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June 2, 1990


  • JuMeSyn wrote: » Tales of the Abyss packs a fairly large amount of game, and it's not outworn the welcome yet. Impressive. Peace negotiations seem to have gone well after the bottom fell out on a combat zone, but something tells me that won't st…
  • Wow, I haven't posted here in a while. I never really came back after the forums went down... lol I have been thoroughly enjoying Yakuza 3. It is my first foray into the series, and I must that it is awesome! I've heard that it is supposed to be …
  • JuMeSyn wrote: » Eventually it is possible to cope with the weapon mechanic, the thirst, the boring dungeons, and all the other stuff including those sometimes way-too-sensitive QTEs in Dark Cloud. That stinking camera, though, is impossible to o…
  • I will finish Tales of Graces F today. It feels weird. I've played this game religiously since May 8th. It will feel strange to just stop playing it now. It took 4 playthroughs and 220 hours or so, but I am just a few hours out from a perfect save f…
  • I prefer the DS version just because of having an attack button. Now if it could look and sound like the PSP version then it would be just perfect!!!
  • I now have all titles for TWO characters! I am freaking getting there!!! I'm also working on making the last few gems I need for my collectors book. With any luck, I will have Tales wrapped up by the weekend!
  • Typho wrote: » Even beyond that, the linearity was bothering me. It's possible that is because I just came from playing several WRPGs. Once it opened and let me run around a bit more I started enjoying it more. It is kind of the FFX of Tale…
  • I always play another genre in between every 2-3 RPGs. I didn't used to, but I got the point where I just didn't want to play an of them. That went away in about a week, but there's no reason to get so burned out. RPGs do make up an enormous amount …
  • Yeah, the childhood arc is really quite dull. It's good retrospectively, in the bigger picture of the story, but playing through it is a slog!
  • I'm at nearly 200 hours in Tales of Graces F. I nearly have all the titles. I willllll finish this game!!!!
  • Dark Cloud 2 is one of my favorite games of all time lol. Once you actually get into the georama and town building you'll be craving finding that next little doo-dad. Inviting people also gains relevance because you can't complete towns without cert…
  • This game is what made me want a 3DS in the first place. It's the first 'gotta have' game for me. I can't wait!
  • This looks amazing. I think anyone that is a fan of the show should really enjoy this!
  • If anyone is interested in a quick level up, you can piggyback the boss of zhonecage 9 and (with the proper setup) instantly boost all but one character to level 200 (assuming you have 10x experience). This can be done as soon as Zhonecage is unlock…
  • I just realized the forums were back :3. I am now at 164 hours in Tales of Graces f. I am on playthrough 3, and plan on finishing up my 100% file during this run. These games are always soul sucking. lol
  • It's not as much fun. The zombies running around are annoying. (They don't add anything at all, unlike Minecraft.)
  • Castle Miner is quite fun, and it's only 80 points. I've spent HOUUUUUUURS on it with friends.
  • Anything that lets me play it, of course. I would prefer a PSP release, but as long as it gets translated I will be extremely happy!
  • I am only on break until the end of the month, so I finally busted out the RPG that I've been waiting to give my full attention to: Tales of Graces f. I only got a couple of hours into it last night, but it is a treat to play. The combat system is t…
  • I just wrapped up Xenoblade Chronicles at 118 hours. All quests and all character at level 99. I did not, however, max out the affinity between all characters. That just seemed like far too much of a grind. This was a fantastic game. The voice actin…
  • That's one way of looking at it, but grinding health/defense by repeatedly letting yourself get pummeled just seems stupid no matter how you look at it.
  • That completely ruined the game for me too. I turned my nose up at the idea of it all the way through. I remember the game having a slightly better story than the first one, and I remember despising that leveling up system. Not really the best memor…
  • I'm still working through Xenoblade and, for some reason, I started up Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on Vita. This is my first Disgaea, and I really like it! I'm just taking it slow, and enjoying the ride.
  • You have all broke my hopes and dreams lol. I supposed this just isn't happening then. Sad-face
  • This sucks. Apparently Rising Star is still bringing it out in Europe, though. If anyone wants it, it could easily be imported. (That's what I'll be doing! :3)
  • I get having some reservations about 4/5, but don't you at least think 2/3 are better than the first one?
  • Still working on end game content in Xenoblade. I have finals this week, though, and I have a cold, so it's on the back burner until the weekend. I have been sneaking a run through Espgaluda II whenever I get a chance, though! :3
  • I just want to kick in on Phil's gripes with the 3DS playing DS games from episode 69. I haven't noticed the text issues, but the colors are noticeably washed out on all games. I fired up a few games that my household happens to have two copies on a…
  • I don't like WRPGs, so I heartily agree with your none of the above! lol
  • I'd recommend giving XIII-2 another try if that's the only complaint. I absolutely loathe and despise monster systems, but was able to stomach theirs without too much of an issue. It's really quite unobtrusive compared to some other ones. You can ge…