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  • Reviews before the game is out! Rage and Alethea are moving up in the world, folks...
  • Does this mean that Cait will have to shoot things that might look like a red lights through smoke and then have a big explosion superimposed on the screen for all the twenty times he misses?
  • GameBoy Advance? What about a console version, darn it! Even if it's a port of the infamous aborted N64 thing. It's almost like Nintendo thinks there are more GBAs than GameCubes out there... oh well. I'll just borrow my friend's.
  • Yeah, I was really more concerned about this getting to the GVT so that they can double the money, rather than it being a total fraud. I guess it's a good thing that gamers are trying to help, and they don't need people like moi pooh-pooing them. It…
  • I know that the Canadian government was saying that they would meet the donations of its constituents to relief organizations "dollar for dollar" (generous of them, eh? Wait a minute... who funds the Canadian government again?) So, friends and fello…
  • Any suckiness atributed to Chrono Cross is all the more reason to look forward to - not hold our breath for - Chrono 3. By the way, I read (a little while ago) an interview from old Chrono team members, and they said that they were still interested …
  • How come I don't get to be an "unlikely hero?"
  • Who rocks the casbah? So everyone, it rocks that Ys VI is coming here, eh? Not only does it look wicked, it will be the first Ys game most of us will get to play. I mean, I didn't own a TurboGraffix 16. By the way, Ut-napishtim is the Babylonian …
  • _^o <-- Me bowing in reverance before the awesomeness of the SD tracks, both of 'em.
  • Bunnicula = the biznatch.
  • Thanks for the non-vehement coments, everyone. Today is my day for being proven wrong, it seems. Both PyreofVoid and "andrew" have found the word "Berserker" in dictionaries. The Job List should be amended to ..."it apparently, according to MS Word …
  • Last CG in FFVII spoiler: "To me, the ending validated Red's master (B-whatever)'s prophecy that humans would be suceptible to the power of holy: if they were evil, they would be destroyed too. When I saw ruined Midgar at the end, with non-humans…
  • Matt, lots of respect for that Mario medley. That's awesome. I like the Chrono thing too.
  • Erm... what thing? Seriously though, this game is all GameCube. So much for the heralds of doom decrying the Cube's lack of quality third-party support. Sorry about the error, and thanks for pointing it out. But hey, at least we're still bett…
  • Oops. I guessed I just kind of assumed that you wouldn't be able to slash up the ground. But... I bet you can't destroy the SKY! Oh, and Joe, it's Sega and From who seem to be mistaking "mayhem with gaming," as Microsoft has nothing to do with th…
  • ... I think the music's pretty cool. I mean, if that's okay...
    in Mythri media Comment by LaoK June 2003
  • I too am in favour of sin taxes, namely the tobacco tax. This junk food one sounds good as well. However, I think they're picking on the weak with this video game tax. I wonder why they do not consider increasing taxes on automobiles? Clearly, they …
    in FatGamer Comment by LaoK June 2003
  • You use the analog. There has been no word of the mouse, but it isn't impossible.
  • Poor guy - first post and already such scrutiny! It's true what you said about the character models, though. They stand out like a sore thumb compared to the otherwise excellent graphics. You spoke the truth again when you said that the game plays u…
    in Sudeki Media Comment by LaoK May 2003
  • The E3 crew report that this game is most definitely an RPG. Their source was a Square developer, if I recall correctly. I, for one, am glad to have a Panzer Dragoon Saga-like title on a system I actually own.
    in Drakengard Comment by LaoK May 2003
  • It's good that this game isn't going to use a Morrowind-style battle system, as I imagined it would. I still think the Xbox could benefit from having an RPG with a menu-based battle system, although it sounds like it doesn't "need" any more RPG beyo…