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  • Edge does plenty of damage in the backrow. Just toss the excaliburs and whatnot hehe ;P
  • "YOU SPOONY BARD!" was the best translation ever hehe ;P FF6 did have some small bits that were different in the Japanese version...like when you goto Cyan's cave he has adult magazines, not books on machines ;P Now if they could only release …
  • The plague is a debuff Hakkar in ZG gives you if you are within melee range of him. However, it lasts outside the instance if you hearthstone while you still have it. The plague owns...kills all the mules and gold farmers. I agree they should mak…
  • Does XP support the Final Fantasy style battle system like 2000 did? If not, I'm not buying. I personally hate the Dragon Warrior style battle system.
  • Thats one thing FFXI lacks.../rude The game needs that badly ;p
  • Quote
    So they want you to think...rofl.
  • The thing that really killed FFXI for me was 1) The massively inflated IGE happy economy 2) TEDIOUS LEVELING that you have to do multiple times 3) No ability to solo which ties into 4) Difficulty in finding a group if you are not the ideal cl…
  • Tradeskills fun? You sure you are talking about EQ2? WoW has EQ2 smacked hands down for tradeskilling.
  • MMO are plenty cheap. If you cant afford $15 a month, you need to re-examine your vices or get a job ;P Guildwars was ok. As was said, it's basically a really bright Diablo. Their file distribution system is quite ingenious though.
  • Well, Nov 22nd was the date given by VUgames ;p That's why you are seeing that in alot of places. The 15/16th is just pure speculation by insert_game_retailer_here. Blizzard themselves have yet to finally announce a date. Although one hopes when …
  • Eh if you can actually sit through Matrix Revolutions and pay attention, it's fairly obvious Neo isnt really dead. Assuming MxO actually survives (current news from people in beta is "its like city of heroes, except not really as fun"), I'm quite po…
  • The sad thing is, unless they MASSIVELY fix a multitude of things in the next week or so, the freebies will be the things with the most value in that pack ;)
  • Bah it's SODA, not pop ;( Although I suppose pop is better then those parts of the country where they call all carbonated beverages "coke". Heh "I'd like an orange coke plz!" wtf ;/ Btw, the skill stones in the new UO expansion are expected to cr…
  • I'd like a sequel to Chrono Trigger. A REAL SEQUEL. No, Chrono Cross doesnt count.
  • I was actually surprised when I had first heard about Warhammer rising from the ashes. ?Games Workshop isnt backing it monetarily anymore, so I guess we'll have to see what direction it goes in. ?IMO they should have gone for the 40k series to adapt…
  • I'm still waiting for Chrono Trigger for DS ;(
  • I said Player AI on purpose because I honestly wonder about some people online -_-
  • I'm convinced it's Rufus as well. However, what is still in question is where the loyalty of the clones lie. We've seen in some trailers them kneeling before Rufus, or standing near him. Shinra did start the clone program. It's possible that t…
  • EQ2 wont have PVP, WoW will. Thus, I have far more interest in WoW. Playing high end in EQ for 4+ years made me realize that NPC AI isnt as fun to defeat as player AI.
  • I just watched the new Advent Children trailer from the TGS. Shows the first glimpse I've seen of Yuffie ;P Everyone favorite klepto is in the film it seems ;) However, one shot in the trailer REALLY stands out. The guy draped in the cloth we'…
  • Anyone else notice that this looks ALOT like True Fantasy Live? I wonder if it's possible that Square-Enix worked out a deal with MS in aquiring the materials from that project. And MMOs are a very cheap form of entertainment. When you cut dow…
  • Actually the skill system for weapons had been artificially buffed because it wasnt working properly. I do believe it's reverted back to it's normal mode now.
  • Any idea if XP has the FF style battle system as an option (like 2k3 did), or is it just the lame 20 year old Dragon Quest setup? ;/
  • I try not to heavily associate with the bnet morons in beta. They're easy to spot...usually the warriors who arent using defensive stance in a group where they = the only tank ;P
  • Possibly. Although I doubt she could possess one of the main heroes. Maybe controlling a few orc/taurens etc and having them start a movement against the current powers in the horde.
  • We can speculate, but no one will know for sure until Blizzard finishes the Orc RPG free-updates for TFT. The popular guess is that Thrall is either ousted or is killed. Thrall would NEVER consort with undead or demons, even if they came on frien…
  • After the big patch, surprise, they threw in hints how to get the FS slot. Basically you find a holocron and it says "to get on the path to enlightenment, you must become a master ****". gg timesinks. Least people have an idea now though.
  • If you plan on doing white mage stuff, hume might be better then elvan since humes get superior mana pools. Plus if you go for a melee/whm mix, your mana will be pretty sparse as it is. Subbing a caster class isnt a bad idea, but in the late game…
  • You should have sent your system specs to Square-enix. There was a webpage form where you could do that. Remember: The problem with the PC is that people have so many different styles and hardware configs and various programs infesting it that even …
  • People always talk about bugs in it but I never had any, save the playonline frontend not using the Lulu background I wanted half the time ;(