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May 24, 1984


  • (I could try a Find the Path spell, but that would just lead to a location, not to the Trogs themselves. Worth a shot, though.)
  • Grove agrees with the idea of an ambush. I think Grove has it prepared, but if not, he'll prepare Heroes Feast and cast that so the party can partake of that before they head in.
  • (Hopefully, I've had my big last influx of schoolwork, so one less thing to occupy my attention) Grove moves over to Gandt as quickly as possible and swaps a Prayer for a CSW for the big guy. (Augment and Empower Healing apply)
  • Right after Gandt seems the most sensible spot in the marching order.
  • (Farad would probably be able to jump in once the party plans to depart Farshore at whatever point that happens in the future, so it should be fine not having him here at the moment since we are, hopefully, not planning a fight.) Grove will do hi…
  • (I figured Farad probably wouldn't have been invited unless Kit or Sam or someone else prominent in Farshore would vouch for him.)
  • (Many apologies, got backed up with schoolwork ) Aside from asking whether the shattered pearl they have is still dangerous, Grove really doesn't have any other questions. Doesn't seem like there is much for Farad to do at the moment now th…
  • (Part of Commune's description - "In cases where a one-word answer would be misleading or contrary to the deity’s interests, a short phrase (five words or less) may be given as an answer instead." - Am I still stretching it too far, though? If I am,…
  • (Congrats, Myst! Have fun with the new addition ) When Grove casts Commune he will ask the following questions: Were the pearls created on the Material Plane? If not, were they created in the Abyss? (Safe bet considering Vanthus' form and hi…
  • Farad chuckles at Sam's sudden change of temperament at Carawocket's departure. "Sure, sounds great! The sooner my companion and I have a look at your mines, the sooner we can see what we can do. Lead on, sir, if you'd be so kind." ***********…
  • After Carawocket leaves, Farad will inquire as to the standard gear that the other miners have with them - pickaxe is a giveaway, but if there's anything else like transport to haul your finds or anything, he'd like to know that up front. Grove w…
  • Yes sir. It was sir.
  • Well, this should be practically everything. I went with Gond because I didn't know the Greyhawk equivalent, if it really matters. Quote: wrote: Character: Farad Player: Bebop RACE: Male Dwarf SIZE: Medium AGE: 65 years HEIGHT: 4'4" …
  • Archie shifts uncomfortably and draws the hit a bit more over his face at Sana and Kit's remarks. Farad ignores this and resumes talking with Kit. "Fair enough, I'll have a word with the taskmaster if you'd be kind enough to direct me to where he…
  • Here's some info for my Techsmith so far. Quote: wrote: Character – Farad Cleric 7/ Techsmith 4 Dwarf Str 15 (+2) Dex 13 (+1) Con 9 +2 (Race) = 11 (+0) Int 10 (+0) Wis 15 +2 (Level Bonuses 4 & 8) +4 (Periapt) = 21 (+5) Cha 13 …
  • The dwarf sits quietly at his table enjoying a nice smoke on his pipe after a nice meal. His companion, wearing seemingly overly large clothes with a wide brimmed hat which obscures most of his face, sits nearby. He does raise his head when he he…
  • (Yeah. Really them just walking around Farshore was an excuse for Kit to bump into them at any time, so feel free.)
  • (May as well introduce my Techie here to get the ball rolling) A particularly squat dwarf makes his way off of the Blue Nixie. He then stops on the pier and takes a look up at the sky before then looking around the colony he has just arrived at. …
  • Quote:(chiapet @ Oct. 14 2009, 7:29 AM) wrote: (There are tasks that are not dangerous. If someone had a skill level in Profession(miner) or something related (too bad we don't have any dwarves) they could increase the output of the local gem mine…
  • Just a quick question. For firearms I've been using this pdf dealie here for damage stats and everything. Is that cool enough? I was not having much luck looking for it in DMG guides (can only find 3.5 versions, however).
  • I think I have enough of the character finished to start RP'ing him, so if I could humbly request ability score rolls, I'd be very much obliged.
  • Grove will spend his time at the chapel helping Vesserin with the day to day duties. If there is anything left of the pearl (Is there anything considerable left, or just fragments?) he'll try to study it, he'll try to get Vesserin's help as well.
  • My new character that I was considering was prolly gonna be a Wizard 7/Techsmith 4. So, your new cleric character really wouldn't interefere. If you do keep Kit, I may make it a cleric based Techsmith instead just to keep our party status quo, ab…
  • (The boots would make Gandt even more ridiculous, so I'll also defer those to Gandt. I can take the ring, I'd just sell it though. Could always use the extra cash, though.)
  • What's the rule on firearms in the game? I know we haven't had any so far, and I could easily live with bows/crossbows, but I was just curious as to the possibility of their inclusion. Can't get what you don't ask for, I guess.
  • Will do Detect Magic, Knowledge and Heal checks to try and discern the nature and possible cure for Tamaska's condition. Switch in Restoration, Remove Curse and Remove Disease spells where appropriate just in case. Doesn't matter which spells get…
  • If switching was possible I might try to the incorporate the Techsmith in this game. It could work as either a wizard or cleric, so there shouldn't be much trouble there. I like what Grove could do as a character, but I was never (as I'm sure …
  • Grove makes sure that James amd Lavinia are okay before heading off to see where the rest of the party has gone. (I'm assuming he saw where Gandt, at least, was heading off towards.)
  • Grove will tend to the rest of the party's wounds as best he can.
  • Well I just manage to forget at least one thing. 1 point in Concentration, Diplomacy, and Heal