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maryadavies · She Shoots For The Stars


Somewhere east of Atlanta, GA
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June 16, 1973
Somewhere east of Atlanta, GA
She Shoots For The Stars
don't ask :)
RPGs, handicrafts
Just a girl who likes to play RPGs.


  • Shoutout: EVERYONE OKAY? With the coronovirus going around, am worried.
  • Yeah we all are. I'm hoping I can knock out Ni no Kumi 2 pretty soon, game wise but things have been bedlam. ^^
  • I will when I get to it. Anyway..if people want to know what was updated.. More pic hosters added. Some that died (like Tinypic) have been yoinked. And links updated. It's been so quiet I haven't done much in the way of things that need talked ab…
  • No kidding ACP; that goes triple for free hosters sometimes. I had to ask on their forums to get a solution, it now works perfectly. Tho yes, if things get better for me, I may be looking into some kinda paid hosting.
  • I happened to have discovered a problem. Ugh.. You guys remember the Newbie Guide? It still exists. I discovered my hoster was garbaging things up when I did a update on pic hosters. UGH. Took me a while to find a solution, but it's fixed now so …
  • Thanks ACP. As for me, things have been quiet of course, other than the usual. ^^
  • So okay. I didn't think I would get to play this for a while.. Dragon Quest (Switch) -- Shadowcat was very sweet and let me borrow his Switch to play this. I'd played this (with a ROM) before but never really beaten it. Now I can say I have. Fun …
  • Thanks to DarkRPGmaster and some friends from my FC. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers(PC) I'd say this is their best expansion yet for either XI or XIV! Wow.
  • Sorry about the double post, but I talked to my FC leads and there's now a cross server LS on Excal. I'll be prolly deciding the rest of the leads, but if you want in, come over to Excalibur for a second and poke me or Nimbex Nombex; there will prol…
  • .hack //G.U. Rebirth (PS4) (via .hack//G.U. Last Recode) Yes, working on Last Recode now. I've cleared the game, just got a couple more things to wrap up and then off to Reminiscence. This was a fun ride and I can't wait to find out to see how th…
  • Woops forgot to mention this. I'M OFFICIALLY OFF ALL HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS NOW! Haven't had a chance to get rid of the pills though but it means I'm only on a thyroid med and a multivitamin (Which I'd take anyway. Our diet is not the best b/c …
  • Me, I'd like to use it to find the RPGamer crowd (we could get the cross server ls started that way) and to do stuff. I don't plan on shifting servers permanently and I bet a lot feel the same way. So far, no luck. I went to the FC house once and…
  • Guess I'm the only one posting here, so again, sorry about repeated in a row posts. Anyway now you can actually visit other worlds that are in your server cluster. I visited Exodus and had some fun with Dark; Heeey!
  • Well, one more HUUUGE win to crow about.. As of tomorrow, I AM OFFICIALLY OFF ALL HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS. As long as it stays down for two weeks, I'll prolly be making a trip to the courthouse to get rid of 'em for good. YAY!
  • Okay, two wins now. (I guess I'm just posting wins?) Thanks to a FFXIV friend (not naming names) I managed to bargain some Cedar Fair Amusement Park chain single day tickets (We don't live near any of those parks; my friend doesn't either so he w…
  • Well, right now I've been playing .hack//G.U. Rebirth from the PS4 collection. It's been fun so far :).
  • Well, doctor called since we're doing the blood pressure thing by remote (I have my own monitor) Well, I'm officially off the metropropol and now we're working on getting rid of the third..a water pill. Goodbye hbp meds! And a big win for me. REA…
  • Oh, sorry about the double post (that's been happening lately b/c it's so slow) but I got some good news ^_^ As of tomorrow, I'm kissing the second of my hbc meds GOODBYE if my bp stays down the next couple weeks. BIG WIN!
  • Good ideas Raina. I also got some platformers wishlisted, waiting on a good sale since well..I don't have a lot of money either. But the cheaper ones I might be able to slowly pick up before summer.
  • So okay, finally. Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) I can say FUN romp, tho still no real happy ending for our main trio; not to mention you get major story dumps near the end, and if you didn't play DDD and BBS, and AT LEAST watched some videos on KH: C…
  • I'll come back to FF8, but Kingdom Hearts 3 has had my undivided attention lately. I'm just about to the last world before the end..Just so everyone knows, it's a really fun romp, but if you haven't played ALL the KH games including the "spinoffs" o…
  • I'll look one up, one that's well rated :) I don't want crashy and that'd annoy both me and the nephew.
  • Hokay. Thought I'd ask you guys. My little nephew is interested in games, it seems. He really likes my Steamed Sonic CD; I was thinking of introing him to the original Zelda since he's too young to read much and I think you dun need to read to en…
  • Okay, started over..for the third time..on Final Fantasy 8. May I actually...BEAT IT...this time. This game has been in my backlog far too long and I'd like to finish it, mess with 'Cat's Pocketstation, and return both game and Pocketstation to him.…
  • Oh and I was just poking our fine admin on Skype but thought I'd say this now. Happy Birthday, StrawberryEggs! Hope it's been a good one.
  • My, so quiet. Sorry about the double post. Anyway I recently got a Google Home Mini; going to be getting a smart switch in a few days from a online friend (early Christmas present). Was just getting it to play nice with Todoist and Outlook Calend…
  • I guess where people that aren't online go; life (I think for instance at least one went to college) and such. Who knows though. We're between big releases and it's been quiet. Someone might come back eventually. Or we might get new folks; to be …