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maryadavies · She Shoots For The Stars


Somewhere east of Atlanta, GA
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June 16, 1973
Somewhere east of Atlanta, GA
She Shoots For The Stars
don't ask :)
RPGs, handicrafts
Just a girl who likes to play RPGs.


  • I'll come back to FF8, but Kingdom Hearts 3 has had my undivided attention lately. I'm just about to the last world before the end..Just so everyone knows, it's a really fun romp, but if you haven't played ALL the KH games including the "spinoffs" o…
  • I'll look one up, one that's well rated :) I don't want crashy and that'd annoy both me and the nephew.
  • Hokay. Thought I'd ask you guys. My little nephew is interested in games, it seems. He really likes my Steamed Sonic CD; I was thinking of introing him to the original Zelda since he's too young to read much and I think you dun need to read to en…
  • Okay, started over..for the third time..on Final Fantasy 8. May I actually...BEAT IT...this time. This game has been in my backlog far too long and I'd like to finish it, mess with 'Cat's Pocketstation, and return both game and Pocketstation to him.…
  • Oh and I was just poking our fine admin on Skype but thought I'd say this now. Happy Birthday, StrawberryEggs! Hope it's been a good one.
  • My, so quiet. Sorry about the double post. Anyway I recently got a Google Home Mini; going to be getting a smart switch in a few days from a online friend (early Christmas present). Was just getting it to play nice with Todoist and Outlook Calend…
  • I guess where people that aren't online go; life (I think for instance at least one went to college) and such. Who knows though. We're between big releases and it's been quiet. Someone might come back eventually. Or we might get new folks; to be …
  • Sorry about the double post but.. I just finished Doma; I suggest you guys do it. That storyline had a very touching end.
  • Thanks for both, ACP. And I don't blame you; I think in our area we just got grazed. Oh and I got a I-want-to-cuss-but-this-isn't-worth-it problem right now. Seems I got the WRONG hdmi cables that don't support HDR for my PS3/PS4. UGH. (they do w…
  • ACP, I'm just fine. We had some VERY minor flooding in the basement (GET THE MOP kinda flooding. Literally.) but nothing major. And I have some good news; If my blood pressure stays down for the next couple weeks, I can kiss one of my high blood …
  • As you saw on the help thread, just clobbered Dragon Quest XI(PS4). Soon as I can figure out how to finish the party, I'll get to the post-game and true ending.
  • Okay. Beat it tho not going to call it yet since I understand there's ANOTHER final boss. Would anyone know how to get the post game stuff started?
  • ACP; past it now but I'll still look into doing that trick. And I'm loving this game too *offers a high five* Ended up just gritting my teeth and finding a place with a campsite where I could actually grind up to 40ish. Then I whupped that boss's bu…
  • Yeah Dark, and if I'm right and I can create a Party Finder party to find you/send you a friend request once you're free; you're on the Primal data cluster as well. I must of misunderstood about that tho *blush*
  • Not that I know of Anime. Which brings me to my idea. I'm on Excalibur; Dark told me he's on Levi, which is the same data cluster. What servers/data cluster are folks on? If we're all on Primal, I REALLY think a cross-world LS for us RPGamer f…
  • So okay. .hack//Quarantine (Clear, most aftergame stuff done)(PS2) Bad luck on the last dungeon, might come back to it later. But I can say I have beaten this, I did the last gobbie and I don't know if I want to beat the last dungeon now! Too …
  • ACP; I won't. And Raina; a friend of mine from XI/XIV (Kellar) suggested I use Win 10's Calendar and gave me a way to sync it between phone and pc. (Cortana for Android + Outlook for Android) That can take the place of a day planner, for that's basi…
  • Okay. yay! .hack //Outbreak (PS2) (clear, did aftergame stuff) Wow. Maybe there's hope now; that's all I'm going to say in case. But at that last boss; Eeek Black Rose, I didn't want you to hit it! Oh well.
  • I have a bit of a problem that I'm sure us gamers prolly can understand. My sister yelled at me about playing games all the time. Even tho I don't agree with about 95% of what she said, she does have a point; I play games a LOT and when I get a n…
  • Okay., .hack // Mutation (completed and did aftergame stuff) (PS2) Man, that was a shock when I beat the final boss. I won't say more than "WHAT A MESS!" in case someone hasn't beaten it by now. Off to the next!
  • Thanks Clix. Got it and beat the pants off the final boss. Was a bit touch and go, but I'm level 52 now and that may of pulled the trick. Now to do a bit of aftergame stuff, then it's time to ask 'Cat for the next game. :)
  • Okay. To continue my .hack marathon; I've been playing Mutation lately when I'm not on XIV. I'm pretty near to the end. Hopefuly in a day or two.
  • Didn't know that Alex. Added. I don't mind advertising that too. ^^
  • Sorry about the double post but..FINISHED with .hack //Infection(PS2) now. Got the afterboss. Might do a couple more things but that's it. Also Ever Oasis (3DS) is finished as well. Finished the aftergame stuff as well, including getting the last…
  • .hack //Infection (PS2) I am extremely lucky here. Shadowcat has all 4 games, which is rare now a days. (As well as very expensive if you bought them today) I decided to try to play and beat these games; I don't think I will EVER get another chan…
  • Revival again! Lately I discovered Imagine Dragons. ^^ I forgot to mention when I started this; the other thing I don't like is cussing for the sake of cussing/shock. There are instances where I'll let it slide, but here's one I will let it slide…
  • Kk. I'll try to do the CCleaner thing again later on. Oh and one more thing that might of made a difference; I run both Ublock Origin and Noscript; I don't think Noscript is causing any problems (I allowed the site and everything..). Yes, I'm aware …
  • Okay, let me spell out what happened. 1. Browser (I use Firefox) started really misbehaving due to antivirus getting messed up by the Win 10 April Creator's Update (but I didn't know that at first; turned out uninstalling Avira fixed it. I change…