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Daemon Sadi
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August 5, 1987


  • <td class="QUOTE"Sadi! *glomps* You…
  • So many new people since last I was around... but what did I expect? Anywho I'm not playing any RPG's right now... and that is exactly why I'm posting because I want to be and I'm not. Needed some where to complain... I'm hungry too, give me f…
  • Finally beat DDS2, so now it's time to go into overdrive and make a big ol' dent in my backlog. ?I have Memorial Day weekend coming up so that should help me out quite a bit. But let's see the list is huge so I'll spare you all but those in the imme…
  • Solution: Make a bonfire.
  • AHHH! So I beat FEAR and am a bit scarred... it's OK though, but now I need help! Suikoden V Front Mission 4 Phantom Brave Resident Evil 4 Onimusha 4 Disgaea Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Which one comes next? I really wanted to save Sui…
    I'm thinking they were worried about bringing non-Sinnoh Dex Pokemon in before you had the National Dex. Although you can still trade National Dex critters over from friends, so who knows.
    Mrehhh.... evil pok…
  • A#1) I love my pearl to pieces! A#2) Do I really have to wait until after the the end(first end after elite type guys) to bring my GBA pokemon over? That's soooo very annoying... I mean... badges still restrict you from bringing in overpowered po…
    Whaddya wanna bet that the next time some poor kid kills himself, Jack Thompson blames it on Persona 3?
    Jack doesn't play RPGs, we have nothing to worry about!
    If you're hoping to see children shooting themselves in their heads, then your princess is in another castle.
    Oh really??? I think my princess is right there o.O So does this mean they didn't cut it…
  • Rawr! Nabbing me the Pearl version and will prolly start with the penguin (not gonna use it much though...) I have my salamance, flygon and latios from ruby that im bringing over.... woots!!! I can't wait!
  • Weird I never found anyone that played on Lothar until *after* my guild transfers to Runetotem Anywho BC is awesome. SO much fun to be questing and leveling again. So used to the whole AQ40/Naxx stuff that I forgot what it was like to explore new z…
    Perhaps "Adventure" and "RPG" should simply merge then. RPGs as we understand them are also prolonged quests or adventures. And what with the action RPGs these days, the line between Adventure and RPG has blurred anyw…
    Have I shamed myself?
    Why yes, yes you have.
  • Oi that's why I didn't see this topic... Okami really isn't an RPG at all. It's just a super awesome action/adventure game... but yea.
  • Well I've been playing this beauty of a game like it's my job recently and I just felt the need to make a topic about it. The art and style of the game are amazing, I dunno if it's just my TV but it is so crisp that it truly looks like im watching a…
    As both a fit woman and a arist, I'm still going to have to say no. Her torso is elongated, if you look at her imagine the ribs and organs within her, they wouldn't be a compact as they "should" be. There is a rather …
    Actually, I'm judging simply by what is above the belly-button. It just seems anatomically incorrect. Regardless, I'm not going to actually consider this game until I see game play screen shot
    Take your pa…
    I guess what bothers me the most is how everyone, especially the fanboys, are talking about how cool and amazing the sequels are when they haven't even played or know that much about the original
    Well FFXII h…
    Story wise. It's just.... well I don't get what made "Blue" do what he did. You know who "Blue" is I assume. And the final boss is kinda.... To say anything more is spoilery.
    Yea now that I beat it I unde…
  • Hummer - Smashing Pumpkins
    Too bad the ending is... well I'll decline to say
    Ahhh, evil Meo!!! Stop your malicious slander! >.< I keed, do you mean gameplay or story wise? Story wise I can completely understand.
    Am I the only one who thought Golden Sun was mind-numbingly boring? I always read praise for that game, and it leaves me scratching my head.
    Nah, I'm in the same boat. I got all excited for it and played for …
    Lindsay Lohan - Speak Yeah I know. Just....don't say anything.
    Oh I'm gonna! See! I just said something! Mwahahaha! "Holding Out for a Hero" - Frou Frou
  • "Special K" Placebo
    Disgaea 2
    Mmmm how is it? I'm quite excited about this one so hopefully only good news... And...please tell me healers can get XP from healing... oh please...
  • King of Carrot Flowers Part 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel O_O
  • Chapter 12 of Phantom Brave. I'm quite enjoying it, granted I'm avoiding getting into all of the super character building because I need to finish quite a few more games before Disgaea 2 hits.... since I will spend time building up super characte…
    Wow, that's pretty enthusiastic. While I'm really looking forward to it, I'm still skeptical. I think the demo scared a lot of people, including me. I hope it's not a hot mess.
    Well it's just that it hits alm…
  • 1) Final Fantasy XII... it's almost as if the game was custom made for everything I want in an RPG. 2) Disgaea 2.... yay for coming out soon! 3) Tales of the Abyss... dunno when I'll see it but I want it. 4) MGS4 5) VP2 6) Twilight Pr…
    gf is keeping me busy
    *winkwinknudgenudge* Anywho, I'm almost through Suikoden V which I have enjoyed quite a bit. Not sure what I'm gonna play next, but Disgaea 2 is nearing ever closer and I can't wai…
  • (Desh @ Jul. 09 2005,18:56)
    Q U O T E