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Sam Wachter


Sam Wachter
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  • London Detective Mysteria (Vita) -- Completed Herlock's route and now I am taking a small break before I dig into it again.
  • Knocked out Kirby's Adventure (Wii) via the Kirby 25th Anniversary Collection. Still love this game though god I forgot how rough the final three battles are in this one.
  • Donut County (PS4) Phantasy Star (Sega Ages Edition) (Switch) Donut County was delightful and got me out of a mood, and Phantasy Star... it has been a stupid childhood dream to beat that game. Then I did it. I feel like such a badass beating s…
  • Didn't even know we were doing this! Here we go! Minit (PS4) Dead Space 2 (360) Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu! (Switch) Arcade Spirits (Steam) Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP) Monster Loves You! (Steam) Kathy Rain: A Detectiv…
  • Yes, thank you so much for your efforts. They were appreciated.
  • Likely my last game of the year completed, but I finished the main plotline of Stardew Valley (PS Vita). I built the community centre and it took me 70 hours! But I still love this game so it is fine.
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4) -- Probably the weakest of the series for me. It starts out so strong and then turns into a haphazard mess in the later stages of the game both story and gameplay-wise. It just felt too short and left more glaring pl…
  • Cinderella Phenomenon (PC via Steam) -- Such a fantastic otome game! I am looking forward to tackling some of the other routes, but the Mermaid's storyline that I completed was fantastically intricate. If you love otome games, I highly recommend thi…
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4) -- Still my favourite Yakuza storyline in any of the games (though damn did I love Zero and Song of Life). Still need to do the Majima Saga, which I am super jazzed about.
  • Tonight I needed to play something calming and somehow beat Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U) in a full sitting. Going to try the harder puzzles another night, but that game is both charming and delightful.
  • Bad Apple Wars (PS Vita) - I got credits on Watse's route and no... this game makes me kinda uncomfortable and I don't think I'll be playing anymore of it. I REALLY disliked the gameplay (the touch system is super awkward and the story is.... all ov…
  • 7thCircle wrote: » Sam Wachter wrote: » Beyond Two Souls (PS4) -- a hot disaster with David Cage pretending he understands the feminist manifesto This has been in my backlog for years. That summary makes me more interested in finally ge…
  • Beyond Two Souls (PS4) -- the first quarter of this game was REALLY interesting, and then it just went to bonker places and left the story being a hot disaster with David Cage pretending he understands the feminist manifesto. I generally enjoy playi…
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4) -- I have many thoughts about this game and I cannot wait to share them in this month's Backloggin' the Year column. Oh do I have feelings.
  • Banner Saga 3 (PS4) -- I finished this game with a lot of yelling and feelings. Review to come soon.
  • Okage: Shadow King (PS2 via PS4) -- After two #JRPGJuly events, I finally beat this game and I LOVED it. For me it was a slow burn of an experience, but it just made me so happy. Took me about 30ish hours to complete. I am going to write more in the…
  • Collar x Malice (PSVita) -- Really enjoyed this otome game and the story definitely had me guessing. Wish it had been better edited at times though. Totally team Enomoto -- he's just so crazy!
  • Dragon's Crown Pro (PS4) -- Review/impression to come soon. Honestly, there is very, very little here that's new. Still a great game though.
  • Clix wrote: » Sam Wachter wrote: » Galaxy of Pen and Paper (PC) is finally completed and yes, despite being a year old, I am still going to review it for the site because I can. Just to check, how do you want me to track games for you? …
  • Galaxy of Pen and Paper (PC) is finally completed and yes, despite being a year old, I am still going to review it for the site because I can.