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  • I just picked up Unlimited Saga used at a local game vendor. Needless to say, like the review on this site even indicated, the game is ruthless. My first character to choose was Kurt. So far i have know idea how to increase my attributes or even …
  • You might want to mark spoilers in your post there, Ashgad. That isnt known information unless you've finished War III: TFT. Anyways, Yes, WoW is set following the events of War III: TFT. And to my knowledge blizzard has no plans to continue to …
  • The Horde has decided to ally with the Undead? That makes no logical sense whatsoever. This cant be Thrall's orcs can it? Thats going against the very storyline that Blizzard itself developed. Mega bummer if it's true.
  • While there are a few melee proffesions, combat is mostly resolved through blaster and ranged combat. And as far as blasters go, there are three varieties. For long distance combat you have rifles. For medium range, carbines are you choice. And f…
  • Star Wars Galaxies is very similar to UO in the style of gameplay it employs. You are thrust into a giant world with no direct goal or sense of "what should i do now". The game is partially what you make of it, for better or for worse. There are alo…