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The hack series

SevenStarSevenStar MemberFull Members
edited March 2004 in Role Playing Games
The hack series is soon to wash upon the european shores and it looks to be quite good the story is about an mmorpg sorta like kid chameleon from what ive heard and it comes with the anime series on dvd but enough about the selling points ive been reading id like to see some personal experience views on it


  • GrowlanserGrowlanser Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I've played and beaten the first 3 parts. Part one is moderately long because you are getting used to everything...but the rest are damn short.

    Each part in the series are basically the same, just continuing the story. There is nothing new added in each installment, besides newer items, Gruntys, ETC.

    I'd recommend waiting for the price drop for each one. That's what I'm doing with Quarantine(Part 4)...
  • SevenStarSevenStar Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Would you say that the stories intriguing and is there any beloved mini games? Oh and by sufficient price drop do you mean $25-30 bucks?

  • KarlinnKarlinn Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I'm something of a fan, you might say.

    *whores for feedback, coughing loudly*

    Nonetheless, I'll try to be as objective as I can. ?Is it worth the full $200? ?To the casual gamer, or someone who doesn't have money to burn, probably not. ?If you can get 'em cheaper, do so. And know from the start that you're playing the same game between volumes, to the letter; later volumes add mini-games, servers and characters, but the game itself does not change.

    On the minus side, the graphics are dated, the game is repetitive, camera control's wonky, your party doesn't act like real players (meaning the AI is spotty, like a character will keep whacking at something that is impervious to physical attacks) and the plot isn't very deep (not that it tries to be, what's there is actually quite good, but we're not talking epic here - which may be a positive, depending on how you look at it).

    On the plus side, it's got a solid combat engine, unique premise and interface, collectable and trading junk for the obsessive compulsive crowd (raising/racing Grunties, Ryu Book stipulations for desktop items, etc.), decent voice acting (you can switch languages depending which suits your fancy), and despite the dated graphics it's not hard on the eyes.

    I found it fun. ?Your mileage may vary, but I advise picking up Infection, or renting it, or whatever, and giving it a playthrough. ?If you can say to yourself that you wouldn't mind playing through it again three more times to find out what's going on, then by all means pick up the others ASAP.
  • GrowlanserGrowlanser Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    The story keeps you moving for some reason, despite its flawed gameplay. There a couple of minigames, but that's it.

    Yeah, wait until they drop to $25-$30 bucks. I would really really recommend renting them though, because you can beat each part within the given rental part. Worth $200? Hell no...I've obtained parts 1-3 for under $80 alltogether...

  • King Jowy XXIIKing Jowy XXII Regnus Obscura Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Great series, really...you get into it a bit more for the atmos[here than the game play, in many ways. Man, what I wouldn't give for an Altmit OS. ;)
  • SolonSolon Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I liked them, all four of them. Some parts I liked better than others, though.

    Would I buy all four for the European price? Hardly. That's a bit too much, and it's not like they're my favorite series... games aren't really cheap over here.

    Luckily, games are so cheap over in the US/CAN that it's almost pathetic. I can buy almost anything from you without feeling cheated. Heh.
    Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.
  • AnimeGamer183AnimeGamer183 Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    These games are extremley short I am gonna wait till each one of them drops to 19.99 USD and then buy them all and play the 40 hours worth of game thats spread out on the 4 Discs (when they really could have put all 4 games on 1 disc...)
  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Wait for the compilation disk. You know they'll put one out. It's almost assured since they can tack on a fancy cover and likely sell it to half the crowd who've already bought the games in it.

  • Rent CavalierRent Cavalier Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Here's the deal:

    If you like anime, and if you aren't a graphics nut, you'll love this game. The premise is interesting, the story is cool, plus there's just a feeling as if you're really in a MMORPG. More fun if you haven't played a MMORPG.
  • SilvermaneSilvermane Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I enjoyed .hack very much. Its not your typical save the world/princess storyline. For most anime enthusiasts this is a keeper. I did pay full price for all for parts, although my EB disc easily saved me $50 or more.
  • MageoftheSandsMageoftheSands Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I like this series. But know that it is expensive. If you get into it, you have to buy 4 games, watch the anime show, and get the magna. It is a great thing Bandai has done, intergrating all these mediums to tell one story. But there are bad things.

    As mentioned, the AI is buggy. Tanks attack physical immune, people don't use spells or skill onless told to do so even after you have a huge MP base, and the characters get rid of scrolls you give them. And the game is really repetitive.

    Still, it is great. Even if the game is short. Wait for a box set. But rent Infection first.
  • RookRook Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    A reviewer on this website said "Its the game you love to hate and hate to love." Thats about the best description I ever heard for this series. You could list 100 reasons why the game is great and 100 reasons why it isnt. For example the cutscenes are as good as any RPG out there. Unfortately there isn't near enough of them. The battle system is fun, but it quickly becomes repetitve, etc.

    I really didn't like the series unitl I started watching .hack//Sign. Then I really got into the story. Otherwise its probaly not worth getting. You have to stick with the game also becasue Chapter 1 sucks. It doesn't get good unitl Chapter 2. If you dont want to pay $200US for the games you might want to import them instead it might be cheaper.
  • SolonSolon Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (MageoftheSands @ Feb. 23 2004,21:35)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"If you get into it, you have to buy 4 games, watch the anime show, and get the magna.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Uhm...no. You really don't have to get all that stuff. Aside from small references and a few characters from //Sign appearing in the games, there are no important links at all.
    Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.
  • RokuRoku Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    The plot was great, but the dungeons and such got old really fast.......such a shame. ?I still enjoyed the series as a whole though, but it would've been a lot better if you didn't have to waste several hours running through similar dungeons and in the case of Quarantine: spending TEN hours collecting virus cores. ?At least the bosses (not data bugs, but the real ones like Skeith) were pretty cool.
  • XenoskeiXenoskei Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Growlanser @ Feb. 20 2004,18:07)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"The story keeps you moving for some reason[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I agree. Its the only thing that kept me playing. But i would wait for one of them big pack's to come out with all 4 in it already, But i guess your kinda lucky because while i was waiting for the others to come out i kinda forgot the stroyline a bit. I say the first one is the best since its the intro to the story plus its the longest. I beat mutation in about 3 days but infection took me about 2 weeks. And to me it was the most challenging.
  • cloud_lover2000cloud_lover2000 Member Full Members
    edited February 2004

    I quickly grew tired of the never-ending hack-n-slash dungeons which all look alike. If that's what online gaming is like, I will pass.

    Part 1 cost me $50, but now that I've actually experienced it, I would NOT buy it... even if the price dropped to $5. The story is too sparse to hold my attention.
  • ShadowKnight28ShadowKnight28 Banned Banned Users
    edited February 2004
    Love them all, even the games! First MMORG ever, and completely satisfied!
  • SugarmanxSugarmanx Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I passed all four of the games and I was satisfied with it. The DVD episodes were a nice touch as well.
  • Options
    edited March 2004
    i got about halfway through outbreak, then got tired of it. i just found it to be rather repetitive and boring. i mean the reason MMORPGs are enthralling is the interaction between people, yet .hack is a MMORPG w/o other actual players.
    the story is a very good premise, i just wish it was executed more effectively, and inexpensively(come on, id rather buy a new system, not just one game for 200 dollars)
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