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May 2, 1982
Artist - 6 Eyes Studio


  • Thanks to Alex for the feature, and thanks to Ralsu for the support! Much appreciated.
  • Hi, Christina Leclerc here, from 6 Eyes Studio. I just wanted to say thanks for the mention! Fell Seal is still in pre-alpha, but we welcome any feedback, positive or negative!
  • Thanks for the epilogue! It always was a shame that we got so far without any closure.
  • abara wrote: » Correct. In Japan, the DS and PS3 versions both had the same book bundled (I have two identical copies of the thing) but the PS3 actually has an in-game version of it as well that you complete by finding pages within the game world.…
  • Thanks for running it, Martin, it's been a blast. Keeping any forum game going as long as this one did is a feat in itself.
  • Yeah, I'm talking about grab moves (the Balder knights in the Parish and the crow-people in the Painted World are two of many mundane enemies that had such moves). I don't get caught by them anymore, but when people first encounter these monsters a…
  • I love a good, fair, balanced challenge, so this and Demon's Souls are probably my favorite games of this generation, but Demon's Souls edges out in first. I went through both games with a play-style heavily reliant on a shield, and I would say Dar…
  • I enjoyed Savage Tide while it lasted, but I think it's time to move on (unless the pace really picks up in a hurry). As for a new game... although the slow pace of forum games has its place for planning and tactics, it's really hard to go back t…
  • Skyrim is a bit of a return to the exotic from what I've heard. Really? Who is defining Skyrim as exotic? I don't see how anything with elves and orcs in it can be considered as such. -_- I'm not badmouthing the game itself, because it's e…
  • (Did your area actually get hit by the hurricane, Martin? I hope all is well.)
  • Gandt winces and doesn't move. If at any point an alarm is sounded, though, he'll be quick to block one of the doors.
  • "Yeah, good call. Let's keep 'em alive so we can question them later," Gandt quietly agrees with Lucilia. Then, to Sarajahn, "Lead the way." Spot and Listen in full swing here. (+1 and +15 respectively)
  • "I guess that's our cue to head out." Gandt approaches the compound, Listening for anything unusual.
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood are bad guys whom I think were responsible for a huge pirate attack on Farshore, ((That was actually the Crimson Fleet. I do not remember precisely why the Scarlet Brotherhood put out a hit on us. It might have had som…
  • Gandt raises an eyebrow at James's question, then laughs heartily. He probably doesn't have to come out and say what his preferred method of taking the compound is. He is obviously impatient with all this talk of sneaking and stealth. "You want…
  • "One raft, coming up."
  • "I don't think we should split up," Gandt agrees. He looks about, and not seeing a boat, "But how are we all getting over there?"
  • "Everybody make way!" Gandt shouts, trying to get at the snake before it can do any real damage. If the snake is not already within reach, he charges it with a Shield Slam. If it is within reach, though, he lets loose with the greatsword in a fu…
  • (I'm here in a limited capacity.)
  • Ooh, damn chia, I hope everything gets better for you. I'd definitely like to make room for Savage Tide come July 1st! But my job is in a similar uncertain position right now, so I don't know how active I'll be on the forums here.
  • Just as an aside, it's worth noting that Irdred underwent a dramatic change over the course of the fire avatar battle -- from blatant paralyzing terror at the beginning to -- dare I say it? -- actual giddiness upon its defeat. He even allowed himse…
  • "Talbot," Irdred says seriously, "nevermind the fact that the queen will never take you back. Nevermind the fact that she has led everyone believe you are dead, that she sent assassins after you, that she is making sacrificial lambs of her people e…
  • "This is just wonderful. How the hell did they get wind of us so fast?" Arms crossed across his chest, Irdred eyes the others sternly. But then, his gaze wanders off into space as a different possibility crosses his mind. "And yet... they weren'…
  • (Yeah, I'm still very busy, and will be for the foreseeable future...)
  • she was just sticking around at a reduced capacity as a favour to me. (Hey, that's not true. I stuck around, against my better judgment, because the game is bloody addictive and I really wanted to see the end. Any chance you'd be willing to…
  • (I could use a refresher. Please remind me, why were we going to the plateau? Regardless, Gandt is probably in favor of taking the fight to the Scarlet Brotherhood.)