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is suikoden 3 worth $30?

HarryCareyHarryCarey MemberFull Members
edited November 2003 in Role Playing Games
i've played suikoden 1 and like it a lot... haven't played 2 (can't find it).


  • bebop007bebop007 Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (HarryCarey @ Nov. 15 2003,10:01)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"i've played suikoden 1 and like it a lot... haven't played 2 (can't find it).[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    If you liked one, then you should definitely like two(just my opinion), but I don't think you shouldn't waste your time on three, at least until the price drops even more, it had its moments, but it just wasn't Suikoden, in my opinion-whatever thats worth.

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  • SeraphicLawSeraphicLaw Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    My gosh, YES! What kind of question is that, especially when you're talking about Suikoden here? $30 bucks is cheap, if you can actually find this game this cheap anyway. (I'm assuming you did, that's why you asked the question right?)

    Or, you can also read "your own" review here:
  • King Jowy XXIIKing Jowy XXII Regnus Obscura Full Members
    edited November 2003
    Um...ok, I am obviously biased and recommend buying, well, ANYTHING that had to do with Suikoden, but I have to say that $30 is definitely worth the cost of admission on SIII. If you can find Suikoden II, say on Ebay, for anything less than $60, you did really well. confused.gif
  • HarryCareyHarryCarey Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    mmm... the only reason i haven't bought it yet is that i make just 5.80 an hour, and i don't get many of 'em. either way, a great game is a great game, and i'm really in the mood for one.

    as for suikoden 2... i saw it a couples years back for around 40 bucks, but i decided not to budge, because i wanted to get the first before i got it. guess it got removed from stores before i could look for another copy.

  • edited November 2003
    Suikoden 2 is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. 3, not so much. Though it's not a terrible game, just a bit of a dissapointment over the others. I would say if you are a fan of the original though it's worth playing through once, and $30 is a nice price. Go for it.
  • CetusCetus Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    Yes, it is worth your $30 bucks. Here in NY and in most places, the game is rare and such. I still hold my copy of suikoden 3 here in my collection, excellent game with countless hours of play, I recommend it.
  • GrowlanserGrowlanser Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I suggest you continue your search for Suiko 2 because Suiko 3 isnt that good. It will just plain piss you off, actually. When your finish with the prologues for each character you will clock in at about 20-25 hours. Come on, thats half the friggin game for just intros. And during each of these intros you will basically just go back and forth to towns(the same towns, actually). You can't skip over mountain paths and such even though you finish it once, so you will be going up and down the same forests and mountain paths and annoyingly fighting the same enemies and such. Id also like to mention that the characters run PRETTY DAMN SLOWWWW...Id wish I could jump in and carry them across the damn stages myself...

    The only reason I played through the whole game was for the characters...I obviously wanted to see how much they changed since Suiko 2. If you dont mind being utterly annoyed, then get it but if you get pissed off easily, I suggest you save this game when there's another RPG Drought.

  • wolfywoodwolfywood New Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I'd have to have to agree with LiQuid|Juravial as suikoden 2 being my all time personal fav rpg. As for Suikoden 3 being $30 i'd say thats a good price cuz they stoped making copies of suiko 3, so im sure it'll be worth alot in the future and once you get past the prolouges i dont think it was that bad of a game [Spoil] <span style='color:white'>Plus you get to play as Luc at the end you gotta love that biggrin.gif</span>

  • RosewoodRosewood Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I've seen it for $25 new at gamestop within the last couple weeks. Maybe its rarity is a regional thing.

    If you're hoping for something that marches in lockstep with the first two games you'll be disappointed. But taken in itself I think SIII is a good game. Tracking down all the stars is a lot of fun, as usual, and the narrative is handled in an unusual and sometimes surprising way, at least in the first half.

    Agreed that the pacing is a little off, as far as having to go through the same "overworld" type areas again and again, fighting the same monsters.
  • Evil King StanEvil King Stan Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    Yes, $30 is really cheap for that game! I think they stopped making copies of it in North America, so not only is it hard to find copies, but when you DO find a copy, it's usually quite expensive! My brother and I managed to find a second hand copy for about $40...
  • MeoTwister5MeoTwister5 Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    The game is so damn rare these days. The fact that you saw one for $30 means you're pretty lucky. Go get it now, I say.
  • generatorgenerator Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    I bought the last new copy of S3 the local GameStops had for $30 about 2 weeks ago. The game is becoming rare, jump on it.
  • DevilMayCareDevilMayCare Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    ..Woah, I didn't know all this! The Microplay near where I live in Texas has a used copy for 20 dollars, and a new one for 30..they've also got Suikoden 1 and 2 for about 30 dollars each.

    I suppose I should get them when I get the money, they've been sitting around under a load of games for awhile now..
  • GuttermouthGuttermouth Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    Wow, I'm always watching EB to see if they have used copies of Suikoden I and II. smile.gif I used to have 1, but now I think an ex of mine has it... x.x

    But yeah, having recently finished Suikoden III myself, I'd say it's worth the $30. It's not necessarily as good as the first two, but it's still a great game.
  • HarryCareyHarryCarey Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    it seems like the copy at the local store has been purchased... i've seen at least one other around here, so i'm not giving up just yet.

    and as for you, DMC... luuuucky!
  • GrowlanserGrowlanser Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    There is something about this game, or series in fact, that makes you want to play it no matter what flaws are present. Like some lingering aura that draws you in...If you find it at the store then just get it but I still say that this game is probably the worst in the series, but its playable to some extent.
  • iamantitypeiamantitype Member Full Members
    edited November 2003
    My personal opinion is that $30 for Suikoden III is perfect. Even though lots of people say it's a bad game for various reasons, it's still worth a play completely through so you can make your own opinions on it, especially if you liked the first. I like Suikoden III, and if I didn't own it, I would buy it for $30.

    But, I suggest you hunt down Suikoden II first. Definitely my favorite from the series so far, and there's a lot of cool "hey, that guy was in Suikoden II" when you play Suikoden III. Plus, the series is meant to follow certain events in the history of the Suikoden world, and it's obviously building towards something much bigger in the later games, so the events of all three Suikodens are obviously important and the makers definitely want you to see the outcomes. These games are just so much more enjoyable when you have played the previous games beforehand, and with Suikoden IV coming out, there's no reason to not set yourself up for much more enjoyment in a game that will probably be very good.
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