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  • Sorry about that Kamikaze. Has anyone checked out the website for Mythri. It has a cool opening. Simple but cool, just wondering about that quote is had, "there is hope in love." Wonder how it connects to the game. What do you guys think i…
  • Who thinks the storyline in Mythri sounds good. I think so. It gives a real adventureous and epic impression. :D
  • Nice essay. It has inspiried me to continue on the first Wild Arms I have now!
    in Wild ARMs 3 Comment by MMM March 2003
  • I do feel a little asamed for my stack of unfinished games. But I'm working on finishing these ones: Chrono Cross (still on disc 1) Arc The Lad 2 (doing well) Wild arms (got to finish this fantastic game, but the puzzles are crazy at times) Cast…
  • Kuja is my favorite villian. He was kind of sympathetic at times and you really did feel for him.
    in Villains! Comment by MMM March 2003
  • This scene from FF9 was something that really touched me. "<span class="spoiler">Brahne's death and Dagger by her side, hearing her last words.</span>"
    in Saddest RPG. Comment by MMM March 2003
  • That was an interesting article. Playstation refusing to die. I believe there shoul dbe some more RPGs for the playstation. This Black Matrix game looks cool. Can anyone give me info on these games please? Also hope they release this to NA.
  • Why do I like RPGs ? What?s so good about them to me? Why am I stretching a simple question? How come I?m not good looking? Okay, okay, I?ll stop with the idiocy. Here are reasons why I enjoy RPGs: -the stories are epic, solid, and entertaining -dee…
  • Chrono Cross and Arc the Lad 2 battle systems. They are a total blast!
  • A North American developed, console-styled RPG with an anime style and flair to it that you find in Japanese RPGs. It would have beautiful, detailed 2D sprites and environments. There would be some 3D in a few places to add a little effect. The gam…
  • Hope Eternal will have a solid cast of characters. They each have their own motivation and views to help add more depth to their thoughts and personality. That even includes the villains! Zan Janrick, a young half evairy and spends his life working…
  • So how is the progress of Mythri going? Just like to mention this with you, my main character won't be using a sword. It just happened while planning the story.
  • It truly is a good game. I absolutley loved the soundtrack! MY only gripe was the voice acting of Dracula, Belmont, and The Librarian. Their voices could have been improved, the rest was good.
  • I'm thinking of getting the game in the future (once I finish most of the games I have now). It seems to have alot of great elements to make an entertaining RPG. That's what I'm looking for! (Image)
  • This game seems pretty cool. The visuals are amazing, gameplays sounds unique, and the storyline sounds interesting. I loved the artwork it had. What interests me more was that this was based on a fantasy novel. Does anyone know where I can get some…
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  • (Quote)
  • Ladies and gentlemen! Here is the entire prologue for my story, Hope Eternal. Sit back and enjoy! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send a post of them. Thank you! Prologue What a world it is. Many Beautiful lands. ?A wo…
  • Good tips guys. I have tried the mist thing but it doesn't last forever you know. Anyway, thanks for the help! I think I'll try now.
  • I finally got it today. I only played a little bit of it. So far so good. The orchestarted music is alright, but the in game music was a much better jot to listen to. Enjoyed the battle system as well. My strategy RPG. 2D graphics are fairly good as…
  • Well i'm just making this post for the sake of posting. This is a interesting topic. Posting pictures of yourselves. Well guys enjoy! See ya! Oh Aliena, you look pretty good.
  • Don't worry guys! Second part of prologue will be on it's way. If anyone has an idea or concept for a fantasy/science ficiton novel or film, please submit!
  • Sorry for the wait everybody! As I have said before, the prologue will be the only chapter that's going to be submitted on the board. Once I finish Hope Eternal (or get alot of chapters done), I'll create a simple website for it. Anyway, enjoy the f…
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  • Thanks for the advice guys! (Image)
  • Zidane is my favourite! (Image)
  • Hope this wont be a dumb question! TommXK, who does the artwork and what animes were an influence on them?
  • You know what ActorJ? That is so true!(Image)