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  • I'd like to recommend Lufia: Ruins of Lore. It is moody, challenging, pretty and an overall rewarding experience.
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    I didn't. That's too bad in The Xenogears GuruComment by DartMay 2003
  • About reaching the Infinity Attack Level with Gears: Does it have anything to do with the Characters Deathblows too? Thanks.
  • Attacking your own part members on the world map area near Altea is a good thing to do. Since the enemies there are weak, this works well even near the end of the game. Well, at least that worked for me on the old NES version.
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    That reminds me of Lufia 2 and it's Ancient Cave. 99 Floors wasn't it? And you can't even save your game.
    in Wild ARMs 3 Comment by Dart April 2003
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    .>[/QUOTE] Well, you are lucky, RagNuhRok. Anyway, I have beaten this game already, so, if you ne…
    in Wild ARMs 3 Comment by Dart April 2003
  • Thanks, TRC, I will bomb everything in that cave.
    in Wild ARMs 3 Comment by Dart March 2003
  • OK, I already got the Item Scope from the arena at Gunner's Heaven. But I'm stuck at the Gemstone Cave. When I look for an exit there all I could find was a dead end. I can't find a way out of Gemstone Cave... PS: So, the Lion Idol is outside of th…
    in Wild ARMs 3 Comment by Dart March 2003
  • I find this announcement to be of the best news PS2 owners had so far in this year. The magazine scans for Grandia III makes it clearly that this game will be one of the best RPGs of the current generation.
  • Now that I have played the game a little more, I didn't like the random dungeons too. I'd prefer it was more like Lufia 2. And by the way, I haven't seen any puzzles. I wonder if they are gone? But anyway, for the little that I have played, The …
  • I am yet to play all the GBA RPGs. But since Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was announced, I am looking forward for its realease.
  • Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions. I've already decided: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is the game that I am playing at the moment. Despite its flaws, the newest entry at the FF series is proving to be quite enjoyable.
  • I didn't know until now that the game will have an offline mode as well. I guess I didn't give the news enough atention. Anyway, the rest of the info makes Ambrosia Odyssey seem quite interesting. Remind me of all the good aspects of the Dark Cloud …
  • A Lord of the Rings RPG is something that most of us, fans of Tolkien works, were eagerly waiting for. I'll be certainly looking forward to this game.
  • Quote (Soratsu @ April 01 2005,14:02)
    I agree. But that's the way most people have fun. What can we do?
    I've heard many times that the producers were working hard to improve the game's graphics. I wonder if th…
  • I'd say Time Stalkers (Dreamcast)
  • By four or five years ago, I used to play RPGs and other games with some friends. But now, I only play alone. I miss that times a little bit.
  • I enjoyed the first artworks. Both the characters and the backgrounds look good for me. I don't think that Vahn looks so effeminate. And even if he does, he still looks cool.
  • I was more surprised than excited. Who would've thought that the first Wild Arms, a rather obsolete game by now, would get such a complete new version. But I did enjoy it, so yeah, we could say that I'm excited about the game.
  • I wasn't expecting Final Fantasy XII to come out until the next fiscal year anyway. Given the fact that the game will be revealed on November, four months are too little time for it to be launched. The Dragon Quest V remake, although it won't mak…
  • My favorites are the ones from FFVIII and FFIX. Basically for the same reasons: Awesome musics (the "Memoria" theme is one of my favorites game musics ever), a great direction of art and lot of bosses to deal with (I enjoyed FFVIII more because the …
  • By the way, is there anyone who knows the meaning of the name Kuja (from FFIX), or from which language was it originated (Japonese aparently) ?
  • Silly question: Can this "F" in Another Code mean "Fourth"?
  • First, thanks everyone.
    Well, my friend has his reasons... in Star Ocean 3Comment by DartSeptember 2003
  • I'm playing this game at the moment, and I'm REALLY enjoying it. I guess Arc IV is the second RPG that most amused me in the PS2 so far, just FFX beats it (note; not played Xenosaga yet). Its storyline may not be that inovative ( "Spirits Stones and…
  • I really want to see a Legend of Dragoon sequel. There were some rumors some time ago, but I guess that unfortunatelly they weren't nothing but rumors...
    in Sequels Comment by Dart July 2003
  • Have anyone ever played Rolan's curse for the Game Boy (not Color neither Advance)? It's an Action RPG that came out some years ago. I forgot its developer right now, but anyway. It's not easy to find a game so dull and mediocre than this one. If yo…
    in Worst rpg ever Comment by Dart June 2003
  • I wonder how much we will have to wait until we see Kingdom Hearts 2. The game has been put on hold... But I am glad that FFXII is settled to be released in the current fiscal year and DQVIII is confirmed. Another game that I am looking forward …
  • To say the thruth, I am not surprised with these low ranks from the reviewers. The SaGa games were always something different, and as they say in the reviews, this installmente is no different. Although I have apreciated old SaGa games like Romanci…