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Adremmelech · The Original Playa...


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December 13, 1976
The Original Playa...


  • Max_Deltree
    Hey, d00d!! What's up! :)
    May 2016
  • TGBarighm
    Did you get one of Shentino's apologies?
    February 2016
  • TGBarighm
    Well, Max agreed with the idea of forming a three man fireteam in Destiny and playing through the game that way. Could be cool if you ever get a PS4.
    October 2015
  • TGBarighm
    Planetside 2: Another free to play, but the rewards are way more immediate. Anyone can use a big gun or tank, it's just higher rank players can build them. The maps are tough to read at first, but at least every player has an impact on a battle. Kind of ugly, but as far as jump in and play shooters are concerned, this game gets you into the action much quicker than Warframe. It really is cool seeing dozens of vehicles and soldiers battling over bases.
    Gotta say, the PS4 controller really sucks for shooters. Makes my thumb hurt. Might have to get one of those Hori Xbox like controllers.

    I've got more games to try, but I just don't have the data left.
    September 2015
  • TGBarighm
    Toukiden (demo): Didn't realize this was essentially a Dynasty Warriors game. It's pretty, although the maps are simplistic. Gathering resources for crafting actually doesn't take very long, which is nice. Boss battles are really something, although it does essentially boil down to button mashing. Regular enemies are a bit of a chore to kill. Probably would make a decent bargain game.

    Warframe: 40gigs in updates! Yikes! Well, this game is definitely a crafter/farmer/grinder's dream, but it is sure daunting at first. At least everything looks really cool and apparently you can get everything in the game just through regular gameplay. It only becomes a problem if you want to build your own base, but that only matters if you have a clan. Mechanics are okay. Depends on if you really like ME3's multiplayer.
    September 2015
  • TGBarighm
    Getting more into my PS4, although it flew through my datacap, so I'll have to wait until next month before I can use it more. Damn Warframe...

    Rogue Legacy: Fun. It's a rogue-like, but with real RPG elements. Every time you die, and you will die a gazillion times, your "children" follow you. Money and items you find can be equipped and upgraded, thus that's how you get stronger. Doesn't have the depth of Castlevania, but it's similar enough. Well worth playing.

    Dying Light (demo): Well, it's Dead Island, but the parkour elements really help liven things a bit. Playing at night is intense. Crafting system is way more intuitive and makes more sense, although combat isn't as visceral. I haven't tried the PVP. This is definitely the sort of game that plays better in co-op. You really appreciate the extra set of eyes.

    September 2015