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March 21, 1986


  • Quote
    PSsh, saying console gamings don't have many problems isn't very realistic... Just about every game has bu…
  • Companies will lose customers if they charge money for patches, but does that necessarily mean "all patches are, and always will be, free" ? Seems to me like you made the ridiculous quote here. I never said that statement, so you're the one who…
  • PSsh, saying console gamings don't have many problems isn't very realistic... Just about every game has bugs in it, PC or not. Just because you don't notice them doesn't mean there aren't any. However, most of the bugs that the patches for PC …
  • ya know...most patches are meant to fix problems... if companies make you pay for a patch to fix a bug in a comp game...then they're going to lose customers...its simple as that.
  • Final Fantas XI or maybe....City of Heroes
    in MMORPGs Comment by daoster July 2003
  • So...wasting you TIME, fighting monotnous battles in order to learn some skill makes the gameplay that much better for you? Technically speaking, if I wanted my FFV character, who is a knight, to become a mage, I could just change his job, and wh…
  • personally, I liked Chrono Cross better, but thats just me.
  • about the 150 year prequel statement...Konami of America has just retracted that statement.
  • http://suikox.com/suiko4.html PICTURES
  • There's a rumor that it might be a prequel to Suikoden I
  • A couple of things: - PS2 2004 release - The artist from S1 is gonna be the artist again and producer this time! (BOOYA! NO MORE GENERIC LOOKING ANIME! though I enjoyed S2 and S3's art a lot, to me, they were...same old same old) - Nameless Ten…
  • Please tell how SoM was innovative? It played like a Zelda game with more than one character! Unless you count that as innovative... I wouldn't call Final Fantasy Tactics innovative either...
    in Modern RPGs Comment by daoster July 2003
  • The guy earlier mentioned that it was canned at the last second... i would expect it to be fully translated if it was canned at the last second
  • if they do release Seiken Densetsu 3...do we really want them to use Woosley era translations? I'd rather have it translated from scratch
  • Nothing new? Dissapointing........
  • uh, the highest blacksmith you can find right now is the city above Southwindo (Kuskus, I think?) you won't get your own blacksmith for quite awhile
  • SoA was cancelled for PS2 and is now being remade exclusively for the GC..but I hear that's because they want to release the sequel on PS2 instead..but who knows
  • hope you got the Fire Sealing rune from the highland camp when you sneaked in with Jowy..then equip it with the main character and he can BEAT LUCA SINGLE HANDEDLY!11 I depend a lot on Magic and unites on this battle if I don't use teh Fire Seali…
  • believe what you want, but that's the fact. Those two rune spells do not create a new combination spell. thye might have changed the casting animation, but if you were to go in a normal battle, and cast the two spells at the same time, that's what i…
  • that wasn't a combination attack that Riou and Tir did..it was the two ultimate spells casted in a row so eh
  • so then it would be right for me to say, FF VIII, or FF IX was old school then...? So that was then..and this is now.. and yes, I know many fans have complained about FFXI, but judging by the sales numbers of FFXI in Japan (100,000 + sales) its a…
  • Old school? what is old school? Old school doesn't exist..nor does new school..or whatever school.. old school that's a funny name. Well you see, Konami is trying to please both sides of people. If they had stayed the same, I have no doubt …
  • 2D had blazing speed battles? Coulda fooled me... well... the 3D graphcis are as 2D as you can get without going Cel-shaded in Suikoden III
  • The Requirements = You must have all 108 stars before you send out Kiba to attack Leon, meaning before attack Matilda, you'll get the 4th spell to the brigh shield this way too. Nanami must have some sort of armor on, and when she is getting pummele…
  • I'm sure you heard this a million times before, but Guile WAS intended to be Magus, but then the guy who directed the game changed his mind.