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A Forum game Forum

SilentwolfSilentwolf Only SilenceFull Members
edited March 2004 in Site & Forum Support
I brought this up in miscellaneous in reply to a few points raised, and brought it here, regarding games such as 'This and That, 'Describe the person above you/below you', 'The name game' things like this.

I do know, that I am a major participant in these spammy games and that people become sadly scared to take part in case they are banned, and I know I've created a few... But it would all be okay if these games were created in a forum of their own.

Then, more debates and chat topics become dominent in Micellaneous, and people can find the spamming games that hide more serious topics in the backwaters can be found more easily.

It probably doesn't mean that there will be any less participents in the games, and it will certainly stop any complaints regarding them dominating the Misc forum, and make them easier to find.

Rico, moderators, what do you think? Seperate the games from the threads others want to see?
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  • DominoDomino Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    Wow, so this is where I was supposed to ask for the change. Next I will remember. Anyways, this has been quite a problem for many users because they feel that these games are too much. I mean, I know that I created the name game in the Miscellaneous forum, and have posted storms in the Person Above thread, but it does seem that these games take up too much space for the threads that have topics people want to debate on. Either a Game Forum, or a OP/ED Forum would be sufficient. That is, if it is not too much to ask.
  • MeoTwister5MeoTwister5 Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    Wouldn't this proposal just generate more spam topics to further use up bandwidth? confused.gif
  • DominoDomino Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    Since they already take up most of the Miscellaneous, that is why I proposed an alternative to a game forum, an Op/Ed forum instead, where we can concentrate on debatable topics. This way we can have the debatable topics without encouraging more games with a game forum.

  • DeshDesh Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    As has been said many, many times before, we don't even crop threads created two years ago to save on bandwidth or space. ?If we wanted to reduce either of those, cutting a little-used movie file would more than suffice. ?Bandwidth has never been a problem on these boards. ?The reason we enforce certain sig and image rules is to be courteous to users on dial-up, and we lock pure spam threads because they clog up board space and push valid topics off the front pages. ?They have nothing to do with actual bandwidth problems.

    EDIT: Most states of waking up are not condusive to spelling.

  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    The bandwidth cost of pretty much anything on this forum is minimal compared to the rest of the site. Of that I'm pretty much certain. This forum would likely have to see a thousand times the hits impressions and usage before it expanding in use would be noticable compared to the grand scale of the rest of the site.

    It does though provide an encouragement of the spammy topics, which I'd personally like to see less of, not more of. But not my choice nor area. Be interesting to see what the administrators say when they eventually see this.

  • CainEJWCainEJW Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    The forums and threads therein aren't a major source of any bandwidth really. Probably around the area of a needle pricking an iron bar, little to nothing.

    As for chat/game threads they are becoming a tad out of hand, but I can't touch them until I'm given the OK to. I apparently have a different style than RPGamer wants moderating, so I just don't moderate. I don't really care for "TALK ABOUT THE PERSON __ YOU" games, the only one that was slightly witty is "inside", but we have a thread for that called introduction.

    Anywho, I agree with the idea they are becoming a little much, but I'm not going to take action until I'm told I can.
  • RicoRico Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    The idea of a thread game topic has been considered before and is currently being considered now. While we realize that people, for whatever reason, enjoy participating in these sorts of topics (indeed, one of the reasons for the elimination of visible post counts was so that they could happen without the participants being banned left and right), I'm very hesistant to condone those sorts of topics. This is compounded by finding the most frequent complaint--that they prevent participation in more discussion-oriented topics--overplayed and under-supported. While it may be harder to find topics looking at the index of the forum, whether a game thread got 1 or 1000 posts more, both it and a more serious thread will both appear on the New Post search (just about the only search function that isn't horribly broken), which I find to rarely be over two pages to glance through.
  • SupraDarkySupraDarky Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    As you said, most of the Miscellaneous threads are games. If we create a forum just for the games, then honestly the Misc forum will become vacant. It's not because most of the Misc threads are games that people create less serious topics, I don't think it has anything to do with that.
  • DominoDomino Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    Then why not make an Op/Ed forum? We can then take on the good debatable topics while not having to search for them through masses of games.

  • RicoRico Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    Several reasons:

    First of all, like I said, I've never had a problem finding the threads I want to discuss, even when they are in Miscellaneous along with several active thread games. I've already provided one suggestion to help others do that.

    Secondly, we already have many fora. We've never had the volume to really justify a forum like that. Although some threads do get a lot of response, it's rare.

    Thirdly, the site does have an Op/Ed section, and further message board discussion is already handled in the Latest Updates forum as per RPGamer policy. Creating a forum for Op/Ed would likely end up fracturing the discussion or making the Editorials section conflict with the rest of interaction (save Q&A), as well as news and media.
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