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February 26, 1985
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  • Hello, my name is Talora Flash. I've been coming to RPGamer for a while but never took the time to register. Nice to meet you all
  • What's really cool is no one's screaming that a sequal to Final Fantasy is blasphemy. That or FFX-2 softened us all up (Image) Personally, I've been wishing for a sequal to FFVII for a long time. The story never felt complete, unlike FFX's ending w…
  • Hey all...I saw this thread and figured it couldn't hurt to put a post in. I'm a total n00b. I know nothing of friend lists and Link Shells. I'm a level 5 White Mage (located in Titan Server), and no one wants to form parties with me to level up. I…
  • Final Fantasy Tactics had a great battle system, and I'm also a big fan of the ATB. I'd have to say though, like a few who have posted before me, that Star Ocean 2 had a great battle system. Your allies AI was good for a change, and if you needed th…
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (Naturally) .hack//Quarantine Star Ocean 3
  • My ex-girlfriend loaned me this game. It was her favorite game, and I can say that I don't see why. Don't get me wrong, the story was great and the FMVs were good, but no matter how clever the battle system it still felt like a chore whenever I had …
  • Quest 64. Worst. RPG. Ever. I *hated* this game with a passion because it was so pointlessly hard, and there was no money so stocking up on items was impossible, seeing as how you only get items from the towns people if you don't have any to begin w…
  • I find a dungeon that I think offers enough exp and go through it again and again. I do that a lot in Phantasy Star Online. On regular RPGs I just wander around in circles. I'm fairly patient with games, so I usually end a game at a good level and h…
  • I'm planning on checking out .hack//Mutation. I beat .hack//Infection recently, and I plan on buying the next one. Problem is that I've heard it's as short as the last game, and as much as I love Project .hack, I don't know if a 20 hour game is wort…