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E3 2004 Feedback

CainEJWCainEJW MemberFull Members
edited May 2004 in Site & Forum Support
As the person who designed the E3 layout this year, I am proud of the work. However, as often the case the layout does not make everyone happy.

This is your chance to sound off on the E3 section. Let me or those who will handle the section know what you want. More graphics? Less graphics? Easier access? Less sections? Keep in mind your opinion here may even influence other sections on the site, like game pages, index design, or others.

If you vote, please give an extended opinion in a post so we can improve or keep on the same approach. Thank you.


  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    I found it too sterile. The buttons on the side seemed cookie cutter, like hundreds of other machine processed sites out there. The backgrounds, a sold gray, seemed just a dead wall with the stuff haphazardly listed on top of it, rather than any real feeling of structure or embededness.

    It was pretty easy to navigate, so I'll definitely give it that. But I can't say I was too keen on much else about it. Perhaps more graphics would've improved it the somewhat empty and dull feel it had. I can't say, not much of an artist or web designer.

    EDIT: perhaps some sort of separation grid might have done more to make the whole thing feel together. A basic window frame pattern.


  • DominoDomino Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    To me, it didn't really matter because the information is what I was looking at, not the interface. I guess you could call your layout a success since I didn't notice it while trying to access the information, but after going back and looking at it, I agree with what Dracos said about the color.
  • Options
    edited May 2004
    Yeah, if RPGamer ever redisigns the site, I really really REALLY hope the cut out the grey. Ugliest color ever.
  • Max_DeltreeMax_Deltree Is trying to get back in these forums Full Members
    edited May 2004
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (LiQuid! @ May 21 2004,02:02)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"Yeah, if RPGamer ever redisigns the site, I really really REALLY hope the cut out the grey. ?Ugliest color ever.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I like the gray on RPGamer. Better then the dreaded brown. tounge.gif
    I like the lightness of RPGamer's look. I hope they doesn't do that black+othercolor like every site around.
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  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    The mixture used as the background of RPGamer is one thing. The more pure gray used during the e3 bits did not really add well.

  • StomStom Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    Ok, maybe my "horrible" vote shouldn't count since I designed the old E3 layouts. tounge.gif
  • Captain VittlesCaptain Vittles Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    Since the E3 info thing was stuck within the usual borders running across the top and side and since I use 800x600, it naturally sprouted a horizontal scroll bar. I loathe horizontal scroll bars. Though everything else about it was nice, so maybe I'm just nitpicking. And I should be used to horizontal scroll bars by now considering some banner ads force the pages to get wider...
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