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February 23, 1986


  • hey, how do I equip the Full Throttle Sphere? It is puzzling me lol.
    in FFX-2 Comment by Cetus December 2003
  • I assume the female clerics are better than the male clerics, correct?
  • </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Rico @ Dec. 01 2003,14:41)</td></tr><tr><td class="…
  • Yeah I know but its not a mage I'm trying to promote, its my cleric =( .
  • hm, maybe I'll swap his armor with the fighters for now, it will probably do good in the promotion exam...but if I'm correc there armor is more or less the same...hm I'll find out soon.
  • I see, I'll keep note of that. I'm trying to get my cleric to do his 3rd promo exam so I can transmigrate him to bishop but...~.~ he's just too week in defense, in offense he is decent. I don't know what to do..besides of probably pairing him up wit…
  • ok thanks you guys, I appreciate the help.
  • With a team attack, does everyone get experience?
  • hm I see, I see. Another question though..do the cleric class themselves level up by using healing magic or do I have to actually have them kill a foe, just want to make sure about that.
  • Right now I just have one Cleric, but he is really strong in healing and status cleanses. Is it good if a transmigrate him or do I keep him as he is?
  • ok, Thank you. I have a priest availible to me, I assume he would learn more than me Cleric then?
  • Well my question is regarding my Celric and mage class people. How do I get them to get more healing spells/more types of magic for that element? Do I need to transmigrate them or something? A response will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hey, I am thinking of getting and sp for the holidays, how much would it cost just the system alone. Of course I plan on getting sword of mana with it if I get it.
  • Well, I'm on the Leviathan sever and such.
  • Intresting indeed, never knew that about Elvaan but then again, it all depends on job, equipment, food, etc. =) Everything is going fine with my monk now, I'm at level 41/20 Warrior(sub). I'm currently farming at Pashhow Marshlands for gil since my …
  • It looks great in my opinion, reminds me abit of Dark Could 2 as well, but of course it still holds its own form of style, I'm looking forward to this one.
  • Man, thats how Link should be. No offense but I belive the whole kiddie thing took away the whole experience to me. I'm really looking foward to this new adaption of Zelda, it looks like it will be a great hit.
  • Khazam seems, from what I've seen to be the native home of the Mithra....the setting is tropical..then as you proceed future its a jungle...you'll meet Lizards, Gobs, and little plant people here...oh and the experience ranges from 188-270, thats wh…
  • This is what I've been waiting for, man it is beautiful, no offense of course to the previous title (WW) but man...what a impact.
  • Well we did a heck of a accomplishment with two MNKs and one BLM x-x lol.
  • This that possible? perhaps I never tried. I just killed off a dragon in Palborough mines near bastok. ~.~ by 1 hp I defeated the damn thing, and its seeker..finally now I have rank 3..wasn't easy in my opinion.
  • hey thats sweet, I didn't think it would make it here but I was wrong. The gameplay looks pretty nice, I'll be looking forward to this one.
  • Now I got to get my chocobo license...I wonder how I'm going to go about getting it...since I'm only a level 20 monk and a level 9 warrior (sub-job). I belive it is in Jueno right? if thats so I better start training at the dunes for the journey ahe…
  • Woah it sounds hectic on that server..I'm a level 16 Monk on the Leviathan server, all seems very peaceful there, even in San d'Oria, where I'm from. The PC people are very nice, ocassionally I had a few heal me at tense moments or cast protective m…
  • I second that but yes indeedy.
  • Man there is nothing better than helping out other fellow players. I remember I was going to the King Raperre (sp) Tomb and a Black Mage Taru was at the Enterance. His level was a tad bit low but he had what he needed for a current mission. All he n…
  • Well I see everyone got started just fine. I'm on the Leviathan server unfortunately but hey. I'm in San D'oria as an Elvaan Monk, Male named Fernier. I'm currently level 8 and I must say everything is going just great, I might explore the Kings Tom…
  • >.> 10:00 am tomorrow...eb said...beh guess I wont be on until then.
  • Well ps2 online is already at top par rivalry with xbox online if you ask me (with Socom 2 and all) but with the coming of FFXI I think its a new revoulution altogether. No one has ever tried something like this before until now, and seeing how ALL …
    in RPGamer Poll Comment by Cetus March 2004
  • *Extreme Excitment (Image) * I'm getting it tomorrow, after I get out from my gym class in school.I'm going to Eb's. Well the bad thing is where I reserved my copy is in Queens, I'm in Brooklyn, another county. But its all good, I'll just take the s…