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  • Actually there is a few things that need to be cleared up. While "Chrono Break" was unregistered here in the US, the trademarked name is still as of a week ago, trademarked in Japan. Which means Square Enix may be doing one of three things: 1.slo…
  • actually, i did mean that square fired many of their deveolpement teams and it was a direct effect of their monetary problems from developing the multimillon dollar flop unrelated to the chrono/final fantasy statement. i was in a hurry. but in fa…
  • i agree about the scoring system, if you are going to disassemble a game and give it a low score than have your final score reflect your review. square games these day are getting lower and lower quality and people are putting up with them far to…
  • the sad thing is and i think few people know this, but Phillips CD-i had three Zelda games not licensed by Nintendo. They were side adventures that had nothing to do with the other Zelda games, except one was an Entire Zelda game where you could act…
  • it's strange and not a bad deal because at target i can buy a gamecube for 99.99 hopefully that wont change!