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  • just finished watching Hayao Miyazaki new film, "Ponyo." weird illustrations as usually, but fun and relaxing. if u like his work u'll be pleased.
    in Anime Comment by mr. nails November 2009
  • for those still playing or about to play a HUGE patch update is now available. Patch Notes 1.12: * Fixed several issues which could overwrite saves, and protected against possible save loss. Save backups are now also generated. * Much reduced…
  • yeah, i'll have to wait 'til december. no ps3 here... yet. lol, tbh, i really wanna try out that defibrillator. cracks me up everytime i see that.
  • Quote:(kaya122 @ Nov. 05 2009, 6:46 PM) wrote: I completed: Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Wii) how was that? i'm interested, but (i don't have a wii) the fact that i constantly have to swing that controlle…
  • i never got to play VC1, but this game looks very enticing. i'd love to be able to check this out. i was watching sum dude play VC1 sum time ago and it seems like there is A LOT of pre-battle micro-managing. i don't mind that as long as the game is …
  • Episode #81 is out. covers castlevania iv and the n64 versions. not to much "toilet humor" in this, but seeing the AVGN's take on it was welcome. lol, n64 castlevanias FTL!
  • just lvl'd to 24 & am in new haven now. i believe i'm close to the end, but not sure. i'm just hearing a lot of disappointment from the masses about the ending. i should beat this by this weekend. i'm still loving the game. very fun and love the…
  • Quote:(Shponglefan @ Nov. 04 2009, 4:01 PM) wrote: I am completely uninterested in this sequel. omg. there's actually sum1 here on this board NOT a puppet. /tips hat
  • reimaging everything now-a-days, huh? the 2009 pilot episode of the 1984 TV series V is out and it's quite intriguing. the pilot episode builds a lot of anticipation and i anxiously await the 2nd episode. lol, i only hope i get to see long tongues a…
  • lvl 21 and just beat sledge. seems easier than the last boss which i thought was named sledge as well. does anyone know if u can track achievements? i'm playing the PC version.
  • lol, u poor poor confused ppl. stop buying into recycled software. giant thumbs down on this game.
  • i for the life of me don't see the appeal of this game. i've watched sum of this game here and there and basically it's a soap opera. u talk to sum dude, u go back the way u came, u talk to sum dude, u go back to initial dude, then rinse & repea…
  • playing borderlands! can't wait to get home from school!
  • so, i've been watching this game and it's appeal is growing. damn the loading screen tho. prepare for a lot of'em! ps. did i mention homeboys got like the biggest sword evar made!?1
  • started this up be4 school 2day. NEVER do that! i've got 6 hours logged and it's incredibly addictive. imma lvl 11 soldier w/imp bullet & turret dmg. i love finding new weapons wondering if it's gonna be an upgrade or not. 25% gameplay 25…
  • Quote:(Shponglefan @ Nov. 01 2009, 9:58 PM) wrote: Got Call of Duty 4 today. I'm probably in the minority, but I've always disliked the heavy emphasis on scripting and run-n-gun gameplay of the CoD series. This entry is no different. Especially af…
  • this game hurts my eyes and after watching a couple of videos on this it just seems terrible. idk what's worse, this or 3d dot game heroes.
  • beat Torchlight - PC took me 13.5 hours. had about 1/2 my gear gemmed and never enchanted anything or any transmutes. Xavier: Dual Wield Destroyer character lvl 43 fame lvl 27 hp: 3100 mana: 230 strength: 149 (1079-2157) dex: 4 (0-0) …
  • yeah, i'm lvl 22 and 1/2 thru the game. i try to knock out as many missions as possible while i keep up with the story. for a while the very hard missions were easy for me too, but recently i found sum ostriches on one of the very hard missions and …
  • Quote:(Elranzer @ Oct. 30 2009, 2:22 PM) wrote: Oh well, there's always those GameGear/MasterSystem spin-offs I never got around to playing yet... "Spinoffs" anonymous
  • /charge psp 8 hours in CC:FFVII @ lvl 21. kinda want to just progress the damn storyline, but i'm getting mad lvl ups, accessories & spells by grinding missions. don't like the camera in this game. sometimes it works; sometimes it don't. i've…
  • Quote:(geoffuws @ Oct. 29 2009, 9:40 PM) wrote: Mainly because we don't really have too many sci fi JRPGS... true story. is why i loved PS so much. PSII (for me) was the best game out at the moment back in the day. PSO, while i have it and di…
  • WoW, what's with all the angst against having another old school PS game? it's due for one. geez, and this place is supposed to be full of rpger's?
  • and this isn't japan. here in the USA we don't partake in the wi-fi era as much as asians do. therefore see my above statement.
  • idc about the rewards. all i'm saying is that i wished this was available when i started. just being able to do old school dungeons more often is a GREAT idea especially for the ppl just now getting into the game.
  • another fail PS game for the books. bring me ps5 or death to the series. thx.
  • setting VA2 aside yet once again... runnin' with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII now. as of 1.5 hours into the game the grafx are great, story is intriguing, the gameplay is, well, idk yet. it seems i just run in there and swing my sword and th…
  • just finished my 1st PsP game! just beat God of War: Chains of Olympus. VERY short game. took me 4.5 hours to beat it, but on that note the game is very fun as well. 4.5/5
  • character study was meh, story was alright, and the political allegory was dumb. if the movie deserves to be recognized for anything it's the flying pig. now, that was awesome! ps. MB movies are the best! u can NEVER have enough explosions in mov…
  • Upcoming Patch that's gotta be one of the best patches for this game i've ever seen. while some patches are definitely awesome this is something that's been needed for a LONG time. especially for those just starting out in WoW. it'll make it all …