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Ashy Phoenix
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October 15, 1986
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  • This is interesting stuff, but the article itself needs some serious proofreading.
  • I think I've traveled along with Yuna and the Guardians somewhere in the 300-400 hour range total, counting replays (maybe 3 or 4). I never did the monster hunting bit, and I refuse to dodge that damn lightening.
  • SiliconNooB wrote: » -CT sold over a million copies on DS, just what did SE expect from a handheld port? -Jade Empire is easily my favourite Bioware property. I felt the world and the narrative pacing was developed to perfection, the game is be…
  • I wrote something much longer here before and I lost it and I now lack the patience to rewrite it. Here's the long and short of it: Chrono Trigger, though the DS version of the game was primed and ready for a sequel for those of us who completed …
  • So I, uh, finished the game (40 hours) and I have to say it's one of the most fun gaming experiences out there. Toss out those preconceived notions of what a FF game should be and enjoy this adventure for what it is: a fun, humurous romp throughout …
  • So ummm....hmmm. Like...hmmm. Well, it seems that the "narrow-minded viewpoints" have been covered. FFX bashing has been abundant. And there will be no FFXII in the next fiscal year. I find the FFX bashing particularly interesting, almost as intere…
  • As has been discussed before, the .hack series presents itself as one game spanning through many plot twists and subtle changes. Although admittedly some of the plot twists were kind of like "D'oh!" the story remained engaging, if not relatively fri…
  • Yeah, there is that danger of the series stretching thin. ?But I think we're in good hands for Chain of Memories and KH2 - they seem to know what they're doing (although I'm much more excited for KH2). It's nice to see that Disney, disregarding t…
  • I'm with Daemonic Angel on this one - FFIX didn't particularly appeal to me either. Personally I'm looking for the best FF since.....FFX Or FFX-2, who knows. I've never played a DW game...are they worth checking out?
  • I like that line of thought, Alethea - actually, you've kind of made made me feel better about the whole thing thankee!
  • Well, I think it goes without saying that this isn't a "real" Final Fantasy game. It's already implied; do we really need to be so picky about names? But let's say we need to be. In that case, I'd say that each Fantasy has had it's own way of pre…
  • I have to agree agree with Dracos. After seeing S3, I have significant doubts about S4. Let's face it: S3, though filling a temporary gap in PS2 RPGs, could hardly hold up to its formers. The 3D transition didn't seem to do the series much good.
  • Despite my extensive reservations about the game, the screenshots do look wonderful. Maybe it is deserving it's number place in the FF series after all.
  • I notice that similarity as well. I hope it doesn't have 40 + characters who barely get any development but, uh, I like the atmosphere Baten presents. It seems much more open than Cross' was.
  • I just have to kinda agree with everything you said, though personally I love to replay the lengthy games. I will willingly travel through length ventures such as Xenogears numerous times, albeit less often than, say, Suikoden. But yeah - I've play…
  • I'm so excited! The first Wild ARMs rocked the house, and this looks to be nothing but an improvement. But they must preserve the music! It's half the experience. And that sort of, gusto (is that a word?) adventure atmosphere. What a game that wa…
  • I think the only draw to this game is the multiplay. But even then, it strikes me that there are better games to play. It's possible I may be eating my words at some point but that's how it seems from this angle. Still, I'm willing to bet my drea…
  • Well, I guess one could term the move of platforming gaming into the 3D arena as "the death of platform gaming". But that wouldn't be quite accurate - although admittedly the lines can blur between what an adventure and the platform genres. Setting …