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  • It's an issue of control. I want to micromanage my party to detail, which is one of the reasons I loved final fantasy tactics. Star Ocean seemed a bit too frantic to me.
  • I don't know about any of you, but I am NOT looking forward to the FFXII battle system. Auto attacks and AI controlled characters just doesn't feel like you're playing to me. If it was more like SoM I wouldn't mind, but I think it's going to be m…
  • Actually, you don't need broadband to play, the preview is incorrect: from the offical FAQ:
  • What it needs is a Xenosaga style battle card game. Now there was a fun timewaster.
  • How do you know anything about character and plot development from nothing but a few news articles? ?You're allowed to speculate but your concerns are unfounded. ?It's not like there's a bank magic video game dust that can only be distributed across…
  • Quote (Morridor @ April 30 2004,22:10)
    And I say it's about time. We've had 11 Final Fantasy titles with the same basi…
  • Seeing as Final Fantasy Tactics was the greatest final fantasy game ever it's a good thing the art work is going the way it is.
  • I hope her character class is 'Android'
  • Quote
    And yet I havn't seen a single screen cap of gameplay that doesn't look like it was taken using a gameboy adv…
  • unacceptable -- I was hoping the first batch of shots just had problems but it doesn't look like they're getting any better. It's like they just ported the front mission 3 engine over to the ps2 or something.
  • Looked like there was no delay in between 2 characters attacking. Turn based per side perhapes? That's really nothing innovative, so maybe they've got something to really amaze us. Perhapes, since they want to make it more interactive, it will be…
  • Anyone got any mirrors for the movies? The rpgamer server is worthless.
  • WMP is Jesus compared to the syndicated virus that is Real Player. If someone knows the ip maybe you can stream it though winamp? I don't know if they encrypt it or not. Actually it's probably in rm format, so I'd guess they do. Oh well, I can…
  • Well, that's pretty worthless if you have to have aol to use it. Any gamer worth a braincell knows that aol is the worst possible internet service provider in the history of forever. I wish they'd get an XM raido station or something.
  • I lost faith in the 4 when I saw the horrifying screenshots. Unless I see something that doesn't look like a first generation playstation one game pretty soon I'm gonna be really disapointed.
  • I dunno, it looks like someone turned off the anti aliasing. The jaggies in those shots are just horrible. Come on square, we know you can put out ff10 quality, there's no reason the game should look that bad.
  • I hear it's actually a terrible game trying to sell itself off of the starwars brand name.
  • I will be mad if they simplify, or kill features. I hate it when game companies do that. But I see no reason for them to just expand expand :] I think one thing they should do it make enemies visable on the wrold MAP, so you can avoid. Explorat…
  • Wohoo! I've been waiting for YEARS!!! They can only make this game BETTER! More pirate ship battles! LESS random encounters! More ships to select from and weapons to upgrade? Ho ho ho, I can't wait! More info on the dark moon woul…
  • I think it means the 48 contiguous US states, yes. Even tho TECHNICALLY Alaska is part of the continent. Hrmmm. After chking this: http://www.alaska.com/akcom/faq/vacation/story/1981638p-2083834c.html looks like u can win in Alaska too. …
  • I don't really have anything to add. I'm pro-sub. But I would like to say that Shinning Force III is proabably the best example I can think of which containes the WORST VOICE ACTING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. Seriously, it's like the…
  • Saga Frontier 2 was a good contest, I remeber winning a PDA out of that :] Of course I don't mind their random drawing contests either cuz I won some front mission 3 toys out of one of those :] Point is, you have nothing to lose entering the…
  • Ok, well as far as sequals (based-on prequals?) go I'd say Xenosaga was better than chrono cross. If only we could steal CC's score tho and give it to XS :/
  • Also I thought the battle system was great! Such that boss fights actually ended up being a challenge! :] Oh, and I think one of the reasons the music may not come off as SO great is b/c Mitsuda is saving some of his better works for l…
  • I miss the old moogle wallpaper and frames of "The Unoffical Squaresoft Hompage" those were the days
  • Er, I ment the united states region of the south -- such that, Mary has a heavy southern accent for absolutly no reason other than to annoy me.
  • After they fix they disc read bugs they should go back and and actually lip sync the chatacters ;P Oh well, at least we don't have Bart quality voice acting in Xenosaga (cept mary...grrrrr, THERE'S NO SOUTH IN SPACE)
  • I think I know a possible solution to this problem. A lot of older playstation2's end up not being able to read dvd's or ps1 games or take a really long time to load them up. To fix the problem you have to open up your ps2 and clean off th…
  • I wanted the shirt more than than the artbook :P Also xenogears was critized for being so text heavy as well. If you didn't like the first you'd have no reason to play this one. We'll see tho, it's hard to not act like a fanboy when you just…
  • Mine comes friday b/c I wanted the free shirt :]