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  • I'd have to agree with you on Grandia II. For me, it combines a bit of real-time, turn-based, and cause/effect into combat...and it's a smooth system that works so well within the game itself. You can set up your strategy based on counters and whatn…
  • Dream Team 1. Rubicant (FFIV) - A villain with a sweet personality, a cool look, and flambe power. 2. Golbez (FFIV) The other 'Golbez'. How could I leave off my namesake? 3. Peter (SFII) Great range, power, and he's a phoenix. 4. Sari (P…
  • 1. 7th Saga for the SNES was a nice challenge. I wish it had more storyline to go with the challenge, as it could have easily been one of my favourites. Still, it took a lot of effort to pass this game and there were not many easy parts to it in ter…
  • A lot of people are asking for sequels to games that already have sequels...do we need more sequels? Of course, many sequels aren't true continuations of the previous game (likeFF, Shining Force, etc), so people obviously like the aspects of the ga…
  • Boxing day many years ago...I had $ to blow from X-mas, and I wanted an NES game. A game called Dragon Warrior had been getting some hype, and the kids at school were talking about it some, so I got the game thinking it would be an action game of s…
  • Word! on the Yogurt guy. I wonder if anyone actually attempted to use it in his/her party through the game to make their life more challenging. As for TORT, the guy gained HP slower than molasses in July. One spell and he was dead. He was a fun c…
  • This question actually took some time for me to consider. Most 'main' characters are so empty or so generic. Too many spikey-haired guys named 'Ryu', or blonde blue-eyed types *yawn*. I'd have to see Alys/Alys from Phantasy Star would be my favou…