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December 30, 1986


  • oh Aya, you deserved so much better for a revival. I'm still surprised that the dialog still holds up to this day. It's a lot better written than a lot of stuff released today. I still maintain that this is almost like a deconstruction of the JRPG
  • and this is why we can't have nice things Square: because you're STUPID
  • Rebochan wrote: » I only brought up the other games, not to justify this one, but to counter the prevailing notion here that Japan is the only country to treat female characters like sex toys - and really, really shamelessly. For some reason, how…
  • Rebochan wrote: » LOL, though in all seriousness, it's just "Magicka with guns" as opposed to "Call of Duty with Magicka robes". And tongue firmly in cheek. I was more taking a stab at games like this one or hell, BioWare's recent output where…
  • otakudensetsu wrote: » i don't understand why they had to copy resident evil again. they had their own thing then they took aspects from RE2 and now again they made a 3rd game and adopted RE4 formula of making it more an aiming shooter rather than…
  • Wheels wrote: » Hey if a Tactics Ogre remake can happen... I'd actually rather have a sequel than a remake (probably starring a new character since Ashley's development was over). Or at the very least he should conclude the Ogre Battle Saga.
  • shoptroll wrote: » You know, it could be less what Kitase thinks is a good story and more what story he thinks (as producer/director) WILL SELL on the market. These guys are in the business for the money and if a melodramatic story laced with fri…
  • Derus wrote: » No, conclusion is that Square Enixs talent isn't/wasn't used porperly anymore. Toriyama, Nojima, Watanabe and how they are all called joined in/after the PSX days. (Well Toryiama actually did Bahamut Lagoon so maybe the past expi…
  • I still can't believe how bad this game's plot was. Toriyama once again proves that his writing abilities are bottom-of-the-barrel. The only reason he's allowed is because of Kitase since they have similar story sensibilities (which also happen to S…