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  • $70 a month? ?I assume that your talking about the price of xbox live. ?I dont know where u got that from but xbox live only cost $50 a year. ?And yes I know this for a fact because i have it. Also i dont know whats wrong with the xbox that freezes …
  • I still dont understand why you all bash X Box. I know it doesnt have the RPGs but it has many other games that make it good. But back to the topic. I find that most people who work at EB and other game stores dont know shite about games but usually…
  • I really like McFlurries.. the oreo ones.. uhhhh oreos(Homer Simpson). I am a young buck but i grew up playing D&D with good ol' dice. I would love to find people to play with.
  • i disagree with that statement. in comparison there are alot more good rpg games for ps2 than ANY other big system out right now. X bog aint got #### and GameCube has only a few games. PS2 is the only system thats has a true rpg fan base. on this si…
  • I would just like to be a knight... but if i had to choose it would have to be a dragoon or a holy knight
  • I would have to say SEPEROTH rules. He was so F***ing cool. I just wish you could really play with him. His sword was just so cool. He was a complete enigma.
  • I dont know about all of you but I play more than just RPG games and thats why I bought X Box. If they come out with good RPG games yea but if not it has its own advantages like HALO!!!! Best FPS EVER. Its absolutely sick. When X Box first came out …
  • I would say it has to be Rupees from Zelda in the 1, 5 and 10 quantities.
  • well i think back to games like the original Dragon Warrior and Battle Toads. These games were super hard. I have recently played through Dragon Warrior and I will admit that it wasnt as hard as it used to be but it was still difficult. As for Battl…
  • As far as i know that has no factual basis. If it did i think that sony and walmart would both lose money off the deal. kids dont want to by a ps2 that doesnt play all the good games or doesnt show all the gore and sex that a real one would. Game…
  • LordBrian and Rico, I thank you for all your help. According to maven he has told me that he cannot even enter the site. Well i guess that all my complaining has not gotten me anywhere. thanks for your help. and i hope that this is behind us all …
  • ok...one more post. hey LordBrian.. if it werent you that maven had been F***ing with would you have banned him? Just asking. Thanks. Gamepimp4life
  • Well thank you LordBrian, Thanks for your help. Sorry that this couldnt have worked out better. I must have missed that responce about his brother. Thank you for your help again. I just hope this doesnt cause you to have a bias against me Gamepi…
  • My favorite RPG of all time has to be FFVII. I have played most of the FF games but I really liked this one. I have played it over and over again. Always finding something that i didnt find the first time.
  • I tend to try to stick to 2 games at once. I have x box, ps2, psone, and sega saturn so i try to only play one per system.
  • i never played the game myself but i have watched more than one person play it. From what i saw i didnt think that I would like it. It also didnt seem like any of them liked it.
  • hi all its me again... Fisrt- I know that i had a lot of spelling mistakes, SORRY. Im only human and I dont pay enough attention to what i write. Second- calling some one a tool isnt bad. I dont know about you but where i am from calling some one a…
  • ALL HAIL...... X BOX its all i really wanted and i got it..yeah
  • hey maven... i was one of those people who got ps2 early and completely trashed xbox. Then i went to college and started playing xbox. Guess what i wanted for christmas? X BOX!!! With halo, dead to rights, panzer dragoon orta. and other exclusive …
  • hey maven... that is one the best topics i have read here. I my self own a saturn but cant find enough games to use it to its full potential. I have played shining the holy arc amd absolutely loved it. i too was wondering why no one else ever metio…