknightYbrikMetaknight Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    For me, it was Super Mario RPG. I got it for the Mario part of it, and it opened my eyes to the genre.

    Unless, of course, you're counting the Zelda series, in which case my first exposure was really Zelda II, many many years ago.
  • sniffysniffy Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    A long time ago, I got a Sega Master System for my 11th birthday and I cried and whined for a game called Golden Axe. My parents apparently didn't listen, and bought me a game called "Golvelius" I was so mad, that I didn't even want to play it. I hated that the main character was a little boy with a big head. I wanted to play an action game. I started playing it a while (it was all I had) and I learned to love RPGS. I was absolutely taken by this new genre of games that I thought only stupid dorks played (at the time, I didn't realize I was one)

    I have been addicted to RPGs ever since. I can still whistle every song from Golvelius, and remember the names of each of the enemies, items, bosses, etc. This was back in 1989!
  • Lourde IncarnadineLourde Incarnadine Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    The year? Damned if I can remember. We'd had an NES for quite some time, but the only RPGish thing we had for it was the original Zelda. Everything else was Mario, shooting games, platformers, etc. Our favorite had to be Rampage.

    We got a Sega Genesis later, and things were about the same- Sonic, Columns, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. Then I visited an uncle's house and was introduced to Shining Force. THAT was when it truly kicked off; I went nuts for that game. I spent time afterwards trying to find another game like Shining Force ("RPG" wasn't really a part of my vocabulary at the time). I borrowed Shining Force from my uncle, with such frequency and for such periods of time that he just said "keep it". I eventually discovered other genres of RPGs and dug myself in deeper, but the Shining Force series has always had a place in my heart.
  • jiroo_chan_007jiroo_chan_007 Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    wow..... RPG's in general, or VG RPG?

    I remember both...

    I was.... way too young to really understandt the game when I first started playing Dungons and Dragons, but that was my first Rpg.

    My first video game rpg? It was Dragon Warrior, and I SUCKED at it. I diddent get the idea of constantly going back to the in to heal and level up, so I died...... alot...
  • Jes GolbezJes Golbez New Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    Boxing day many years ago...I had $ to blow from X-mas, and I wanted an NES game.
    A game called Dragon Warrior had been getting some hype, and the kids at school were talking about it some, so I got the game thinking it would be an action game of slaying dragons and the like.

    I bring it home, and I get these weird ass numbers and stats and action at all!! For some strange reason, I was absolutely hooked (and played it the entire rest of my holidays). My friend at the time also got hooked on it and we both began playing RPGs from that date on. Looks like Nintendo's marketing blitz did a good job on me then tounge.gif
  • CetusCetus Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    Well, my first encounter with rpgs was when I was around 12-13. My friend was playing BoF 3 and I wasn't really into rpgs back then but I liked BoF 3, soon after I borrowed it from him and from there I liked rpgs. BoF 3 is one of a kind, in my opinion still the best one out of all of them.
  • CyllyaCyllya Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I think my age was around 5-ish. We had Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and Crystalis for NES.

    All three of them were really difficult for me, but Crystalis was the only one that was fun enough to actually be worth the effort.

    My school did this program where you got prizes for reading. Every hour I spent playing Crystalis or FF, my mom wrote down that I had read 15 min. ^_^
  • *~Summoner Anything~**~Summoner Anything~* Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    when i was about 7 years ols, my brother got final fantasy 7 for christmas. i diodnt understand a thing of it, but after a while, i started playing it, and i LOVED it! the FF-series has been my favourite rpg's, since. smile.gif

    hugsie alien.gif
  • Evil King StanEvil King Stan Member Full Members
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    Well, when I was about 4, I would always watch my brother play Final Fantasy (The first one) . I've never played it for myself until about 2 or 3 years ago, but I loved watching my brother play the game, and that made me really interested in RPG's... I think the first one I actually PLAYED was Breath of Fire. Man, was I terrible... I didn't know about equipping... lol... I made it up to that knight-guy-soldier-dude boss with the original weapon the main character was equipped with tounge.gif
  • VermillionVermillion Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I think I was about 3 or 4 years old.

    My mom would play Zelda, and I'd sit down beside her to draw little squares so she'd have maps of the dungeons.

    Later on, she taught me how to play Zelda too...

    Carmine M. Red
  • ZeroDragonXIIIZeroDragonXIII Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    My first game that got me interested into RPGs is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, after that I got Links Awakning, but my first true RPG was Pokemon
  • IsraelIsrael Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I was eight years old, my very first RPG was none other than Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I was a big fan of Mario at that time but my mother never played that game for some reason. She said it was boring, but I loved it. I played it through for about four times and I still want to play it through.
  • Red ShiftRed Shift Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    The first game I really played that was even close to an RPG was Castlevania 2.

    The first RPG I actually played from start to finish and beat, and the one that made me an RPG fan, was Earthbound. I know that game hasn't aged well at all, but I absolutely could not stop playing it. I stayed up all night and didn't even realize it. It truly was nirvana for me at the time.
  • KeythKeyth Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    When I was about 7 my brother would rent Chrono Trigger alot and he finally let me play it one day. I loved to watch him play it but I was horrible at it so I would stay at the festival and fight Gato for him a bunch of times to build up his silver points.The first time I actually got into an RPG's story was when my brother got his first PS1. He ordered it from a catalogue along with FFVII. I watched him play that for hours. Every time he'd play me and my older sister would go sit around the TV. I didn't fully understand the story but I thought it was the coolest game... heh. I watched him play through it the entire time so it was completely spoiled for me but when I did play it for myself about a two years later I still had the most fun I've ever had with a game, period. But, FFVII wasn't really the first RPG I ever played. The sister that I mentioned before is close in age to me so we did pretty much everything together. My brother moved out of the house a little bit after we watched him finish FFVII but he left his PS1 and two games there: Suikoden and Wild Arms. Me and my sis wanted to play Suikoden first so we would take turns holding the controller. (Yeah, we didn't even play games separately back then. We had to share everything when we were little.) She would have it for 30 minutes or so and I'd get it the next 30 minutes and so on.. But when we tried to save our game the memory card was full and my brother had told us not to erase anything on his card so we would play the game for hours until we had to go to bed or until we died. We got pretty far but there was this one boss that kept killing us. Man, we sucked. laugh.gif We weren't able to beat that boss until we bought Suikoden a couple of years later when we had our own Playstation and he was incredibly easy to beat. Go figure.
  • ERRORERROR Member Full Members
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    My first contact with RPG's was with the Legend of Zelda and Dragon Warrior 1, but the first RPG I really understood was Breath of Fire 1.
  • edited November 2003
    Crystalis, which made me like them a lot. After that, I went for FF IV (well, II over here...) and haven't looked back.
  • edited November 2003
    I guess my first RPG was Shining Force II, for the Sega Genesis (called Mega Drive here, in Europe). I love that game, I've beaten it about 4 or 5 times biggrin.gif

    Before that I had already played Wonderboy III for the Sega Master System and also Wonderboy V for Genesis, which are both the Zelda kind of game (something between RPG and action game) but with a different view.

    After SF2 I played Soleil, Story of Thor (aka Beyond Oasis), Light Crusader, Rings of Power... then I entered the emulators world and played FFIV, V and VI, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 and so on.
  • LabyrinthLabyrinth Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    When I was little.. my sister and I would watch my older brother play video games. We'd just.. sit on the floor.. watching.. in our own little world. Kinda like you can sit and watch TV, or get on the computer. The earliest game i remember him playing was Final Fantasy II.. Then of course.. FFIII, and Chrono Trigger. I started Chrono Trigger about a year ago.. even though its been forever.. I could still remember a little bit of what I need to do.. Like running into Marle tounge.gif
  • MaesterJoshMaesterJosh Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I think my first RPG-esque game was Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. I remember being bummed out that it was a side scroller, and I didn't buy it. Many years later, I played a rom of it (boo! hiss! kill the pirate! know what i have to say to you? YARRR! I download NES games. Deal with it.) and I actually rather enjoyed it.
  • KaiEn02KaiEn02 New Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    Almost feel guilty posting this one first.. but my first real RPG experience was FF7. Well, I had seen my cousin play Zelda when I was about 7,but I wasn't interested in it at the time (back then MK and such were the games of choice..).

    Then back in 97 when VII came out, a friend of mine got it and brought it over my house. Neither of us had ever played an RPG before, and we actually got stuck at the first boss (the scorpion) because we didn't know that we could use potions to heal...

    I got frustrated and gave up, but then, maybe a few months later, I was doing (particularly painful) a Christmas visit to a family friend's and the guy was playing FF7. He showed me how to actually play and just how badass it was. I was sold after that.

    It took me an untold amount of hours to play through it.. probably because up to that point I didn't have a memory card, so everytime I wanted to stop playing I would just leave the PS on... kept freezing or getting killed a little after Midgar... but a few weeks later, I finally got one. I played it well over the 99 hours the clock told, then did it again.

    After that I went on an RPG blitz, first hitting the current titles (Star Ocean 2, FF Tatics, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross) and then moving on to the classics. But nothing will really compare to FF7 for me, even if it's not technically the best game. I just have too many memories, like cursing that damn black chocobo, Teho I think, and trying to figure out wtf to do with the great gospel once I got it. Aeris was ruined for me, though, since I overheard about 'it' well before I got to that point. Never liked her anyway, though, so it's okay. biggrin.gif
  • Lord SasaraiLord Sasarai Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    First RPG was....Final Fantasy, for NES. I was 12 years old at the time, in 1994. My friend got it for me for my birthday. After that, I played Shining Force for Genesis, and then some RPGs for SNES...and I was hooked.
  • Double_BDouble_B Member Full Members
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    I don't quite remember when it was, but my first experience was with BoF3, and I didn't understand it at first (the very first RPG of mine), but when I started the game for the second time, I enjoyed so much, that I started buying RPG's up to this date wink.gif
  • bebop007bebop007 Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    I was first introduced to rpgs when I was 5 so this would be around 1989-1990, I was over at a good friend's house and him and his brother were playing FFI for the NES, and it was sheer bliss. I can still remember them fighting Garland and Astos.
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    First one I have ever played and loved, was an old pc game "Dark Sun: Shattered Lands",
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