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December 4, 1991


  • Finally moved out of my Disgaea DS (145 hours, and still don't have enough power) into Tony Hawk Proving Grounds (DS) and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Both of which I got for $11.29 each used and in excellent condition. I actually find Joker more …
  • The Untouchables, absolutely amazing and worth the $8. The opening scene was truly something. 3:10 To Yuma, far more exciting than I thought it would be, and I loved the music for it.
  • Walk Away - Franz Ferdinand
  • Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand. Listened to it a few times this morning.
  • Second playthrough of Disgaea, can't leave my Scout and Ninja underpowered. And that crazy Item World, upgrading and upgrading, making them stronger... Not being able to quicksave in the middle of it is a problem though. Puzzle Pirates, for I can e…
  • Currently into Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. Listened to it so many times... But I do have to love Ulysses and What She Came For. Also Tom Jones, get that feeling of nostalgia and a sense of peace when I listen to him. The same goes for Tony Bennett an…
  • Disgaea DS, took about 90-100 hours on my first run. A large amount of that time was spent in the Item world; upgrading items and getting items that make my other ones seem like useless junk. Sonic Rush, completed early on, and I have nearly all th…
  • Claw for the PC, recently completed the third level. Got all the treasure in exchange for... about six lives. One was for jumping into a spiked pit to grab a fallen coin, another one was a suicide since I left a ring behind, and after getting the ri…
  • Etrian Odyssey and Sam and Max. EO, I just want to finish up the quests, but... for one of them I was ruthlessly, brutally and unbelievably slaughtered (in the kindest sense, I was completely owned). Sam and Max, just because. Also Progress Quest, b…
  • Just beat Etrian Odyssey, watching the end credits as I type this.
  • Currently American Gods by Neil Gaiman, I enjoyed it a while back, and I'm enjoying it as much now.
  • Oh my God... I nearly screwed up over an hour of progress in Etrian Odyssey. What continues is a spoiler of a floor in the latter half of the game. <span class="spoiler">And I got my arse handed to me, by fighting Iwaopeln (That ung…
  • Action figure
  • Just finished Ex Machina: Tag and about to start Fact V. Fiction. Then some classic Peanuts and after waiting so damn long, Force Heretic II: Refugee. And Fables: Animal Farm was just plain awesome. But it was by the same author as Ex Machina, so on…
  • I don't know why but I went back to play Puzzle Quest, forging a mantle that gives me +6 to all mana reserves when matching 4-5 and +16% water resistance. Mix that with that 'Flaming Skulls' move and 'Berserk Rage' and the battle can be won in a few…
  • Most likely less than $200 per year. But it's still quite a bit of games, since most of them are used ones.
  • Taking it old-school with Commander Keen in "Goodbye Galaxy" (IV Secret of the Oracle). And getting back into Front Mission and had to reset my Medic again in Etrian Odyssey. Since 'Curse' absolutely devastates my party, crippling my front…
  • Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Sam and Max Hit The Road Lucasarts at it's best. They made some of the greatest Graphic Adventure games.
  • Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Any game that features dancing monkeys in the intro credits is ok in my book. Restarted Pokemon Diamond (again) and currently on hour 71, and still not on the Final Four. Or the last gym.... trying to build up fr…
  • <div> (Jeffrey @ Jun. 18 2008,06:44)</div><div class="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div class="QUOTE"><div> (HK-47 @ Jun. 13 2008,15:00)</div><div class="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div…
  • Sam and Max 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die! Finished it last friday. Quick but funny.
  • Replaying Knights of the Old Republic as a Dark Side female Soldier/Guardian with some points in wisdom. There are some storyline and dialogue changes depending on what you choose, and that's good enough for me.
  • Jelly Belly
  • Restarted Pokemon and now have Chimchar, all for the fact that he's one of the only fire pokemon that can be obtained pre-elite four. And it's more likely that Etrian Odyssey is in my DS, got to level 16 and currently leveling up some new additions …
  • Syberia
  • Don't forget Mass Effect, from the people who brought you Knights of the Old Republic.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, picked it for $5. The customization is one of the best seen in gaming. But the golfing part, hit or miss for me. I can miss a putt 2 ft away from the hole. But then I score an eagle or a birdie, but it's not like I know wh…
  • Echiboo
  • HK-47 has a Droid Heavy Plating equipped to reduce damage taken and has a Echani Shield activated (does pulse fall in the category of energy?). And HK doesn't know the meanign of extremities due to low wisdom stats. HK uses the skill Apollon.
  • I would like to reserve the completion of the incredibly stylish game, Viewtiful Joe, for next week. It'll be beaten on Friday the latest.