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  • I'm about 50 hours into Suikoden III after deciding to play all three suikodens back to back so I could load the data into each one. Next I think I'm going to give Xenogears or Final Fantasy Tactics another replay.
  • Quote (generator @ Nov. 26 2003,03:04)
    So true. The FF series is definitely the most popular RPG series out there, so …
  • Nostalgia can definitely blur the line between "favorite game" and "all-around great game"...or at least it has for me. For example, I know that FFVI is a much better game in the Final Fantasy series than FFIV, but I can't bring myself to like it…
  • My personal opinion is that $30 for Suikoden III is perfect. Even though lots of people say it's a bad game for various reasons, it's still worth a play completely through so you can make your own opinions on it, especially if you liked the first. I…
  • I voted for World. Getting back to a world of knights and a warring countries theme is what I've been waiting for. Plus Ivalice is a great setting if you ask me, whether it's been done before or not.
  • I meant console rpg's, so everquest and diablo don't count. But as far as non-console rpg's, I'd say Ultima Online takes it for me.
  • Awesome thread. 1. Yuber - Suikoden series - He's all powerful with both physical and magic attacks, is shrouded in mystery, looks cool in all three, and would easily be able to convince others of power to join him. 2. Sephiroth - FFVII - Ridi…
  • Playing a game all the way through automatically means you like it? I've played lots of games all the way through that I wasn't into....I just don't play them through again. Isn't that how games are reviewed as well? I wouldn't trust a reviewer t…
  • Honestly I think they should have left the questions like "what happened after FF VII?" unanswered. But that's just me. I much rather would have seen a movie made that takes place during the exact same time period of FF VII, but that focused on t…
  • FF12 looks like it has a lot of potential. I like most of the character design that was shown, but not so much for the main male character because it looks just like a mix between Tidus/Zidane/Squall. The glimpes of the other characters look great t…
  • I'm glad someone sees it that way. A lot of the early FF's were bad because they tried out new systems that didn't work out so well, but everyone still embraces them because they led that series into better things by picking out the systems and c…
  • Nintendo: Legend of Zelda Dragon Warrior Super Nintendo: Final Fantasy II (IV) Final Fantasy III (VI) Uncharted Waters Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Playstation: Final Fantasy Origins Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Fant…
  • I love this series, 1-3, and I can't wait for IV and anything that comes after. I started playing these a year after the originel Genso Suikoden was released in the US for PS1 (I happened to borrow the game from a friend who hated RPG's) and I insta…